Seger, Bob - East L.A. Lyrics

Me and lady sittin on the bench tonight
Drinkin' warm beer in the soft summer air
Lookin' across the city those starlit hills
Talkin' about those crazy rich people livin' up there on stilts

Must be somethin'
Must be something to live that way
Well we're just across town
A couple of hundred million miles away
In east L.A.

Up early in the morning workin' 9 to 5
We both work full time but we survive
We go out weekends have a pretty good time
We got lots of friends we don't need to spend a dime
Who's to say
Who's to say we don't do okay

Well we're just across town
A couple of hundred million miles away
In East L.A.

So I'm sorry if we can't stay
But it's past midnight and we gotta work today
We gotta be on our way

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Seger, Bob East L.A. Comments
  1. Nycholas17

    Very interesting song! It is unlike any of Bob's others, and yet I can't think of anyone else owning it. Bob rules.

  2. Wayne Anguiano

    my father loves this song, he was so happy to hear it again. amazing song

  3. Sue Hartman

    Love this song!..Listened to it all the time years and years ago!..Memories!..tyvm

  4. Troy Jowers

    I haven't heard this in almost 30 years. You have no idea how happy you made me tonight. Thank you!

  5. WolletBullet01

    No problem :)

  6. shelly smith

    I have been looking for this on here for so long. I have even asked folks if they have it. I don't know how I missed this. Thanks so much.

  7. bucky468

    Should've been on an album.

  8. daniel t. billings

    Thank You,very much. It's been some years,since I listened to this.