Seether - Quirk Lyrics

Who's to know if the real ones fade at all?
If anyone sing this song
I'll find if it won't belong away, yeah

Good god you're comin' up with reason
Good god you're draggin' me down
Good god you're making up a season
feel so rape, you follow me down

So just fake it if you're out of direction
Fake it if you don't belong, yeah
Fake it if you feel like infection
Fake it, yeah, fuck 'em all

Who's to know if the real ones fade at all?
If anyone sing this song
I'll find if it won't belong away, yeah

Good god you're comin' up with reason
Good god you're draggin' me down
Good god you're making up a season
feel so rape, you follow me down

So just fake it if you're out of direction
Fake it if you don't belong,yeah
Fake it if you feel like infection
Fake it, yeah, fuck 'em all

I can fake with the best of anyone
I can fake with the best of 'em all
I can fake with the best of the anyone
I can fake it all

Who's to know if the real ones fade at all?
If anyone sing this song
I'll find if it won't belong away, yeah

Good god you're coming up with reason
Good god you're draggin' me down
Good god you're making up a season
feel so grape, you follow me down

So just fake it if you're out of direction
Fake it if you don't belong, yeah
Fake it if you feel like affection
Fake it, yeah, fuck 'em all

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Seether Quirk Comments
  1. SwilsonMan

    I need this to be released. I think it was an iTunes exclusive on FBINS year’s ago, but you can’t purchase it or stream it anywhere. I definitely need the option.

  2. Dakota K. Willson

    Everybody ranting about their new music on these videos. Well, it's not new anymore and. Well you want heavy. They released their new album a while ago. Heavy like K&E. I mean, not the same of course. But it's great. The only SEETHER song I genuinely DISLIKE is Tonight, and (sorry if this isn't a popular opinion) Broken.

    Also the guitar is like, sick in this early version. I think it should've stayed a little closer to this. The official sounded a little... over produced after hearing this. But. It's a good song either way.

  3. C.J. Henderson

    been a while since I checked this out, does he seriously say feel so grape?!

    Kool Aid Cobain

    “Feel so great.”

  4. Aiden Rae

    Dude this is kind of better than the original.

  5. Chris Turbo

    I love how brutal the drums sound in this

  6. Restore The Sunset

    They did not sell out man there not doing shows with lil wayne so there good and tonight isn't even structured close to a nickleback song they did want any band wants to do sign to get on the radio so people can hear there music and there new album was there new sound not because there selling out there just switching things up they don't want to do the same thing over and over again and if I was in there shoes id do the same thing and there new album has some good songs other than tonight

  7. Emma Rose

    You think wrong.

  8. Michael Polomski

    They sold out because there new album sucks ass not because there popular. Tonight sounds like a new nickleback song.

  9. paje r

    Hurrr durrrrr 'seether sold out cause they're successful' hurr fuckin durrr I'm a rambling YouTube idiot who thinks they're SO anti mainstream!

  10. Els bunny


  11. Aaron Leander

    i cant rant to you about changing your opinion i guess. not what im here to do

  12. Michael Polomski

    I know there the same band i just hate what they've become.

  13. Aaron Leander

    yea cuz they arent the same band or anything... you ever researched any of their shit about how they were forced to change their name and "sell out" to become an american band? that is totally fucking badass by the way.

  14. Michael Polomski

    I love Saron Gas. Seether suck soulless sell outs.

    BowserFan Productions

    There the same thing...just name change because 9/11 you dumbass

  15. prod. poetics

    Whoaaa, this is weird, its soo much liek Fake it, but not fake it! This isn't the real world! We're stuck in the Matrix!

  16. Vynx19

    This is awesome, you have a new subscriber sir!

  17. Tobias P.

    With a few punds more on his rips ^^

  18. Dolorosakil

    This versions better, sounds dirtier, fake it's an ok song, but I didn't like it until I got into the band proeprly and heard their earlier, and better songs. This songs too poppy for me, but I do like it in that, I tolerate it, as their are so much better songs by the band.

  19. AkeelaPyro

    @AtomicPunk150 Then his definition of pop would fit like half or more of the 500 songs on my iPod. XD. Though tbh it's all catchy enough to sing along to. XD

  20. Rebecca Spiteri

    @poison7in7disguise it is a fake it demo = early fake it version...

  21. TankHunter

    @brettfavre727 oh so i didn't know that. My mistake ...

  22. papiofpastrami

    @VogtTD at least it wasnt a super negative response.

  23. VogtTD

    @AJlord1 Jesus I made that comment a year ago and people are still replying to it...

  24. Jonathan Mathis

    im faking my life right now, i can relate to it

  25. AtomicPunk150

    Hate to tell you guys but its not about Amy. There's info about it on the band's website. This is about all the Stars (meaning actors, musicians, all those) Who dont really act like themselves so the can be famous. They therefore, Fake It. Shaun also comments on the song they are not going mainstream, but he does enjoy "pop" songs, his definition of "pop" meaning a catchy song you can sing along to.

  26. spike100000000000

    im sorry, but fake it is far better, and this is what i think

  27. brettfavre727

    this is actually the original

  28. papiofpastrami

    @VogtTD this wasnt about amy it was acutally about people who fake their way to the top and pretend to be something to get noticed to get famous. amy might be one of those things but the intent was never for the song to be about her. quick fact other than that i agree with this not being mainstream and its just their musical evolution

  29. Elizabeth22413

    @ethrstub What an astute analysis of the song! Totally agree, based on all the interviews I've seen in which
    Shaun discusses all the issues that he & the guys find so troubling about the entire "pop culture" scene &
    the blind worship of all that revolves around it.

  30. Katie Edwards

    I think I like both versions of this song. I'll comment back when I've listened to it a couple more times.

  31. TankHunter

    Original Fake It is better


    TankHunter you realize this is the original, right?

  32. xXxThreeDaysGrace100

    hehe! i get to see these guys again in 2 days!

  33. Justin W

    I think he looks like Johnny Depp.

  34. whosseThis

    IIs this richard

  35. ethrstub

    @ethrstub and on top of that shaun was asked in an interview if there would be any retaliation to amy's song "call me when your sober" and he said that he wouldnt do that, BUT i will refuse until the day i day that fuck me like you hate me isnt about her lol

  36. ethrstub

    from what ive heard this is actually about pop music and "hip hop" and all that stuff. More specifically about people and bands that go around flashing money, diamonds, and women in videos and whatnot. Basically about the fake face of pop culture. That is why this song is so amazing because of the poppy music, the whole song has the most amazing sarcastic feeling to it... anyway that was always my thought on it

  37. FamineSSJ4

    hmm. for some reason i thought i had heard on MTV that shaun wrote this song kind of as a joke in rehab because he wanted to see if he could write a song that "strippers could dance to." that would explain why it is more "pop-ish" but then again who trusts MTV? It's a good song nonetheless.

  38. FatherGiraffe

    this is just "fake it" but alittle more accoustic... whats the difference?

  39. Krystina Lystad

    @VogtTD breakdown was also about amy, and i already know that shes a party girl, its pretty obvious when shes drunk on stage at a concert almost falling off the stage like she did at the chevele show i went to a couple years back, hes no angel but amy isnt as innocent as she likes to lead people to think either

  40. VogtTD

    @imdifferentfromother Pretty sure it was just this one song about Amy. Then he left it at that.

    She's a dumb bitch to complain about his alcoholism when she knew going into the relationship. Besides, she's a party girl too. Just watch the dvd anywhere but home.

  41. Robert Edin Hanssen

    @YumYumYoMum please calm down xD all I'm saying is that a professional bands have to earn enough money to keep it as a profession, if else, they would have to get a normal job, and they'd be too busy to go on tours, making albums and that stuff.

  42. Krystina Lystad

    @VogtTD it actualy was abot amy, he even admited it, and call me when your sober by evanecence was about him, they both kept going back and forth at each other

  43. Jamie O

    @mu86neer Lmao ^^

  44. Jamie O

    @mu86neer hahaha... Your grammar... HAHAHAHA

  45. ryno9263

    @YumYumYoMum it does not matter if it is in your liking. if you dont like it...go do better. They play what THEY like not what YOU want to hear.

  46. Cristian Lemus

    6 fans justin

  47. thelosttool

    i've heard many times that it's actually about one of his ex's so who knows, more importantly who cares it's a good song and a great band

  48. AdmiralJuicy

    @VogtTD It's actually about how artists fake music like Ke$ha and Justin Bieber and so on.

  49. Tri Nguyen

    4 dogs dislike this

  50. Tri Nguyen

    BEST of the BEST

  51. GdziE100isz

    His voice is so BEAUTIFULL!!!

  52. VogtTD

    @3cn1ght When the fuck did I say that everyone has to think that? I simply stated my own interpretation on the song. Stop reading peoples comments selectively.

  53. Aaron Whitehead


    its an early version of fake it, hense the poorer quality of recording

  54. westeh

    @SeetherOtaku ......Did you really have to type that ? Having a moment were we ?

  55. fiaman2

    this is seether its a demo to all the dumbasses who didnt know

  56. windson7

    the lyrics dont matter if they can sing and the music's good.

  57. I cannot rely on your primitive technologies

    im so glad they decided to change it up and do a better version

  58. VogtTD

    @undeadgamer0 It doesn't matter what the songs is about. I wasn't arguing that.

  59. Bobby Cebula

    Well i used too, lmao

  60. graffitionthefloor

    omg i like this one more

  61. Bobby Cebula

    i look just like the lead singer. haha weird.

  62. Karen Penn

    this song is awesome i love it and seether rules ! you can talk shit about being a sell out or whatever your accusing them of but after all is said and done....they still kick ass!!! I agree with "undeadgamer0" their not sellouts his voice is sexy ass hell and they kick ass!
    sexy Karebear~aka~^A^eroHoteeee

  63. VogtTD

    @AJlord1 Perhaps you're right. I don't know. The point is everyone is so quick to judge artists as going mainstream because they have evolved their sound. Personally I don't listen to bands that sounds the same album after album after album. That just shows a complete lack of creativity and artistry.

  64. papiofpastrami

    @VogtTD its about society selling out and that now adays if you want something all you need is a good lie and some money

  65. Robert Edin Hanssen

    @YumYumYoMum They have to think about the money, if else they won't make enough to bother keep playing

  66. VogtTD

    oh boo hoo it's mainstream. You're really quick to judge a bands intentions with no inside knowledge of their inner thoughts. Seems to me this song was about his relationship with Amy. I don't know what's so mainstream about this? Good bands evolve their sound album to album.

  67. metalmomma

    Oh My ! I am loving this song!!

  68. aphsknight74

    Same here.

  69. TheWho1978

    I like these lyrics better.