Senses Fail - American Death Lyrics

Is this the end of my life or just the end of the world
Skeletons rule the cities as the innocent burn
And if you stand up and fight with your black flag tonight
They'll put tape on your mouth as they kiss you goodbye

Dance [x4]
Come dance with me, come dance with me
Dance [x4]
Dance Dance, come dance, come dance with me

You know you can't stay neutral
On a moving train
So pick a fucking side
And place the blame
'Cause there's nothing worse
than a bird with wings who doesn't fly

So wake up and smell the flowers today
Don't they reek of shit and bloody money
There's not an ounce of love that's left in the world
You're not alive any more your a possible sale

Dance [x4]
Come dance with me, come dance with me
Dance [x4]
Dance Dance, come dance, come dance with me

You know you can't stay neutral
On a moving train
So pick a fucking side
And place the blame
'Cause there's nothing worse
than a bird with wings who doesn't fly

There's still war on page six
America don't die like this
there's still war on page six
There's still war on page six
America don't die like this
there's still war on page six
America don't die like this

You know you cant stay neutral
On a moving train
So pick a fucking side
And place the blame
'Cause there's nothing worse
than a bird with wings who doesn't

You know you cant stay neutral
On a moving train
So pick a fucking side
And place the blame
'Cause there's nothing worse
than a bird with wings who doesn't fly

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Senses Fail American Death Comments
  1. Kareem Yaghnam

    It’s 2019 and this song still SMACKS

  2. Jimmy Gee

    Renacer and Pull The Thorns make SO much more sense now hearing this

  3. Tony Stark

    I thought he was saying "death dance" but apparently he's just saying dance.

  4. Tyler James

    That guitar solo absolutely sizzles

  5. Sycø Unø

    I liek et

  6. Tyler James

    That guitar Solo - fuck

  7. usernep

    This song sucks, no way this was buddy singing

    Jimmy Gee

    It very much is. Sounds like an attempt at hardcore style scream before he nailed it for Renacer

    Canadian Crack Addiction

    @Jimmy Gee This whole album is full of him screaming like this

    Jimmy Gee

    mathys1127 respectfully disagree, the rest of the album is more early 2000’s emo styled. This stylistically sounds different. The delivery mostly, easy to hear the hardcore influence that would dominate later records.

    Canadian Crack Addiction

    @Jimmy Gee Yea I get what you mean. I thought you meant like they don't scream like that on any other songs lol But yea even then, these screams sound a lot more raw than even the rest of the album.

  8. Skoots

    I love Senses fail but like I cant seem to find solid quality tracks online that aren't compressed to pieces. If only I discovered them earlier and had some physical media.


    +Scotty McLean Go buy an album for 12 bucks at your local album store. Get the music youre looking for, and supporting the band? Say whaaa???


    Because definitely buying albums supports the band.

  9. dylan welch

    Condorius907 you are fuckin crazy... There are WAY better Senses Fail Songs than this. Irony of dying on your birthday is a perfect example.


    dylan welch the priest and the matador is better

  10. Jon Koury

    Because of the intro I almost thought I was listening to a Maylene and the Sons of Disaster Song haha. Had to double check it was Senses Fail. in any case, kickass song


    dallas aint sounded like this in ages son

    Christopher Kolodziej

    Maylene kills too tho

  11. Will

    only awesome senses fail song.
    rest is ok or sucks.

    Carlos ed Jimenez

    What about the fire?

  12. YuhAverageNigga

    Senses Fail is all around a great band. love their music: )

  13. Jason Coleman

    Did you guys know that you can't see neutral on a moving train, so pick a fuckin' side and place the blame?


    It's "Stay" neutral. Like gears.

  14. Dubsteplova96

    Fuck, i love all of their stuff.

  15. amenfashionladygaga

    No need for name calling lol

  16. Christopherdavid83

    You're not alive anymore, you're a possible sale

  17. TheBigBreakdown

    @jyrolyn That's pretty much how it is on every video on my channel.

  18. Jesse Confer

    how come every senses fail comment section has nothing to do with the song?

  19. asherman10


  20. rocksickkle

    @GreatgodLucifer4 I bet you would kid. You're a tough little guy, aren't ya?

  21. rocksickkle

    @GreatgodLucifer4 You're literally too stupid to insult, kiddo.

  22. rocksickkle

    @GreatgodLucifer4 Says the moron who can't use grammar?

  23. jfowler88

    @MrDman182 Lifeboats is easily one of the hardest songs they've ever written, they definitely haven't lost their edge.

  24. jensi18

    This is their best song. Period.

  25. Condorius907

    I can listen to this song like five times a day.

  26. Alex R

    i think let it enfold you is the best album theyve playedc or released

  27. Diogo

    HOLY SHIT!!!! love it xD
    and i saw the comments and wtf?! the album still searching was so fucking COOOL cinco de mayo,still serching,every day is a struggle,to all the crowded rooms, shark attack, sick or sane,and my favourite all the best cowboys have daddy issues !!! and the album the fire wtf ?! u sure didn't listen to life boats, the fire, new years eve and coward didnt ya ? and to life is not a waiting room ? I only say one thing "WOLVES AT THE DOOR AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!1"

  28. lightningdownurpants

    I like the album cover B¬D

  29. emokidwithissues

    @IIxPeTRiFieDxII old shit+ new shit= real fan

  30. Jared T

    If you don't like the new senses fail, check out buddy's new band, Bayonet. Its exactly what you guys are whining for.

  31. yvonne carroll

    i wish senses fail were like they were in there old cd's


    If they had retained the same five-piece lineup from their first two albums, they would have been one of the grandest emo acts. It sucks that on the cusp of superstardom they sloughed off two of their most talented members which watered down their sound

  32. Kemuel Samuels

    Senses Fail is the greatest thing to happen to humankind. Quit your bitching about what album you like best, what you like is your preference and yours alone. I myself enjoy every song they have made. Not to be a junk jockey, but because each song speaks to me differently. Each album is a progression of the maturity of not only Buddy and the gang, but of the music as a whole. Simply put, don't criticize them for "selling out" and "being pussies" because at the end of the day: their music rocks!!

  33. carlos manzanares


  34. Dubet

    Am I the only one who thinks ALL of Senses Fail's albums are fucking fantastic!!! Old, new, I don't give a shit! it's all awesome.

  35. Willhelm Willhelm

    @rakasn i really like still searching but you cant go wrong with any of them
    I always thought this was a cover song


    senses fail is just amazing, then and now.

  37. Willhelm Willhelm

    @rakasn how many bands do u listen to that u prefer their new stuff over their old stuff of course ur gonna like their old stuff its the music that u heard first

  38. Alex M

    @TheBigBreakdown Naw you just black.

  39. Kino

    @TheBigBreakdown Actually I find Let it enfold you and Still searching pretty equal.
    Life is not a waiting room would be the worst of them all imo. And it isnt that bad ^^

  40. TheBigBreakdown

    @MrDman182 I'm not trying to offend you or anything man and I'm sorry if I made it out like that; I like having these discussions. When I listen to The Fire, I think more of redemption and coming out of depression than being in it. As for the screaming and heavy riffs, I suppose that's just up to our personal taste's. I do enjoy their heavy stuff but I also enjoy their lighter stuff, if not more.

  41. rUafraid

    @TheBigBreakdown Not really, I like all their shit, but they kinda fell off for awhile with Still Searching and Life is Not a Waiting Room, but The Fire definitely competes with their earlier stuff. Who the fuck cares if they weren't mature in their earlier albums? Their songs pretty much portrayed unbridled fury, which was badass.

  42. TheBigBreakdown

    @MrDman182 They don't sound like pussies. If anything, they sounded like that on this album. So fucking whiny and annoying with cliche themes, while their new music showcases their maturity and progression as a band.

  43. Brice Thomas

    why isnt this on itunes :(

  44. Vince Gioviannia

    @rakasn hell yeah

  45. Dylan Masse

    @rakasn the only bad thing about this album is the vocals
    not how good or bad they are, just the quality
    senses fail is good old AND new, and they've evolved a lot as a band
    they have some REALLY good old songs and REALLY good new songs

  46. ihatethisstupidform

    @DeathGuiseX Emo is so high school. Grow up bro, it's called alternative.

  47. ihatethisstupidform

    @TheBigBreakdown Because it's heavier? That doesn't make it better.

  48. Nelo Davis

    Can't find an mp3 on this :x

  49. Anton van Haren


    You're both wrong;

    Senses Fail has been good ever since they started, so are they now :D

  50. rocksickkle

    @uconnrools1 No, they will always be good. Quit all your fucking bitching and enjoy it, faggot.

  51. tony

    this makes me want to run 10 fucking miles!

  52. Shiv B

    @DeathGuiseX This isn't even post-hardcore, it's closer to emo.

  53. Levon Swearingen

    i think i can speak for everyone when i say...


  54. Leave me alone, Google.

    @ninjamonkey6751 If you're talking about the old-school 1980's hardcore punk roots of emo then you are absolutely 100% correct and they are nowhere near emo at all whatsoever. However in the "new-age" sense of "emo" they probably could be considered somewhat "emo"

  55. mrbluejean

    @rakasn You cannot deny that the fire is a good album. Every song is delicious. Yeah their older material had its unique parts but the new senses is still good, just in a different way.

  56. John Forbes

    @DeathGuiseX LOL. Senses Fail never were "Post-Hardcore". They just have a couple heavier songs. From the Depths of Dreams was not Post-Hardcore, and neither was LIEY, and that is the old Senses Fail, so I don't get what you're saying...

  57. TheBigBreakdown

    @rakasn New stuff is much better.

  58. jsh020

    @invaledcode only your cute wen you scream had any anger. and with lyrics liked "take the glass against your wrist" or "cut te soft spot on your heel"

    thats emo. LINWR was defently emo but i sense more maturity in that album. minus the F-bombs

  59. TheBigBreakdown

    @jsh020 Subgenres are pretty stupid. It's just Senses Fail.

  60. jsh020

    ummmm. you got it backwards.
    let it enfold you was their emo phase
    still searching is their alternative-punk phase
    LINAWR is their hardcore, and slightly metal with some alternative and emo.
    the fire is just freaking awsome. i dont have a genre its just awsome

  61. nomerpuff58

    lol i've heard like every one of their songs. lol my lil obsession right here ;)

  62. letzterENGEL


  63. DivineNucleus

    (1(the Karmic loops locked, the terrorist must die = DAD program loyal to Collin, Collin's Judgement perfect and so--)1)

  64. skyler haycock

    @itsTippedABLAM yeah you wish it was

  65. TheBigBreakdown

    It was written sometime aroudn LIEY. Not sure exactly when but its on the deluxe version as a bonus track with some acoustic versions of others like Rum Is For Drinking.

  66. Matt Mclellan

    thats coz it old senses dude
    it was written before the let it enfold you album i think :-/

  67. TheBigBreakdown

    The game?

  68. Jason Darr

    "you know you can't be neutral on a moving train. so pick a side and place the blame."

    (America don't die like this)

  69. quinnton432

    lol ~

    Great songs, all thier songs are to be honest, many have deeper meanings and aren't all total scremo's ~


  70. TheBigBreakdown

    enfold* ;)

  71. TheBigBreakdown

    Let It Enfold You*

  72. TheBigBreakdown

    Song that was recorded but didn't make the album.

  73. TheBigBreakdown

    ...Yes, this is Senses Fail. It's a b-side from Let It Enfold You that also released on the re-release album.

  74. Vicke Walgren

    same here :(

  75. artkid8

    i love that sound!awsome >:]

  76. JennyJm27

    that reflection looks scarey lmao

  77. TheBigBreakdown

    Dave I do believe.

  78. pearldrums091

    did heath record guitar on this song or was dave still playing lead?

  79. Kfarm

    I hope their next cd has more songs like this one.

  80. spectre099

    Awesome! makes me want to go shoot some punk >:)

  81. Dusty Tucker

    well i saw em live in Vancover and they kicked ass..

  82. Dusty Tucker

    I cant wait to see em live in Winnipeg on april 13th IM soo pumped and i hope they play that song

  83. Caleb Tully

    this was a hard song to memerize but now i know it by heart it's so good

  84. DeathGuiseX

    This is the Senses Fail that I like. When they were still post-hardcore instead of emo.

  85. TheBigBreakdown

    What video's been copyright claimed?

  86. ttroxell

    yeah this is the deluxe version

  87. TheBigBreakdown

    I wasn't aware there was any other version?