Seger, Bob - Golden Boy Lyrics

Golden boy
Take your place
Among the stars

Light your fire
Cast your glow
Near and far

Mother's eyes
Warm you when you sleep

There's a tree
By a brook
In the glade

There's a wave
Off a cape
making way

Rush away from you

I'll be there
In the wind
In your sails

Through the clouds
Through the fog
Through the gates

I'll be there
Golden boy for you

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Seger, Bob Golden Boy Comments
  1. Robert Faulkner

    Take your place young Cal

  2. TheNewResolution

    To my golden boy Ian Phillips. Love mom

  3. Stage Parades

    Dziękuję, to było niezwykle powoli tego artysty i że może odwołać się do niektórych. Wdzięczni za uwagi i może podobnie Życzę też bardzo w porządku weekend.

  4. Stage Parades

    Carl, With all your subscribers it beats me how you manage to notice what others are getting up to. All I can say is am grateful that you do ! I tried to contact Steve again but to no avail, wonder what happened there. Yes Bob is a talented man. Thanks for the stars, that should be ME finished for awhile apart from any new Stage Parades video, so appreciate all your input and watch out for the next instrumental should you be away. Best wishes, Steve