Seger, Bob - By The River Lyrics

I was walkin' by the river
I held my hand out to feel the rain

Just a light rain
Almost a sun shower
Makin'all things shine again

And I felt like I belonged
I felt so strong
As I walked on

There was rhythm
And there was order
There was a balance
There was a flow

There was patience
There was a power
I could not know

And I felt it all made sense
The innocence
The permanence

I took my young son to the river
I held his hand out to feel the rain

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Seger, Bob By The River Comments
  1. Gordon Anatole

    I would like to dedicate this song to my father who drowned in the Tachie River almost 23 years ago, I was just a boy when he passed and this songs always reminds me of him.

  2. Rachel Miller

    Bob seger and his songs and music is just so 🌟 awesome takes me back in time with my mother and my sister they listened to him and would dance I still listen to him and love him thank you Bob seger



  4. Jo-ann Louw


  5. scott helton

    Seen Bob last night in Pittsburgh. His final tour. Sad sweet memories. Hes been there my whole life with a song for so many occasions. Ill alwaus be a fan... End to an era


    My grandfather saw his last show of the 2017 tour, in Pittsburgh. He was dying of cancer, it was his last outing. He LOVED Bob, and I grew up hearing this... was also a skilled fisherman. That show was September 28th. My grandfather passed November 3rd 2017.
    Just lost my best friend on November 5th this year. He held me together through the passing of my grandfather.
    Still very messed up about my Pap, doubly so now that my friend is gone. Bob is keeping me together. Songs like this... feels like he (Seger) witnessed our lives.

  6. Paul Short

    Kenmp Moore

  7. Lioness Awake

    Beautiful! I love to watch the water.

  8. Jerald Dan

    Yeah the BEST

  9. Lisa Spencer

    Still listen to Bob Seger 2019 my totally my favorite Singer in all time 😍💕

    Mike M.

    Still listening to him since early 1970s. It's even better now.

  10. Joshua Kman

    My humble opinion is that he is the best of all time.
    I lived hos songs a bit bias.
    On the street at 17.."felt them eyes upon me"

  11. Kat Shotz

    I hope that’s what heaven is!

  12. Debbie Loignon

    It 's your music that this country needs! Mellow,easygoing,truthful!

  13. Johnny Bravo

    Why do people post their ages to justify still listening to one of the GREATS in musical art ?
    Like who cares if your 96 yrs old or 7 Music is for all humans - just saying

  14. Rebecca Hilburn

    Sometimes I just have to cry when i hear Bob Seger

  15. Myanna's Magic

    Simply beautiful 💖🦋

  16. Denise Hedden

    🥀🖤🥀Amazing Song🥀🖤🥀🤘

  17. Cathy Iles

    Imiss you mom

  18. Cathy Iles

    Happy father day everybody
    Imissyou guys

  19. Cynthia Dillard

    Bob I just want you to know this is my favorite song ever by you

  20. Cathy Iles

    Happy father day uncle

  21. Cathy Iles

    Imiss you so

  22. Cathy Iles

    Imiss you 19013

  23. Christina Martin

    Makes me smile

  24. Shane Burst


  25. Pansy Vaughan

    Great song!

  26. strumsomesun

    Makes me miss the Ex … with all the ups and downs he decided to run against the wind

  27. Billy Hess


  28. Loretta Cogar

    Wasn't at the river but at the lake with my brother yesterday.. It was just what I needed.. Everything fell in place..I have been so confused... But the serenity and peace and time with him put it all together.. I am finally at peace.. I am ready to move forward now!

  29. baler johnson

    Segar just keeps on getting ..I think it was 76 when I first hear him ..been with me ever since and always will be .

  30. Eva Larkin

    Best,place to be in life is By The River fishen with my Brother,and,camping,with,my daughter and,grandaughter and,as,kids us,kids camping

  31. Mark Adkins

    Bob is the best ever. No one comes close to him.

  32. Rose Willis

    I love you dearly Bob forever rose from ky.

  33. gjw701

    I was born In Wi but best rivers are in your backyard Mi is cool

  34. robin robinrobin ledford


  35. Kathie Lamb

    This song is so EPIC
    can't help but to think & reminisce about my sweet mama that left us on 6-25-15

  36. gjw701

    I know that river like the back of my hand great tune great place keep it up Bob

  37. Raynell McClean

    One of the few who sound great at his age

  38. Denise Seibold

    bob seger is the best brings back memories.

  39. Kayla Mathews

    My dad passed away 2 yrs ago

  40. downs813

    I just love this song! Up North by me. Going to see him next month, Bob Seger. I've been following his music since the 60's!

  41. Emmy Dingler

    My thoughts tonight, of days gone by. Where did the real life go?



  42. Evelyn Hayne

    Bob Seger got me thru some of the hardest times of my life. Gave me the best memories of my dearest friends. My all time favorite artist.

  43. Peron Rodrigues

    .♥.Y love.♥.

  44. Peron Rodrigues

    .♥.The best.♥.

  45. Blues Rain


  46. sistershane100

    what i love about Bob Seger's songs-is it takes each person to their own place, a good place, a memory, a time you remember that you thought you'd forgotten..for awhile-we all live in that moment..

  47. angela cosgrove

    this is brilliant and so true words thank you

  48. cheryl gibson

    A fan always will be. great music!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Jean koci

    beautiful song

  50. Mellaine Burns

    bob your part of my life it started when i was 15im 58 now and i still love your music an incredible man,always a smile we all have made mistakes but as for me you rock this world,will always love you,your friend and follower for life love you forever.mellaine

  51. Robert Haggin

    Thank u guys

  52. the ATnT

    Bob is a genuine scientist he is explaining the reality of water current in healthy rivers not affected by bloom or residency

  53. Licia Rose

    Thank you Bob Seger ******FOR YOU STAR

  54. Karen Began

    I also want to dedicate this to my Mama. It so looks like the Fox in Illinois. That's where she will go to rock/ rest. Thank you God for blessing us all for a wonderful woman!!'

  55. Eddie Floyd

    (B B B )Bad Boy Bob man what a soul touching song as all of the story songs thank you God bless Bob love you and your music been listening to this music since 1974 (Fast Eddie)

  56. Eddie Floyd

    One of the best storytellers of our generation and you've got to love that voice you are the best Mr Bob Seger

  57. Bri Ev

    One of THE ALL TIME greats that, I feel at times, is greatly underattted, or valued as a singer/singwriter. He is one hell of an all round musician who has talent.. One problem; when will you tour in England again? One performer I am desperate to see. So many songs, so much talent. Keep em coming Mr S.

  58. Christine Morrow

    Amazing tune, thanks Bob.

  59. Bam Miller

    I think the song is about a "Power" I could not know. God and how God made everything to flow. Order, balance, etc...

  60. Paris Cortez

    Beautiful, love this song!
    What a legend this man...
    Thanks, Bob, for the great music!

  61. Faye Mckinney


  62. Anthony Clemens

    Time for me to get my Kayak and go to the river.

  63. snaggletooth 70

    If i could have just 5 more minutes with my dad n brother..i would tell them how much i have always loved them..R.I.P boys .til i c you again...

  64. Bonnie Penserum

    More shear more often

  65. Carolyn Lazzell

    Hadn't heard this one. Wow! The River.

  66. Ernie Blackwell

    this song reminds me of family and LOVED ONES WHO have went on to a better place. Love and missed you allm

  67. Ernie Blackwell

    this song reminds me of family and LOVED ONES WHO have went on to a better place. Love and missed you allm

  68. Ernie Blackwell

    this song reminds me of family and LOVED ONES WHO have went on to a better place. Love and missed you allm

  69. Ernie Blackwell

    this song reminds me of family and LOVED ONES WHO have went on to a better place. Love and missed you allm

  70. Ernie Blackwell

    this song reminds me of family and LOVED ONES WHO have went on to a better place. Love and missed you all

  71. Gary Smith

    Mum an dad are you listening from the sky above .Love an miss you always

  72. Rosemery Guifarro

    I love you Bob seger .😍😍😍❤❤❤❤


    Love this song!🌊✌😎

  74. Pig Ford

    He has way too many good songs to pick just 1 as a favorite...there isn't a person in this country who doesn't like at least one Bob Seger song

  75. misanthrope & philanthrope

    en attendant l'enseignant où est-il ? Le dire tellement important dire, dire, dire, il fut un temps où certains pensaient garder le pouvoir de dire tout et n'importe quoi, mais aujourd'hui tout etre humain a le pouvoir de dire il suffit d'ouvrir la machine h or rible et on tape quelques lettres et tout est dit dénoncé !

  76. Fdr Delgado

    Genio Divina Su Vozzz..Bob..m encanta.

  77. Eduardo Daus

    Bob Seger inolvidable temas para toda la vida

  78. Thomas LeMond


  79. Roderick Mcclanahan

    Spent many of days on this river my best friend owned a canoe & resort there miss that place

  80. Mark Barnes

    Bob always reminded me of my uncle marvin. i sure miss him , and my sweet niece nel nel who lost her life way to soon! i love my family so much it kills me!!!!!

  81. Skip Liles

    Searching for the trio MaryTravers,JoniMitchell&Mamma Cass Eliot

  82. Julian Evans

    All those 120 twats that gave this song the thumbs down must be Justin Beiber fans.

  83. Charles Taylor

    The legend !

  84. stecklein7

    My heart. We are cut from the same cloth.

  85. Bernice E. Tennant

    Trout fishing and camping~some real sweet memories.

  86. Jeffry Life

    An absolutely fantastic song!!

  87. Thomas Alexander

    Wow my first time watching this and my first thought was the ausable!!!!! memory correct

  88. Ernie Blackwell

    iI found out yesterday that i lost a dear friend since we were just kids. I want James's family especially dennis to know even though i never said i love yall i do.James has that was like a brother and was pee- wee gonna miss ya old buddy


    After a Lifetime of listening to Seger, this song is Every message he wanted to say to our World ! Powerful !

  90. kez51able

    How can anyone not love this song Bob your the best 😍

  91. Ernie Blackwell

    My Lord God, in Heaven, couldn't have sent me a better mother in-law or father in-law than T.C. and Miss Polly I still love them with all my heart! I couldn't thank them enough for being like my own parents not to mention what they taught me in life I miss them ALL so much I know I will see them All by the river!

  92. Ernie Blackwell

    This makes me think of my mama and daddy cause I know he was waiting by the river for. my mama and now the rest of us with mama

    Cathy Iles

    Imiss you mom

  93. Tammy Barrett

    this was my late husband Joes favorite song b4 he died on 2-21-2017 RIP JOSEPH BARRETT SEE YOU SOON BABE

  94. Sheila Carey

    i miss my brother so much R.i.p

  95. marty3888

    This should have been the first single off of this album instead of lock and load. What a great song off of, in my opinion a mediocre album.

  96. Catherine-Elize

    Love this song so very deep

  97. Paul Webster

    I dedicate this song to my dad who passed away a year ago

  98. Judy Werdehausen

    I think of my son Ryan when I hear this song. it will be 4 year's in June since he left us for a higher power

  99. Catherine-Elize

    Wow! Wow! Wow!