Seger, Bob - Shame On The Moon Lyrics

Until you've been beside a man
You don't know what he wants
You don't know if he cries at night
You don't know if he don't
When nothin comes easy
Old nightmares are real
Until you' ve been beside a man
You don't know how he feels

Once inside a woman's heart
A man must keep his head
Heaven opens up the door
Where angels fear to tread
Some men go crazy
Some men go slow
Some men go just where they want
Some men never go

Oh blame it on midnight
Ooh shame on the moon

Everywhere it's all around
Comfort in a crowd
Strangers faces all around
Laughin right out loud
Hey watch where your goin
Step light on old toes
Cause until you've been beside a man
You don't know who he knows

Oh blame it on midnight
Ooh shame on the moon
Oh blame it on midnight
Ooh shame on the moon

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Seger, Bob Shame On The Moon Comments
  1. Marçal Medeiros

    Isso dentro dá boléia agente vai longe kkk . Alguns brasileiros que curte isso ai . Quem concorda. Parabéns pra quem curte como eu

  2. Nancy Jolly

    I am 70 years old .Still listen to Bob. Seen him in Louisville,Ky. 2019 for my Birthday. always Loved him and his music._

  3. LadyAnne

    Oh God! Bob Seger making his music
    grab hearts yet
    .....I love Bob Seger. We grew up in the same era.....his kind of music is one of a kind...
    .i just need someone to hold more than ever

  4. Robin Fishburn

    Had a band since I was 11. I was born in 69. I played the keys.... Chilling reflect......

  5. Jeremiah Johnson

    This isn’t about the song, it’s about Mike Bloomberg ads. One more ad with him in it and I’m dumping this!

  6. pappy999

    Shame on the 1000+ dumbass idiots who dislike this.

  7. Roger Marçal Queiroz Marçal


  8. Cynthia Barnes

    Wow! Thanks for the wonderful memories.

  9. David Shepard

    My dad loved Bob Seger 's music and we had the best time when dad would play his favorite records. Bob your immortal. Love you man. I know my dad is rockin your tunes up in heaven.

  10. Debbie Thayer

    This song definitely tells a story I love the song I play everyday been with my husband since 1975 now we are 60 love him so much

  11. Marçal Medeiros

    Sensacional. Isso aí e poucos que curte um desse aí os brasileiros curte são menorias ele só gosta mesmo e do tal sertanejo ou fank das favelas. E lamentável ter que falar isso . Mas e realidades nossa. Aqui hoje atualmente

  12. Ricardo Santos Pereira

    some man never go...

  13. Diane Kell


  14. ronpaullimelight

    This is a melody I love and appreciate. Cheers

  15. My best Scorpio Mc

    🎶🎶🎶 gifts

  16. Mr. Ramfan

    What a haunting charming song...

  17. Phil McCrary

    74 years old and I can't get enough of Bob Seger, just bring back the good old days

  18. Kathy Bolyard


  19. Patti Walton

    I have listen to Him since I was in High School...He will always be a favorite of mine!

  20. Uziel Santos

    Linda canção

  21. Don Meyers

    72 years old and still listening to Bob he's the man Bridgewater Slim

    Kenny West

    Back in my day

  22. Karen Jewett

    Reminds me of riding dirt roads in winder ga. Drinking beer&smoking tobaccy !!!
    Good memories!!

  23. Robert B

    Robert Burton facebook!

  24. Ken Traxler

    Saw Bob for the first time in 1987 at Joe Louis Arena Detroit. Love this song. One of my favorites.

  25. Troy Righthouse

    I bet I've listened to this song for 9 months probably everyday. I think its one of the best songs he's ever done and saying a lot.

  26. Joana darck Moura

    Uma das músicas mais lindas que já ouvi amooóooo

  27. Lisa Brown

    Can you play something on getting on the road to know we're

  28. Ricardo Santos Pereira.

    you dont know what you want... #ava

  29. pelle hyltoft

    An song with wisdom.
    That carry on the words from an wise bard.

  30. sheri warner


  31. xirios landon


  32. Alberto Junior Chavez

    I hate when people try to mess with my mind

  33. Deb Davila

    62 here, and tears rolling down my eyes those were good times back then
    Shame on the moon

    evan morrow

    I'm the same age as you and still got it together with a full head of hair and everything and my woman passed away 3 years ago and my dog is gone now too and I'm sick of being alone and I'm sort of crazy in a good way and I'd like to take you out to dinner and dry your tears and see what transpires after that and crazy enough to ask a lady out that he doesn't even know on a Youtube channel. But only if you live near Seattle. my name is evan.....nice to meet ya so what do you think?

  34. gary warmanen

    This song is proof you don’t need crazy fast guitars to be a incredible song.

  35. Margaret Thomas

    Great music listing to it now it's 2020 now still great music

  36. Rachel Miller

    Bob seger sure can sooth the soul

  37. Lonnie Beavers

    Don't what this new year holds . But with old friends like this music we just might make it ! 1-11-2020

    Joe Karkut

    Happy New Year Lon.

  38. Chris Bennett

    Love it

  39. Claus Meinke

    Oh well, someone's got to do it, have a great 2020

  40. Rex Gaub

    This is one of the songs of my crazy youth. It still sounds so damn good. Glenn Frey harmonizing on back up vocals is the best.

  41. Al Terego

    Always love this song and esp enjoy revisiting it around Full Moons.

  42. Rosalee Adams

    Bob never gets old................and tonight is just a good time to listen to oldies but goodies........

  43. otnac63

    It was the early 80's, high school was almost over. This song brings back memories of a time in life when we were innocent and naive.The biggest problems and fears we had then were what to do this weekend and whether I should spend my paycheck on my car or girlfriend. Little did we know then that we were all on the cusp of losing that innocence, and that those days were all but gone. I wish I could relive those days, even if it was just for 1 day.

    Sammy L.H.P

    Bittersweet wasn’t it? I was late 80’s for me,I was torn between spending it on clothes & makeup to look great for my boyfriend or gas money for when he let me borrow his Muscle ca!, a plum crazy Barracuda w/a440 mopar engine,man I was so
    Smoking hot playing this cd roaring around.. then bam! Innocence lost & life hits us. Good times though.ooohhh,shame on the moon!


    @Sammy L.H.P Plum Crazy 440 "Cuda huh ? I think I remember you lol.....or at least I wouldn't of forgetten! I was listening and driving around with a red 66 Chevelle SS 396....sold my love for a family car 2 years later.

  44. Clayton Campbell

    I'll never get tired off this song some men go crazy some men never grow u still rock Bob love your muzik

    Esperanza Stucky

    I agree. I love Bob Tired of a lot of things.


    Great comment..

  45. Nancy McCoy

    A great singert

  46. You Hoo

    Dancing on stage for lonely truck drivers having the time of my life, good times and good memories but glad it’s over. Now I work in an office, knit intricate lace, have Sphinx cats and everyone thinks I’m respectable. Still wear my high heels, some things never change

  47. John Amidon

    Damn, Rodney Crowell can write lyrics!

  48. Debra Sanders

    love it

  49. Clayton Campbell

    I live and die for those I love

  50. Alexandre Robson De Figueiredo figueiredo

    Top anos dourados 70,+praia ba.

  51. Enerstina Fernandes

    José João esta música me faz lembrar anos 90 tocava muito na Araguaia FM de Goiânia que saudade

  52. Jaeger Pinho

    Linda música

  53. Curt Christensen

    Nobody seems to remember "ramblin man" .....truly a song with balls

  54. jennifer novello

    I love this song

  55. John Gowan

    Git you bet on the age friends,I’m 75, years and love the old music holding on to the memories of it 😎😎😎😎😎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Robert Frazier


  56. ღ Gøŋε Ðaяk ღ

    Memories 🌔🌓🌒🌑🌘🌗🌖 Memories Happy 2020 everyone, here is to another 10 years again 😎

  57. Jesse Santiago


  58. Tishey Ladd

    Iove it

  59. Celia maria Nascimento de oliveira

    Eita música de gente .......🥰 de bom gosto adoro

  60. Kathy Bolyard

    The best

  61. Karel Mouton

    In 81 i was 14 and listened to highveld requests every weds night. This amongst other songs became part of my memory bank forever.....

  62. Debby Copeland


  63. Alberto Junior Chavez

    frequency is power global warming is sing

    Alberto Junior Chavez

    keep up if you can

  64. Karol W

    Great song!

  65. roadapple1000

    70 years old and still listening... will listen for the years I have left

    Brenda Parkins

    His songs get better with age. Thanks

    John Ferrando



    God Bless You and Yours..
    You have great taste in entertainment.. I hope to learn this song..

  66. Paddy Joe

    2019 Ireland 🇮🇪. 35years old got to no bob like most of my music though my dad and mum . 👍 a one of .

  67. Alberto Junior Chavez

    Howlllllll Merry Christmas

  68. Trey Wax

    This kind of music makes you feel good

  69. mike67006700

    Bob Seger the original Blue collar poet of America.

  70. Patrice Marie

    ..... Always feel good ........... after I hear this song!!!!

  71. Lori Sanchez

    I miss him! His music...ahhh

  72. Jim Berryhill

    Rodney Crowell is underrated.

  73. Gil Owen

    I am in Guam

  74. John R. Williams


    DaBoo 77

    Had the GREAT pleasure of seeing Bob in concert twice in last couple years. Still sounds good, even at his age. Just wish I could have seen him in his hay day. Great music and even greater person. It will be a sad day when he passes on.

  75. Greg Mcnair

    Who's listening in 2019

    Andrew Saunders

    Greg Mcnair drinking rum in my shed in hilden Nova Scotia listening to this lol one of my favourite.

    Randy Sides

    I'm I'm listening that's who

    Reverend Benzo

    Who gives a shit? Just listen to it.

  76. Dale Hope

    Music.. the key to every Soul...!!! this ones to the 70's. thank you Bob.

  77. eddie byers

    Seger is definitely one of the best

  78. tec61

    Growing up in the 70’s this is one of my favorites. LOVE SEGAR!👍☝️GREAT TIMES GREAT MUSIC✌️👍

  79. Judy White

    This song it really speaks the Truth !!!!!!!

  80. Steve Hill

    Thank You Mr. Seger for your mark on the music industry with songs so Great, They withstand the end of time. My Dear ol' Dad was a huge fan and He passed 12-5-19. I went today to get personal things of his to have and hold on to. The VULTURES got there way before me and I got a few things. I am going to sit here and listen to your song and feel my Dear ol" Dad beside me. I have such great memories and they can't take them from me.

  81. rogeeeferrari

    Seger always got the best people in the studio, Bill Payne's piano is so nice on this track.

  82. Harry Stangel

    Love All of Seger’s Songs‼️

  83. Charles Brown

    Some go crazy some go slow some don't know what they went some just know what they what 😎😉😉🤔🤔🤔

  84. Shane Shane

    When i was little i had no clue bob segar played this my dad played it just like this and sang it too im now 44 it takes me all the way back to 8 years old

  85. Peggy Childers

    oh love Bob Seger always i feel good when i hear him sing my very favorite with Elvis Presley

  86. Mario Celso Pereira Das Chagas

    Esse cara é fantástico!

  87. vanessa babineau

    who r these 868 fukkkkin idiotz????

  88. Martin Kelly

    Written by the late great Rodney Crowell.

  89. Dewayne Stone

    written by the great Rodney Crowell.

  90. Linda Martin


  91. Valdemir Silveira

    E muito bom essas musica 😀😀😀😀😀

  92. José Luís Vicente

    It's a great song.

  93. Livian Moreira

    Oi! Que bom 🤷.