Seger, Bob - In Your Time Lyrics

In your time
The innocence will fall away
In your time
The mission bells will toll
All along
The corridors and river beds
There'll be sign
In your time

Towering waves
Will crash across your southern capes
Massive storms
Will reach your eastern shores
Fields of green

Will tumble through your summer days
By design
In your time

Feel the wind
And set yourself the bolder course
Keep your heart
As open as a shrine
You'll sail the perfect line

And after all
The dead ends and the lessons learned
After all
The stars have turned to stone
There'll be peace
Across the great unbroken void
All benign
In your time
You'll be fine
In your time

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Seger, Bob In Your Time Comments

    Que maravilha!!♥️

  2. Irma Jimenez

    Reminds me of my son dedicated this one to him keep your heart an open shrine !!

  3. Craig Poland

    some of the best music ever written, there is nothing like it today rock on Bob.

  4. jamie stever

    My god! Does it get any better than this?

  5. Ernie Nault

    Fine American songwriter, poet, treasure and legend!!! Enough said

  6. Karen Tuthill

    Every word he ever wrote/writes, resonates in every chapter in my life; memories of special people who are now gone and a lot of great times. The greatest ever.

  7. Pitt 1979

    Best their is Period

  8. Mark Howland

    I love bob seger

  9. Angelica Smith

    Thank you for uploading this song sir, its one of my favorite's from Bob Seger one of the best of the best singers

  10. Jimmy Gross

    I happen to have the 1994 Greatest Hits album on CD

    Lulu Faraway

    Jimmy Gross me too. :D

  11. Steffen M.

    In my time I hope bob Seger will still be around! This man is a legend beyond legend!

  12. Susan Johnson

    Been loving him for years , My mother played him all the time

  13. Debbie Walsh

    Beautiful song feels like he is talking about our future, awesome

  14. Raúl Adrover


  15. mark edward schwalm

    whod tuch it

  16. mark edward schwalm

    like her beastiality or zoophrenia

  17. Huelogy

    RIP dad, in time we'll see ecahother again, in our time.

  18. Kory Medeiros here’s the version with the lyrics!!

  19. Chris Bolin

    Seger is one of us who became a Legend.100% God Given Talent

  20. Luiz Jose silva

    Love this song.

  21. R. .Moore

    Maybe my favorite Seger song...

  22. Jim Burley

    awesome song. thanks bob

  23. Rachel Schumacher

    This will play at my funeral... I decided that when I was about 8

    Larry Burnett

    It was added to my "final" list, too.

    jamie stever

    well played

  24. ken roberts

    and again!! thank you bob

  25. hotajax

    Very sobering lyrics.

    Chris Bolin

    The Most Real Singer ever

  26. Charlie and Robin Screeton

    I miss my girls , I've messed up these couple years and all in time my love bugs

  27. Chuy

    great guitar. excellent!

  28. Ron Clark

    Timeless and Beautiful. Love all my boy's.

  29. Tracey Delorme

    love this about life

  30. Dawne Abdul Al-Bari

    Love it ~ Shared ~

  31. Myrna Walker

    this is music that says something never gets old

  32. bloolouboyle

    thx for posting!

  33. Ray Hancock

    I cant say enough about Bob Segar. One of the greatest ever.

  34. Lee Esparza

    I miss when his voice still sounded like this!! grew up listening to Bob Seger and I'll be devastated when he goes!! :) he's a legend

  35. Pamela Canipe

    Great song

  36. Virt Nav

    thanks for posting this song I cant find it anywhere on itunes or anywhere online, at least not sung buy bob seger

    Steven Gaudette

    he's finally on streaming audio! spotify for sure

  37. Andrew Regalado

    Bob Seger another Grande, artist, singer,I enjoy his music,

  38. Richard Williams

    Mostly, it is near complete.  It is destined.  Richard Ford-Williams

  39. Retro Reginald

    One of my favorite Bob Seger songs!

  40. Carlos Aviles


  41. Danielle Bass

    reminds me of my 17 yr old  god i messed up as a mom i can only pray he will take the right path thanks for your beautiful heartfelt music im 38 grew up with ur music since a young youngchild


    Oh Honey,
    All us Moms messed up.  Your son will come back to you when he knows there is more love and less guilt.  You'll be there and , then so will he. It can take time.

    Thanks to the poster for the music!  This is one of my all-time favourite recordings!

  42. Sid Jones

    Love the sax in this one

    Clint Brown

    Sid Jones
    I have heard this song so many times but your post made me listen again and yes sir great sax riff... sometimes people don’t stop to smell the roses.

  43. JcksnBrwne Fan

    God bless you and your Son....Thanks for sharing

  44. ravenshadow1969

    Could you also upload Travelin Man from both Live Bullet and studio version?

  45. ravenshadow1969

    Besides your songs that you have uploaded from Bob Segar are of the best quality of any of the songs on Youtube.

  46. ravenshadow1969

    Question. Do you happen to have Live Bullet on CD? If so could you upload each song off that album. And also uploading the song called Even Now.

  47. DigginMyGrave85

    this song was written for his son Cole in case theres any debate on that.

  48. selurdeerbetah92


  49. m leroy

    Bob Seger is a talented song writer with such wise writings in his music for those who take time to be still & listen.

  50. quornholio

    There is so much wisdom in all of Bob Seger's songs. He was writing such lyrics only an old soul could fathom when he was 30. This song is about all our lives, yet his genius is that Seger makes it seem like he is speaking to us and for us, individually.

    late 90s raver

    it was probably meant for somebody he cared about

    Chris Bolin

    quornholio at 54 now and my Granny passing, this song made me cry like a baby. It helped heal me...


    He wrote it for his son.

    Real Deal Training

    He wrote it for his son, Cole.


    quornholio beautiful song