Seether - Suffer It All Lyrics

Mass inclination will fuel my frustration
And keep all redemption at bay
All indications prove you're all mutations
And you all have nothing to say

Look down on me
Look down on me
Look down on me
Look down on me

I can't believe everything you perceive
As what's rightfully coming your way
Take me back to where I need to go (inside me)
Show me how to question all I know (excite me)
When you come around (and reveal yourself)
You come down (and dispense education)
All fall down (as we'll kill ourselves)
When it all goes down (I'll be ready to suffer it all)

My aggravation is manifestation
Of all of the shit that you say
This complication will lead to damnation
Of all those who stand in my way

Look down on me
Look down on me
Look down on me
Look down on me

I can't believe everything you perceive as
What's rightfully coming your way
Take me back to where I need to go (inside me)
Show me how to question all I know (excite me)
When you come around (and reveal yourself)
You come down (and dispense education)
All fall down (as we'll kill ourselves)
When it all goes down (I'll be ready to suffer it all)

Take me back to where I need to go (inside me)
Show me how to question all I know (excite me)
When you come around (and reveal yourself)
You come down (and dispense education)
All fall down (as we kill ourselves)
When it all comes (I'll be ready to suffer it all)

I'll be ready to suffer it all
I'll be ready to suffer it all

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Seether Suffer It All Comments
  1. Nathan Reynard

    seerher and foo fighters anyone?????


    The chorus is just like something that the Foo Fighters would write.

  2. Tatsu Nine

    I'll never not love this song

  3. joao paulo

    A melhor banda da atualidade. Muito foda

  4. Freak of Nature

    1:30 to 1:35 is my relationship with my mom

  5. L33K3R

    SEETHER is the only band were I like every single song they have made, even unreleased.

  6. Big Stonman

    Probably my favorite song by seether

  7. Jesse Simmons

    Love the album artwork.

  8. Discount PewDiePie

    Why do I hear Jonathan Davis basically throughout the whole song..?

  9. The Cryptid Hunters

    This song is so heavy, I love it!

  10. Davis TheJoke

    I'll fall down as we kill ourselves

  11. PillyMarye02

    OMG this song was made for me. I'm sure.

  12. jessica bruderer

    down on me

  13. Dawson Armstrong

    I feel like this needs a badass music video...

  14. Eric Albenze

    keep all redemption at bay they have the best lyrics. dude's a genius!

  15. Devin Cathey

    does anyone else think this songs sounds a lot like something staind would release. To me it sounds like eyes wide open by staind or it at least reminds me of it

  16. Emre Koçoğlu

    Idk what you think about the new songs they did, but I liked it, it's different but real great.  

  17. Malice Entity

    Seriously, is this whole album shit?

  18. Luke Pickens

    on isolate and medicate's wikipedia it says this song was release 1/13/15...todays the 11th lol

    rat assassin

    Dont trust Wikipedia. Anyone can just type random shit on there.

    Daniel Sanford

    +rat assassin Isolate and Medicate's page is really poorly supported. I know - Ihave it on my watchlist and people randomly link the songs and add singles there...You can use Wikipedia, but please be careful which articles and info is trustworthy.

  19. Luke Garvey

    The beginning is awesome, chorus....meh not heavy enough the whole album is so different

  20. Iulian Oprea

    my english teacher was listening to this in class,so ive done it right to ask her the name

  21. Pokemon Poffer

    This is like my favorite song from you guys

    Pokemon Poffer

    Because it's amazing.It helps me through tough times.GOD LEAVE ME THE F**K ALONE

    Pokemon Poffer


    Pokemon Poffer

    Why do you want to argue with me?

    Pokemon Poffer

    Bye flucker

    Sir Goofynoodles

    Wtf is stupid flucker?!?!? U no I'm right... up have self a steam issues and u have a fucked up life and listening to someone screaming helps ur dum ass somehow... u dint deserve life kik yourself

  22. jami rose

    its seether becomeing what he is learning..

  23. Lydouchka Durand

    "Take me back to where I need to go (Inside me)...
    I'll be ready to suffer it all"...

  24. Blueberry Jones

    Fuck yes. I've been waiting so long for a new album and I love it so far. Some differences in style, but they've fucking pulled it off in my opinion.

  25. MoonRiver

    I like the guitar.

  26. Ophelia Lind

    EPIC - and I YES Seether are playing In Copenhagen in november! I Got My ticket! Let's ROCK Copenhagen!

  27. Coolvids75

    I would really like to hear this on the radio; I think it would be a hit.

  28. beastlysk8r22

    Sounds like a mixture between disclaimer and finding beauty in negative spaces. Great song

  29. Gavin Coleman

    +1 if your fucken ecstatic that finally a new kick as rock album came out..haha along with chevelle la gargola and the new upcoming rise against

  30. Neto Trombani

    ow yeh!

  31. Thad 1990

    I fucking love this song!

  32. Bruno Hébert-Brassard

    I don't like the way they made the verses... I don't get the point of doing it this way?? I don't like the song and I hope the album will be better. If i listen to a song, i Listen to the full song, not only the Chorus.

    Eduardo Fenton

    No one cares..


    Uuugh just shut up

    MoonRose Dawn

    Please Leave...


    Shut ur ugly fat ass up

  33. firestarter7051

    I like every aspect of Seether's songs except the lyrics. Not on every song, but some. Some songs use powerful words that rhyme, but when you actually break down the verse, it doesn't always make sense.

    Sarah Coughlin

    HAHAHAHA they all make sense you just can't understand them. That's why I love this band, they have INTELLIGENT lyrics.


    @Sarah Coughlin  No, they really don't. The majority of their lyrics are pretty simple. Not elementary like the crappier bands,( such as Skillet) but not overly complex. I don't know if it's that they are sometimes using words that don't quite work in that context, or if they are showing their grunge influence, ie. lyrics that are sometimes so cryptic that only the band knows the meaning. And then there are words in a verse they use often (like bloated) that would maybe be better if they substituted with another word.

  34. Chloe Purcell

    Love it, it's amazing ♡♡♡

  35. Victor Ribeiro

    que peso see loco!

  36. Matt Winters

    is this off the new album 


    Yeah, it is ;)


    great song can't wait for the album to come out

  38. Unknown Artist

    Ugh another amazing song, cant wait for the album!

  39. Kevin Mccormick

    Billy bob people listen to rap because they like it plain and simple don't mean they can't like other genres of music infact I'm a huge rap fan but I'm also a huge grunge rock metal fan people need to open there minds to other music

    Sarah Coughlin

    Good for you!

  40. jacobymisio

    I like it way more than Words as Weapons. More Seether feel to it^^

  41. Mike Streer

    Its different from any other Seether song... in a good way. New sound, but it's still Seether. 

  42. Bianca Braga de Carvalho

    Ooooooh, loved this <3

  43. David Smith

    so lose to July


    idk but for me it sounds like tiny tim came into the chours

    Sarah Coughlin

    HAHAHAHA this is the best comment I've seen all day. I think tiny's got a slightly more girly voice but this was funny af

  45. XxTwinRova

    i hope more songs are like this instead of words as weapons

  46. Jayne cob

    My new favorite Seether song 

  47. Rob Houbeck

    Really looking forward to this new album.

  48. Sarah Tipton

    I absolutely love all the new music! This is so different. It's intoxicating! Love the contrast between the heavy and the melodious! AMAZING!!!!!!

  49. Selko Paramour

    Shaun, cut the "pretty singing" crap out of Seether! A heavier production would make the song better! 

    warp stories

    Alberto Fdz Páramo yes....cut the meaning out of the songs

  50. Marcie Sipos

    The sound is going back to there earliar sound. Love it. It's a little different but good. Can't wait till the albums out. Hurry July 1st.

  51. Jordan Marshall

    This is fantastic wow

  52. Laura Carolyn

    Love it .. seether never fails!!!!

  53. Rybonator

    Fuck yeah, going back to some real rocking! Great job Seether, loved the newer stuff, and loving this too!

  54. followfornothing

    Seether or Saron Gas (Same band for those who didn't know) have never put out an album that I didn't love. I just dislike certain songs like "Country Song" not because of how the song sounds, but because all the songs that you are pretty much forced to listen to every hour on the hour until you get tired of it...You go buy the album when it is released and find yourself skipping that played out song to listen to the rest of the album! Thanks alot Mainstream Radio Stations. lol


    Country Song is 1 of their best songs...


    @NikolaTeodosic555 You obviously missed the "Disclaimer" era and the "Saron Gas" era if you honestly believe that "Country Song" is the best they have EVER done!


    I don`t think its THE BEST thing tehy have ever done, i also love the disclaimer songs, but Country Song represents a side of Seether that nobody was exepecting, thats why its special.


    When they put out "Tied my hands" and "Broken" I expected them to do a song like "Country Song" I just cannot believe no one else expected it.

    Matthew Pratt

    That is why I don't listen to the radio. . . All the music is over played and they get annoying fast. I find all new music from bands that I like from iheartradio and by looking up amvs' on youtube

  55. metalheadbritt

    This is awesome I love it!!!

  56. Pat Cranford

    It's all my Son's fault.  He created a Seether monster.  For my Birthday 3 years ago he bought me 3 albums.  Saw them live in Wichita, KS  I now have 6 Seether albums and my son said he will buy me the new one July 1st.  He doesn't have to, I will there on that day no matter what.

  57. Pat Cranford

    Love Karma and Effect.  Now listening to this album over and over.  I really like the song Diseased.  Seems like their going more Pop.  Nooooo!  Negative Places is also GREAT!  Not getting it with this song, but Words as Weapons is great.

  58. WOOKIE

    Never been a huge fan of Seether really but Words as Weapons and this song are a selling point for me to buy their new album!!

  59. No Dame

    I love it :D Can't wait for the album!

  60. Tristan Thorp


  61. It’s me Hey

    Love me some SEETHER heavy and hard

  62. Heloisa Nohara

    This is what I was waiting from you, guys!!!!!!!!!!! Giee the chorus could be heavier and less melodic
    Stop doing mellow songs, get back to rock

  63. Maaike Benedictus

    I can't wait for the new album! It's a great song :) Well done boys (y)

  64. TheRealn0s0uL

    Man I was waiting for this song for long and now i`m kinda ... meh. I mean not that it is bad or anything , it`s just not what I expected from that riff. I really enjoyed HOTSBTF even though it was diffrent , but I think this song , especially , needs to be like your older stuff , raw and powerful , and not studio managed or how on earth you say it , cuz it kinda kills it for me atleast . Keep it up either way I will always be a fan ! Cheers !

  65. JRice52



    @Dillon Chronister
    Actually, I like this particular song now. But the whole album sucks. Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces was their best album in my opinion. They just sound different and it bothers me.


    With time comes growth. Without growth, there is no evolution of art.

    Vane A

    JoshRice123 Holding onto strings better left to fray for me

  66. Cosmic Anne

    This is fantastic. I love it. If you don't enjoy this you might wanna give it a second try.

  67. Billy Bob

    Another great Seether song, I don't see how people can listen to shitty rap when this exist..

    Satanic Dogfish

    @AmnestX I'm not trying to hate on rap. People can like whatever they want. I'm just saying that my *personal* opinion is that rap is not as talent specific as, say playing the guitar and singing.


    lol your right bro


    @Fergus Phillips In general mainstream rap, yeah there is a lack of talent, but in bands like RATM, Flobots, and maybe the Gorillaz, they actually add a melody to the way they deliver the lyrics, instead of just talking fast and rhyming, like you said. I don't enjoy solo rappers that much, except for Eminem and Watsky, and a few others, such as Dan Bull (you should look him up, he makes some pretty amazing video game rap song) Other than that, they have to have a band backing them , it makes it feel more real, you know?


    @Lejundairy Flobots are excellent

    Marysia Zet

    Rapping isn't hard, i agree, but some of the rappers write awesome texts and they deserve some respect. I know that when you hear the word "rap" you think about some idiots talking about how much money they have, but there are also real artists using rap only as a form of expressing their message. 

  68. BestBuyMusicGear

    The release on July 1st can't come soon enough!

  69. teflon don

    Fukin haters seether rocks so if u have a issue with there genre or style why dont u just fukin fake it lol


    Well implied my friend.

    Zero SixDel

    My favorite number 1 band until the day I die. Even in the after life I will still have my heart on this shit.

    Brendan H

    Zero SixDel same!!

    Jody Hughes

    Absolutely. I love Seether and I love a lot of other heavier metal and lighter music. I'm all over the place. The thing is that a lot of metalheads are sadly elitists. So they talk trash on bands they see as "unworthy". Its ridiculous. I've dealt with people like that my whole life because I've always been a metal head. They don't know what they are missing out on!

  70. ershelton85

    Y'all are amazing in everything y'all do, keep rocking out seether! July 1st can't get here fast enough and y'all kicked ass at the Carolina rebellion can't wait to see y'all live again. Love u guys!!!!!

  71. Ivan Dean

    Great song,can't wait for the album to come out!

  72. Мария Ябурова

    Ееее \…/

  73. Nathan Houston

    I've died and gone to heaven.

    Gucci 458

    Nathan Houston im just saying this, but I really don't believe that


    Haven Stepanek its a fucking joke

  74. Ankit Mahendru

    Can't wait for the new album!

  75. BoricuaPopa38



    least it comes out on my birthday.


    @therock1913 THAT'D BE AN AWESOME GIFT 


    at least i pre-ordered the album.

  76. UndergroundTico

    I'm afraid this album won't be as good as the previous ones. This doesn't sound like music made by heart, as happened in Karma, Disclaimer, Finding... I'm a big metal fan, but I think it would be better if they kept their sound. Just a humble opinion.

  77. BrattyLori


  78. Taylor Duke

    well that's a creepy picture

  79. MrENVYtheDEAD

    This producer has got to go. This is far too clean sounding, if Seether wants to go back to the heavy stuff- they need to rough it up.

  80. Sasu S

    Please, just listen and enjoy ~ ♥

  81. Eagle0ne96

    Not as good as Words as Weapon but still good.
    Can't wait for July 1st.

    Larry Johnson

    I thought I was the only one that loved that song!


    +Larry Johnson On second thoughts, I like it, however you gotta admit this one stands quite out from the others. ;)

    Larry Johnson

    +Eagle0ne96 Yeah it does. I came here cause it's stuck in my head

  82. heisenberg

    fucking amazing!!

  83. Natasha LeCuyer

    Finally! The full song for the tease clip they put up! Love it!!!

  84. lonestarfriend

    I'm liking this more and more every time I listen to it.

    I'm also getting a Beach Boys vibe from the chorus. Anyone else think so?

  85. RoamingNinja

    Wow this is a fresh new build for Seether and I love it!

  86. Akise Wolf

    I loved the softer albums, like FBINS and HOSBLTF even more than the older albums, but i'm really happy that they are going back to  the heavier sound! They needed it to make their music more fresh and interesting, than the new songs from Seether 2002-2013. 

  87. kc blue


  88. Seero Boarder

    I'm glad they are going back to their roots, I think Disclaimer II is their best, and one of the best metal-grunge albums ever. Can't wait for this album to be released.

    Billy Bob

    I agree especially when they released Disclaimer 2

    Aaron Paul

    "take me back to where i need to go" heh

  89. Chad Schuld

    I have followed these guys for years.... Fucking sick!!!!

  90. Pepijnni12

    This... is... SO FUCKING SICK

  91. The Raging Ray Show

    July 1st...

  92. Jesus

    The chorus its good, but the music i think doesn´t fit very well :/

  93. Matt Shaw

    So Good!

  94. bearmanguy

    Ooooh....i like this...oh im so excited for the new album

  95. Kaitlin Cross

    This is definitely different than what we are used to from Seether.

  96. Toyegunns81

    Awesome! !!

  97. lowlife1027


  98. abdulla

    First like for seether hell yeaaa