Seether - Weak Lyrics

No more love to purchase, I've invested in myself
You know nothing about me, keep opinions to yourself
No more complications, everything's just swell
No more obligations, there's nothing more to tell

I just want to be alone

When I get weak or I'm tired and afraid
When I sleep, all my dreams turn out the same
When I bleed, I relieve you of your pain
I can't believe you won't let me do the same

Please give me a reason so I can shut you out
Though your heart is bleeding, you left me with no doubt
Give me segregation, give me back my health
Take your observations and turn them on yourself

I just want to be alone

When I get weak or I'm tired and afraid
When I sleep, all my dreams turn out the same
When I bleed, I relieve you of your pain
I can't believe you won't let me go

Let me live my life alone
Let me live my life alone
Let me live my life alone

When I'm running scared, that's when I need to know that you let me go

When I get weak or I'm tired and afraid
When I sleep, all my dreams turn out the same
When I bleed, I relieve you of your pain
I can't believe you won't let me go

Let me live my life alone
Let me live my life alone
Let me live my life alone

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Seether Weak Comments
  1. Noorjan Hashim

    So many sms i sent i don't know what poem i sent.Afternoon at tonight.You tell i don't right anything. i also don't.know how whatbi do darling.Everyday i wrong,i so stupid.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭If you angry me i still love you so much.I'am sorry if i wrong sorry sorry sorry.I Don't know right poem.🙏🙏🙏🧕😭😭😭

  2. Chris Hart

    This song is a mood towards those people who disappear during your hard times and show up later, expecting you to be some way.

  3. Charley jesse Taylor

    I Finley see what this world wants give no fucks and it gets easier fuck you all hook ers

  4. Hangry Potato

    I listened to this 4 years ago and I think it's more relatable now than before

  5. Teresita Paparelli

    must have been with a narcissist.

  6. Julia Jobst

    Reminds me on Linkin Park - no doubt this song is damn awesome - repeat 100 x a day

    41149512 law

    This is nothing like linkin park....

  7. Candy Cain Churchwell

    This played at the exact moment I really needed it. It's exactly true.
    BTW I love your work. Great job 👍

  8. Candy Cain Churchwell


  9. Rickey Engle

    what ever turn you on,,

  10. Gonedridge

    Me when my mom told me to do a chore around the house for the 4th time today.

  11. Tammi Davidson

    Just heard this song on Pandora. Just after another great song by another great group "Saga". Love this song..another favorite by them..I wonder if they ever hit it big..or are still recording.

  12. Paul j Lucas jr

    People who dislike good music, gotta be boring life

  13. HiroChan’s 8d

    I don’t know why people dislike this song

  14. Aeris_the_pet_cat :3

    Which one?
    Weak seether
    Weak AJR

  15. Samantha Jordan

    Love this song. Explains my thoughts perfectly

  16. Infinite Mayhem

    Snare sounds like keys being dropped

  17. Troy Clark

    Broke my ankle, crushed a bone and shit. All I could do was look out the window, watching everyone walk by..every fucking day. I bought Jack Daniels by the 60 pounder every week. Seether was my band. This song for me was what almost put me over the edge. I still love it, but I will NEVER go for the hard shit again. 6mo's, a window and nowhere to turn is a terrible place to be.

  18. JustAnother FuckUp

    "Take your observations, and turn them on yourself"

  19. дед максим

    Ситхир!!!! А не ваши эти Бузова

  20. Morgan Slauson

    Cool tambourine. Just kidding its annoying. great song.

  21. Loretta Yates

    All the things in this song are solved by the presence and belief in Jesus. No one ever really wants to be alone.

  22. Renee Smith

    More than Appropriate.

  23. 5 JakeTheSnake 5

    “All my Dreams turn out the same” never hit me so hard I’m going through a rough time and am trying to wake up and have motivation and this stuff connects so well...

    Dark Starr

    I feel you man. I'm going through that shit myself. Good to have music like this to get through it

    5 JakeTheSnake 5

    Truth my friend stuff gets me from
    Dropping out...

    Kentaro Miura

    @5 JakeTheSnake 5 Struggle and endure for that's the fate of one who defies death, do not forget these words.

  24. Abigail Boyd

    1:22 at my ex husband for real.

    Abigail Boyd

    Fuck it, the whole song lol

  25. Kristen Stewart

    Loving this

  26. Kim Gow

    wow I needed to hear this today

  27. Gabriella Durham

    absolutely love <3

  28. artic gamer

    My theme song when im in school

  29. Mystique Minx

    Favorite song

  30. Jerry Kansey

    Ayee what does he mean by give me segregation, give me back my health?

    Dawson Copeland

    Jerry Kansey it’s another way of saying he wants to be left alone and when they don’t leave him alone it drains him mentally and Physically. I think this song is about someone that’s troubled with mental issues and has voices in his head. He has an ex or a friend that won’t let him live his life in peace and that is constantly prying at him to find out what’s wrong. Which just leads him deeper in depression

    Jerry Kansey

    Dawson Copeland well thank you because I had no idea what he meant by that.

  31. Case Man

    I love this song it is so my life omg. Seether you rock.

  32. Erica Smith

    LOVE the lyrics

  33. Robert Taylor

    Seether is hands down my favorite band. Their lyrics speak to my soul, and you can hear the raw emotion in every song he sings.

  34. Marady Mon

    Nice song

  35. Joker TheSarcasmGod

    Really enjoy listening to this song

  36. RHONDA Macmurchie


  37. Kevin B The Myth

    I’ve had Crohn’s disease for 22 years and whenever I’m real sick this one of my songs

    Tammi Davidson

    Same here..I have this disease as well. I'm having a flare-up..and this song makes me feel better..along with "RUSH", "Giant" and "Saga"

  38. Kenneth Benson

    Damn,what a great song! Post-grunge vibe,90’s rhythm and guitars. Underrated band.

  39. Rhonda Soullier

    Ya I'm one of those 7, although I'm sure I could increase that number.

  40. Lilium Shadowwolf

    Wow. I'm missing out on some great AMAZING SONGS BY SEETHER. 😯😍 A masterpiece of a song. Shaun Morgan wow.

  41. tiffany nathasingh

    Please don't say I won't let you do what I do and wtf?

  42. n i c k

    Seether: Makes Country Song

    Everyone (2 yrs later): Lmao Seether is country now

    gob gooberson

    Are you referring to this as country?

    Angel Rose

    gob gooberson Seether has a song titled "Country Song"

    41149512 law

    Ive never heard anyone refer to seethe as country

  43. Natalie Dupre

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤ it seether is one of the best bands and they are so under rated


    Natalie Dupre it’s an old band so maybe it had it’s days.

    SaInT LiViD

    .....this video itself has 212k view that really underrated.......somw of their videos have millions of view weather has been around for 20 years they are legends to be frank their not underrated at and honestly they should be in the rocking roll hall of fame and probably will be one day. Not being a dick just educating you.

    Dut Lof

    Hey your hot

    41149512 law

    @Dut Lof hahaha what!?

  44. Cocoa Fells

    So the singer sounds like country but the instruments sound like rock

    I have mixed feelings... good but mixed

    Ottis Deaton

    How does his voice sound like country?

    Cocoa Fells

    He sounds like he could sing country, very strong country vibes from his voice I guess.

  45. Tom Kaiser

    I seen them when I was a teen. Love this band Seether is my favorite band. my favorite song by them is broken

  46. doggyd96

    Really fits my mood today

  47. tiffany nathasingh

    Derek you ok? I love you if I could i would be over. But the kids got school I love you

    slime tree

    you realize this is a public comment chat right?

    Brandon Smith

    Derek is aware how everything is gonna be fine again


    Was Derek okay though?

  48. recklesszombie Necromancy

    I love this song

  49. Miserable Mochi

    This just randomly popped in my head and I had no idea what the song was called or who it was by. Thank god for google.

  50. chris gonzales

    This song will always remind me of 2 of my ex girl friends

  51. Sasha Whisman

    I fucking love them🖤

  52. The Grim Joker

    I'm the bridge from 1k -1.1k

  53. Tyler Orcutt

    All my dreams turn out the same!!!

  54. DJ Star Scream

    18 people are completely GAY! this song is fucking awesome!!!

  55. david Swenson01


    Idk a name

    david Swenson01 like how everyone will forget about you

    david Swenson01

    your nightmare hopefully

  56. Paul Walker

    He does so gooooood and the lyrics are awesome pure genuis

  57. Paul Walker

    This is a damn good song I can't believe there's not more comments

    unkown darkness

    Paul Walker penis

  58. Sasha Whisman

    Goddamn I love this band. Their lyrics have me in the feels every time🖤

  59. Maneki Mon

    Somebody know accords to this music pls?)

    Brandon Smith

    Yes. It is in Honda minor

    Cody Ascherman

    Brandon Smith I just spit my coke out.

  60. John Tallic

    A fine description for what we really feel sometimes ...
    Thanks Seether and thank you Hydracus.

  61. Reese Rocha

    To the nine people that disliked this, i belive that i hate you.

    Antonio xcecutor2

    cosplay_pie yeah fuck them


    lies, deku doesn't have the capacity to hate

    Big Tiddy Goth Girl.

    Count me on the dislike list.

    Shady made me

    *12k :(

  62. Kitty Cat

    I love this song it explains how i feel 😁

    Isaac Skrobarcek

    Want some dick?

    Drea Reaper

    @Isaac Skrobarcek noooooooooooo 😂😂😂😅

    Breeze Thompson

    @Isaac Skrobarcek your polluted with stupied turn your observations on yourself you do not know a single thing about this beautiful soul you've no right to say such a disrespectful thought with her or any other politely as o feel it isn't needed for fuck yourself in fact jump face first into the karma which is seeking u out at this very moment you can't hide from it.... sucks to be you....

    Lisa Winslett

    Ditto! 😁😁

    41149512 law

    @Isaac Skrobarcek Noice kkkkkkkk

  63. Nickolas Lamont

    just added this version to my play list

  64. Mike Harcourt

    I say moo just because

  65. Shay Prather

    200th like