Seger, Bob - I Can't Save You Angelene Lyrics

I was a rolling stone
But now I've come back home
I've given up that trail
I feel no need to fail
So take your midnight runs
I'm hangin' up the guns
I can't save you Angelene

This endless party scene
This weekend warriors dream
It's gotten stale for me
It doesn't set me free
You want a kindred soul
Someone to say let's go
I can't save you Angelene

You may find yourself out somewhere babe
Talkin' loud tellin' ties
Temptation's gonna get you girl
No surprise no surprise

I wanna get from here
I wanna get myself clear
I want the warm sun over me
Enter a guilty plea
Ah babe just walk away from me
I can't save you Angelene

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Seger, Bob I Can't Save You Angelene Comments
  1. wolverine3566

    *Bob Seger* playlist @

  2. Eric Faw

    peace2u! eric

  3. Stefi Andreeva

    Wonderful song! Have a nice weekend!


    Thanks, Stefi :)

  4. Lorraine Gagnon

    Oh my I am honoured thank you so much. I am so grateful and your depiction and work is brilliant on the song, excellent....I am so pleased, ot is beautiful....


    I'm happy for you, milady, and glad I got this album to my disposal, later I may turn back to it, thanks for that!

    Lorraine Gagnon

    Thank you so much again, your work is incredible and again I am honored and so happy to see a video done to such a incredible song. I do hope that someday you see fit to do any or all of the rest of this statement album, but for now simply Thank You.....


    Thank you again, Lorrain, I'm flattered but no illusions about my works, i put there a soul but the skills are humble ;)
    P.S. Check BS playlist for news

  5. Alex Bo

    That's fine! Like from a friend!


    Thanks my friend!

  6. Jesse Torres

    Great song, awesome album


    I can only agree!

    Lorraine Gagnon

    Agreed Jesse Torres....The album was a tough sell when it came out as society was not ready to hear his message and censorship kept it off of radio for the most part. Wonderful to see this incredible album getting some recognition it so greatly deserves....