Seger, Bob - Still The Same Lyrics

You always won, everytime you placed a bet
You're still damn good, no one's gotten to you yet
Everytime they were sure they had you caught
You were quicker than they thought
You'd just turn your back and walk
You always said, the cards would never do you wrong
The trick you said was never play the game too long
A gambler's share, the only risk that you would take
The only loss you could forsake
The only bluff you couldn't fake

And you're still the same
I caught up with you yesterday
Moving game to game
No one standing in your way
Turning on the charm
Long enough to get you by
You're still the same
You still aim high

There you stood, everybody watched you play
I just turned and walked away
I had nothing left to say

'Cause you're still the same
You're still the same
Moving game to game
Some things never change
You're still the same

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Seger, Bob Still The Same Comments
  1. Jerry Bear

    A true classic......thank you.....

  2. Don Meyers

    Yes I'm still running slim Bridgewater Pennsylvania

  3. Lonnie Beavers

    At 61 years old and looking into a unknown future . Makes the past all the more sweeter .

  4. Roger Borroel

    Is this guy still alive?

  5. Julie Petersavage

    Dope no seboxon as fuck

  6. Marc Marciano

    NAVY 32 FATHER SON 24 3

  7. Miki van Duyn

    I whas traveling treu Europe, met an american where I fell in love with...

    Hè whas big fan off bob seger...

    And now iam too...

    This whas in 1980...
    Still the same,and bob seger is still my alltime favorite...

  8. chris page

    An American icon!!!

  9. Daniel Dinenno

    Quien escucha esta joya Atemporal en enero 2020...?????

  10. Dave Smith

    My Life Theme music...

  11. jennadyann walker

    Aim high? She joined the Air Force?

  12. Artemio Castillo

    Muy buena rola pero against the wind es mi favorita. Saludos y feliz 2020 exito en todo

  13. Tena Neigum

    Love this song..m

  14. Michael Breindel

    No Gambler always wins every time you place a bet. I love the song but its all B.S if your a real Gambler. But it is a great song. If that was True Las Vegas would not survive. I love all you dreamers. You love to live in an alternate Universe where everything always works out for you. Do you enjoy being there?

  15. Big Paulie

    My dad used to play Segar when we were kids. I never forgot it. I've loved his music ever since for so many reasons. This song is one of the best and one of my favorites

  16. DA Butt

    Song hits me hard, think of lost love!

  17. T3XAS Chick

    Listening in 2020 now! I remember 2019 just like it was yesterday!

  18. Boyet Coniendo

    Whatever kind of music today's generation exist this song is still the same (welcome 2020)

  19. Shawn Bman

    Cold hearted women I loved this kind and lost

  20. frank hargreaves

    Good as this is, 'Fire Lake' is the greatest.

  21. HaseHERSHFELD Hershfeld


  22. Stevie Lough

    Love the piano<3

  23. Francisco Neto

    Only a real singer could come up with such a brilliant song.

  24. richard howlett

    On Some Faraway Beach , Brian Eno.

  25. James Marshall

    I remember when I was listening to this album I'm 78 I was 14 then best of times

    joe yank

    I was 13 ya I remember

  26. T3XAS Chick

    One of the best songs ever. Who's still listening in 2019?

    lauren g

    2020. Got you beat.

    T3XAS Chick

    South Mods one of the best signer/songwriters to ever live. He never got the respect and awards he deserved. That's ashamed.

    South Mods

    @T3XAS Chick it truly is sad

  27. Nancy Bean


  28. Karen McKinley

    So many great artist during this decade, trying to pick one is tough, but this guy had a little something extra!

  29. Lucas Jander

    He descubierto este tema hace apenas un mes medio y me parece una preciosa canción

  30. HaseHERSHFELD Hershfeld


  31. Shana Badr


  32. George Tiblow

    When I saw Bob Seger the saxophone player stole the show



  33. Bob Jack

    good music

  34. Where Are We Now

    Miss you dad. So fuckin much.

  35. Chairman Meow

    I used to listen to listen to this song full blast in my 1978 Dodge Econoline van. I drove full speed through the blue ridge mountains of West Virginia.... that is until one night I had a few shots too many of wild turkey and passed the center divide on old route 38 and slammed headfirst into a tractor. Needless to say, I’m no longer with us.

  36. Sexy Marge

    The only regret I have in this life-time was... Why I couldn't of married this guy? I grew up with his songs and raised my kids with this guy and now i hear my grand kids listening to him and my queen Stevie nicks

  37. Ivan Santa-Maria

    The trick you said was never play the game too long

  38. Molly Whelan

    I met him when I was 17. We were on the same flight from MI to CA. He was so nice to me (and not the least bit creepy or inappropriate). We landed in LA to find my mother wasn't there. Somehow she had my arrival time wrong. It was like 1am. I was pretty young and a little nervous to be alone at the airport in the middle of the night. He grabbed my bags and found a comfortable bench seat. He put his jacket around my shoulders and told me to get some rest (we had been traveling about 10 hours at that point). I fell asleep. He waited there with me the entire 3 hours until my mom showed up. I had told him about my friends garage band during the flight. I begged him to go check them out at the dive bar they played every Friday night. He promised he would do so. About a month later I received a call from my friend. Bob S. had in fact gone to see the band!!! He is the nicest guy ever! A true gentleman!

    Terry Steward

    He's a class act!

    Nervo 63

    Lovely story.....what a guy....

    South Mods


  39. eunos Bananas

    Ozark here we go

  40. Ivan Santa-Maria

    Every time they were sure they had you caught you were quicker than they thought you just turned your back and walked

  41. Rocko-socko

    Thanks Bob, Loved all his songs,got me through some rough times,been a fan since I saw him on American Bandstand'The Bob Segar System"when he was pounding a keyboard and singing at the same time

  42. Shana Badr


  43. Val Mac

    His music is so special. I saw him in concert two months ago in Boston and he was spectacular. My <3

  44. Tec

    Kenny fucking Powers

  45. Tom

    Am I prematurely getting cataracts or are all of these photos blurry?

  46. NothingMaster

    Not even the ways of love are still the same. That’s the nature of the same.

  47. William Stanley

    They don't make em anymore like this guy, real music like this is history, you never know, maybe someday somebody will come along.

  48. Roscoe Walker

    Hey, we grow old or die Seager said in Against the wind..."live to run and run to live"!!!

  49. Key Chain

    Still listening n enjoying the song in 2019. I'm 62 years old. 🎸🎸🎸🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵🎼🎼🎼

  50. AndreF F

    A true Man's song

  51. HxCxDxE

    29 and just found this song so good!

  52. kensccy823

    Bob's songs are very American spirit.

  53. Bob INTJ

    Who else is still the same 2020?


    Bob INTJ Me at 68👍🏻🤗

    Bob INTJ

    Sexy Marge I like the sound of it!
    “Sexy Marge is still the same!”🥰

    Piri Urwin

    Still the same

    Bob INTJ

    Piri Urwin wouldn’t it be fun to put together a Still the Same music event for those of us that are “Still the Same”

  54. Francisco Neto

    Great singer!!!

  55. Mista_Fur

    I'm still the saaaaaameeeee....won't ever changeeeee....

  56. S N

    Big Money $$$$

  57. S N

    Suckers 😄

  58. S N

    Promedica 😄 DME billing 😂 lol

  59. S N

    Bob ? Who now 😄

  60. S N

    Healthcare from Hell go Bob 😂

  61. Chris McCurdy

    Here is one of my favorite singer of all-time singing one of my favorite song of all-time. Bob Seger and his band does a wonderful job of singing and playing this classic hit song.

  62. donna br0wn

    Great songs lay hidden in our minds until one like this is played.☺️👍Bringing the fast forward past right to us.💕2019

    Stuart McKern

    Beautifully said

  63. Clarissa coetzee

    The equal of Bob Seger, this world will never again see

  64. Tilla Del Rey

    Loved this when I was 5. 2 Decades later & I still get Goosebumps

  65. Scrumpy Jack

    Think I may have misunderstood the song, always thought it was about someone not being able to commit to long term relationships rather than the gambling ?

  66. janel131317

    First cd I bought when I when I 15, now 31.. the music is still the same and amazing!!

  67. Michele Erwin

    It's hard to think Bob Seger has retired, but I am very thankful for his long run of being one of the best song writers and musicians. Thank you, Bob.

  68. bare bevy

    Look Franke, *thumbnail; it looks just like ur dad from the photo he wanted to me send you .. i did & all you got was.. nothing.. it was empty. blank. like someone snagged it up bfr you could even open it. watcha think
    aerials or trolls 🤔

  69. Mary Seven Three

    I hear,some resentment and jealousy, from this,Seger song,.💙🤔🤔🤔.Turn charm right back, takes one to know one.

  70. S N

    Screw these Fuckers I'll do what the Fuck I want. Get this attitude 😂

  71. S N

    I only had 2 Loves recreate 😄😘😊

  72. jim todd

    Totally awesome

  73. Andy Byard

    A song that says a lot about all of us and what we were and are trying to be the same

  74. Diana Gonzalez

    Buenisimo Tema Musical !!!!!! 🌷🌷🌷🌷

  75. Lisa Mitchell

    I always loved Bob Seger and this song. Everyone knows someone this song applies to

  76. Stella Maris

    Baby, Baby still the same 🃏

  77. Big Paulie

    Walking the tracks and Segar just go hand in hand

  78. Yohnny Illescas Martinez

    Un grande Bob Seger !!! Como deleitan sus canciones ..son perennes

  79. Shane Canipe

    Bob Seger was one of in a millions who could reach his fan's hearts through truth and great storytelling!! Every song he made came from his heart and he poured that onto us.

  80. JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    Still? Say Ever👍🏾👌👈😃😄😀😍

  81. reving19


    Louis Tait

    I am here in Canada in the sticks remote area you can only travel by airplane, still the same when I first heard this song from a Winnipeg Manitoba radio station CKY 58 am dial

    Ronald Smith

    Same here in euless Texas

    Martin Barken

    gotta a best friend of 20 years in east texas, :). Love this song

    Ronald Smith

    @Martin Barken àlways will

    Ronald Smith

    @Martin Barken always will

  82. Cathy. Knox

    He is great ❤️

  83. Joe Adams

    Pure gold.. everything this Man sings.can touch your heart and soul..

  84. Paul Wiegand

    Goddamn... why did the 80's have to happen. I was born in '75, and at least 20 years too late. Anyone else feel like that? My earliest memories are of the late 70's and I'd give almost anything to have really lived during that time.

  85. Maria Taylor

    My theme song...

  86. SueAnna jones-yzaguirre

    65 and still listening in 2019

    Mike Morgan

    same here...........Bob's sound is unique

  87. Donna Hutchens

    takes me back for a brief second feels good

  88. R. Schmidt

    Can't get any better than this

  89. Duran Sunrise

    Why is this song so profoundly sad?

  90. Dmitry Ichetovkin

    Looks like music is from "Space Oddity" of Bowie

  91. Craig Worth

    mad song

  92. Alex Kealey

    What a class act, and the nostalgia behind this song brings so many memories
    in my life, I hope you are all rocking to this number.

  93. Susanne Wuthrich

    Exactly Still the same, just in a different illusion! Wow, what an amazing song!

  94. Ariel 018

    Somebody anal please of may pinus

  95. Pedro Reguila

    Oct 2019-Portugal
    Still listen this superb song writer

  96. Lourdes Pereira

    2019 💗🔊🙏

  97. ricardo lopes

    What a great song i just found!!

  98. Allan Friskow

    Always played this for my dad he loved this Rip dad love you loads xxxxx

  99. Adriana Alvarez

    Con 56 recién cumplidos, en mi esencia, sigo siendo la misma aunque un tanto decepcionada por lo que no logré alcanzar. Igual, valió la pena intentarlo.