Seger, Bob - Manhattan Lyrics

Shakey Davey's got a twelve gauge in his hand
It's sawed off to the limit
He's got a vague plan
There's this liquor store on Madison
There's another one down on Washington square
He's pretty sure no one's ever seen him
Down around there

The first one's birdshot the next four are double aught buck
The last one's a slug just for good luck
He's got his works in his pocket
He wants to score as soon as he's done
He can't wait to get straight to get long gone

He puts on his long coat scribbles off a short note
Sits himself down and waits for the sun to go down

It's right around midnight and there's still too damn many people on this street
He's walked all the way from Battery Park he's got sweaty hands and burnin' feet
He's desperate for a fix
His body's screamin' "Get me high"
He bursts through the door and lets one fly

Sunrise in the park and Davey's cold as stone
He got some bad merchandise and he was all alone
Two more unsolved mysteries a iot of paper pushed around
Most folks are just wakin' up in this great big town

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Seger, Bob Manhattan Comments
  1. Todd Williams

    The first ones bird shot the nexr 4 are double alt buck the last ones a slug just for good luck

  2. Mike Peterson

    Big fan of Bob but this is so much harder than most of his work, darker and harder

  3. Jake Juggernaut

    So much passion in Seger's lyrics

  4. Mizz Meg

    Bob Seger I love you all the way from South Africa. And I love New York City. Been there seven times and Love it!

  5. Susan Morales

    Excellent work! Wow! I couldn't find this song listed on "lyrics" and cannot find my disk, but I KNEW it was somewhere! Thanks :)  Made my day

  6. simpleman1954

    Ain't it crazy what some junkies will do to get a fix. I know it's a tough old world, I've been there with a gun to my chin, that doesn't work that's the easy way out. I've had my conversations with my old friend the darkness, getting no where with a down hill drag. It's like the old song says "Don't try suicide, no  body gives a Damn"! Dying alone in the dark recesses of your mind, it's a one day at a time day to day struggle.

    Peter Johnson

    simpleman1954 - Thank you fit that.

  7. Esun Kim

    it sounds like 'so far away' of dire straight, to me, a lot.

    José Rodrigues

    +Esun Kim The same here

  8. Stan Bunner

    Last one's a slug, just for good luck!

  9. Darkmoon127

    Great performing to this song !!!
    Best wishes from Germany
    Thanks a lot........

  10. Romário Santana

    Absolutamente contagiante!

  11. Lord Brett Sinclair

    when are you coming to the UK ? 
    You are so highly rated over here , Come on Bob dont disappoint us man 

    Retro Reginald

    @Music Bruh LOL TRUE!


    Do you believe there enough fans in the United Kingdom to fill stadiums or arenas to see Bob Sager?

    Lord Brett Sinclair

    @mike67006700 SEGER ..... Yes I would say there is . I'm NOT talking about 10 nights at the O2 , but a short tour ending up at the Royal Albert Hall would do nicely .


    If I was a fan in the United Kingdom, by the way I do not know Bob Seger but I have lived in Michigan my whole life and have probably seen Bob Seger at least 50 times in public but never disturbed his day. But what I can tell you, I believe Bob Seger Will her one more time in support of a new LP. The one thing I do know about Bob Seger, it isn't about the money. Just go check out the wealth of rock stars, and then go check out A real rock'n roll artist by the name of Bob Sager. And the last thing about this, bob Seger only goes out on tour is because of his band, the Silver bullet band. And if I was somebody in the UK it was trying to get Bob Sager to perform and probably his last concert tour, I would try to get a massive worrying campaign to Bob Seger's Facebook, and anything else that would get his attention. PS I have lived in Michigan my whole life, and I first saw Bob Seger on TV in Michigan on a talent show from Windsor Canada. That show in 1966 I was 11 years old, and Bob Seger's first song, was Eastside story. On the bottom of this page, you can hear that song. That song, was the start of what I believe to be America's greatest rocker. by the way mate I am not the only one that believes this.. Bob Seger, Live bullet album, enough said.

    Denise Bruce

    Whats u.k know about segar? Lol

  12. KingfisherFarm

    Mayor Bloomberg has outlawed this song in the City.


    F**k Bloomberg and his unconstitutional gun grabbing bs!

  13. FIERO871

    This album never got the respect it deserved.

  14. gattomatto14

    great bob your music makes us dream a regard dall italia thanks

  15. Tar

    Very good song. And it's interesting song at the same time: the beginning reminds me of "So Far Away" by Dire Straits, and the singing is similar to both Bob Dylan and Robbie Robertson. Something that is unusual to Bob Seger.

  16. Jennifer Brooks



    just as Dylan is a poet, bob Seger is also a poet, bob Seger is also A great singer, musician, Composer, and last but not least ,performer. PS bob Seger also created A new genre of rock'n roll, some people call it, heartland rock, but Bob Seger always considered himself, A Detroit rock'n roller just in case people don't know, A lot of musicians out of Michigan like Bob Sager and Mitch Ryder and so on, all considered himself the chart rockers because they sang from the soul and I the heart. If you had those two ingredients, and you considered yourself A Detroit rock'n roll band, you had to prove it. And if you did, you got people like, bob Seger, Mitch Ryder into Detroit wheels, MC five, Alice Cooper, Grand Funk Railroad, and the list goes on folks.––Hope this is readable.

  17. bluezer88

    Tribute to Lennon

  18. Jay Matson Sr

    @ 3:20 or so, did beastie boys lyrics pop in your head? ( hands went up as people hit the floor..)

  19. Angel Tackett

    this one is reality based look around


    @SeafoodCharlie I would love to hear this song played live as well, but he has such a large catalog of great songs, his show would be twice as long if he played all of them.

  21. flyswaterman

    this is his best song no doubt (in my opinion at least...)

  22. Project Dark Fox

    As a fan of metal, I must make a very strong exception for this song. It's powerful. The video may not fit the best to the lyrics but the song tells a great story. Bob Seger at his absolute finest.

  23. mowm88

    very good song.

  24. Jeremy Smith

    Dear sir or maddam,

    Pt. 1

    I'd like to get you "understanding" about something. You're "video", if you'd even like to call it that is a huge disgrace to the lyrical genius that is Bob Seger...especially in regards to the greatest spng ever to be wriiten..ever. (not counting Steven Segal's country album..cause lets not kid ourselves.. that shit was epic). Back to segar...