Seger, Bob - West Of The Moon Lyrics

Out on those trails
Out 'neath that sky
Rivers of old
Still rushing by

Eagles still soar
White mountains loom
Down in those valleys
West of the Moon

West of the stars
Far from the chase
Far from the crowds
Far from the pace

Horses run free
Winter comes soon
Out by those mountains
West of the Moon

And everywhere
Wild things are free
Free in the wind and the sun

As it should be
Left on their own while they run

Out by those mountains
West of the Moon

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Seger, Bob West Of The Moon Comments
  1. M L

    Im Road Trippn

  2. Frank

    The best song from the best album he wrote, I listen to it all the time, cant get enough of the guitar solo.

  3. Raimund seewind



    If you like Bob Seger there's a link to a playlist of his songs on the top of comments.

  4. Орлин Вълчев



    My pleasure :)

  5. saggitabg



    Priceless slow songs in this album, beautiful music and deep meaning!

  6. Alex Bo

    Very good, my friend!


    Very beautiful song to me, thank you Alex!

  7. stef2012bg

    Very nice!! I like it ♥


    Thank you Stef, to me this album is remarkable with its slow songs.

  8. Matvey

    Great song and video! Thank you my friend!


    My pleasure, I thank you!

  9. Eric Faw

    excellent! peace2u! eric


    Thanks Eric, peace2u!

  10. Lori Edwards

    Such a beautiful video, you did a amazing job with this song! Love it ❤️


    Thank you Lori :)

  11. Lorraine Gagnon

    What a wonderful surprise, this is very special my friend. Your imagery is fabulous.I just \
    found the full concert live for Its A Mystery tour 1996...It is the only live recording with this song as well as Lock and Load. I have not finished it yet but I think one more from this album was performed.....Thank You so very much, the video is beautiful....


    Thank you, Lorraine, for the idea about this amazing album, the book "It's A Mistery" is closed with it to me. Hope we'll see again :)

    Lorraine Gagnon

    Absolutely my friend, I am so happy you enjoyed this piece of art as well, of his eighteen studio albums, two live albums this album is in my top two favorite of them all. I am always happy to share the brilliance of this album and so pleased you chose to do some videos on it...Thank You so much once again.....

  12. wolverine3566

    *Bob Seger* playlist @