Seether - Kom Saam Met My Lyrics

Kom Saam Met My
Ons sal die 'lede agterlaat
Kom Saam Met My
En ons sal sien wat gebeur
Ons is so bly
Dit is die einde van die plaat
Kom Saam Met My
Ons wil dit alles beter maak
Jy kan hier bly
Sodra jy alles gaan beleef
Die plaat's verby
En ons soek 'n koue bier
Kom drink met my
Daar is so veel om oor to praat
Kom Saam Met My
Ons wil dit alles beter maak

[English translation:]
Come with me
We'll leave the past behind
Come with me
And we'll see what happens
We are so happy
It's the end of the record
Come with me
We want to make it all better
You can stay here
As long as you will expereince everything
This album's over
And we want a cold beer
Come drink with me
There is so much to talk about
Come with me
We want to make it all better

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Seether Kom Saam Met My Comments
  1. Heinrich Kotze

    Haha, dit klink soos 'n kakofonie,
    ..lekker boys!

  2. Hollywood Kaz

    God, I love Seether so much ♡

  3. Carelize Olwagen

    My dad hung out with them when they where saron gas

  4. Carelize Olwagen

    Love it that they are singing in theelre mother language

  5. Tristan Dotson

    I’d learn Afrikaans just to know what the lyrics are

  6. saskia higler

    it is sooo much like Dutch :D Love this :)
    Loved your performance in The Netherlands Tivoli <3

  7. Matthew Henderson

    the advantage of being Dutch, to me this just sounds like a very thick dialect, like southern Zealand or Fries. I can understand what he means, though.

    Александр Зайцев

    Matthew Henderson of course you can, there is translation in description


    @Александр Зайцев natively

    Heinrich Kotze

    Kom saam met my means " come with me "

  8. elliotswann

    Fuck yes. Shaun speaking Afrikaans has made my day

  9. juul bakker

    Is this dutch ?

    Justin Kreiser


    They're South African

    Eric Nightraven

    +Juulke Bakker

    Afrikaans was derived from Dutch, because many of the white population in South Africa is from Dutch settlers :) Shaun and Dale are of Dutch descent, his real last name is Welgemoed (not sure if it's spelled perfectly right) but it is pronounced like "Vel-Ka-Mid" :) I love Seether btw. read everything I could about them

    Justin Swart

    Eric Nightraven pretty close but this afrikaans we have different vowels Dutch and Belgian is very close we understand each pretty well German is also pretty close but afrikaans is one unique language

  10. Maaike Broekhuizen

    Could you please give me the lyrics in south african, to ? :)

    emile steenkamp

    ohh and btw the language is afrikaans, not south africa ;)

    Maaike Broekhuizen

    oh I ment the lyrics. ;) 

    emile steenkamp

    @Maaike Broekhuizen lyrics is in the second paragraph, first paragraph is just the conversation...

    Maaike Broekhuizen

    I see now, I´m really sorry. 

    emile steenkamp

    @Maaike Broekhuizen no problem ;)

  11. Nadia-Minette Truter

    Haha dit is so flippen awesome!!!!! Gaan nou bietjie in Afrikaans sing... dit is die regte ding om te doen. Trots Afrikaans!!!

  12. multiBurnfire

    The fact that people think that there is an 'African' language is hilarious. There are 11 languages in South Africa alone; Dutch isn't one of them.

    Theo Buunermond

    Till '81 Dutch was one of the official languages (in papers, at school, etc.). They replaced it by Afrikaans which was more in use in common life.


    Afrikaans is a true language distinct from Dutch, it has Zulu vocabulary and its own orthography (My → Mij).

    Jack Core

    Erm. The word "Afrikaans" literally means "African" as in the context of language in Dutch. So yes there is a language called "African" which is in fact Afrikaans. Which is why a Dutch person coming to SA when speaking English to a South African will typically ask whether they speak "African". The same as in Afrikaans itself you would say "Spaans" or "Engels" or"Duits". Most Afrikaners themselves don't get that.

  13. Anlo de Beer

    Just so you guys know , Seether was formerly known as Saron Gas , Their a South African band that moved to America , Shaun Morgan was Shaun Welgemoed , but he changed his surname

    Hollow Bones Films

    Shaun was Shaun Morgan Welgemoed he just  removed the surname because no one could pronounce it.

    Will York

    Hollow Bones Films I've heard that another reason why he changed his last name is because his mother disowned him because of his views on religion

  14. Anlo de Beer

    Suid Afrikaans , Trots Afrikaans :) South African and Proudly so

  15. Soviet Ninja

    Because this is Afrikaans, a dialect of Dutch

  16. Soviet Ninja

    Yes the Dutch settled in parts of Africa. My great-great grandmother was a Nederlander living in S. Africa, but my Great-grandmother moved back to Holland. This is how I am part African xD

  17. Abgeorgneter

    I'm german and I understand nothing, except "komm" ^^


    It may be my English speaking, but I recognize quite a few German words...

  18. MrBuzzmeh

    this language is called "afrikaans" wich is actually old dutch, us people in the netherlanf used to speak like this and we had south africa as a colony. the people in south africa kept the old language and when the dutch left it was called aftikaans


    That's sort of the exact opposite of what happened. You know that, right?

  19. Jayson Le Roux

    Who lied to you dude?

  20. xXZachiiXx

    Same for me as a Flemish person, pretty funny to hear :p

  21. Steve

    Being Scottish, It's a very odd feeling when you understand a language from the otherside of the planet...
    Guessi should thank my south affrican girlfriend for that ^^
    SA rocks!!

  22. When Will You Learn?

    I was born and raised in South Africa. Afrikaans means, "To Africa" Afrika en ans. Jy weet?

    Александр Зайцев

    When Will You Learn? Does not afrikaans mean just african?

  23. guusbakker79

    Lol sounds like really bad dutch

  24. Osanne

    you are correct about the rest, though.

  25. Osanne

    *dutch. Deutsch is german for german... It's confusing, I know, but Dutch and Deutsch are two different languages.

  26. NoriMori

    But there is a language called "Afrikaans", which means "African" in Afrikaans and Dutch.

  27. When Will You Learn?

    There are hundreds of languages in Africa. Both white and black. There is no language called "African." Morons. And don't try arguing. I was born and raised in South Africa for 15 years.

  28. Lasagnia Da Florentia

    It sounds so similar because the Dutch colonized Cape Point and from there the whole country that is now known as south africa

  29. lukaj1n

    ¿? African is Suahilli or utu, not fucking dutch. What amonzul means is that in that part of africa they speak dutch, because the south was colonized by the dutch long ago, just like Congo from Belgium.. anyway, fuck all of ya ;)

  30. Amaes

    african is alot like dutch, but most german people probably wont understand alot of this

  31. aronnnng

    hahaha dit vind ik zo geniaal

  32. anneevanescence

    okay I'm Dutch and I can TOTALLY understand this *Love to be Dutch for once* it's just a really laid back song and I love it...

  33. Crash

    @amonzul1 yeah, the dutch(netherlands) had south africa as a colony, that's kinda why afrikaan is so similar to dutch ;p

  34. Tammy-Amber Smook

    love dit. nie geweet hulle het n song in afrikaans nie!.. maak hulle even meer my fave band!

  35. mujikluva

    it's their language afrikaans

  36. xfgher

    @Venddenta it's closer to Vlaams than it's to dutch in some ways :D
    but I can understand it when they speak slowly , especially when it's written

  37. PowderedHappines

    "The album's over, and we want a cold beer"


  38. Rick Tuinman

    Hahah dit is zo droog haha

  39. Fayetallity

    wrong. Afrikaans comes from Dutch (Netherlands) not Deutsch ( Germany)
    just saying

  40. spaminatorz

    Makes me proud to be Dutch.

  41. Wanda Vermeulen

    Im Afrikaans so I will translate:
    The heading says - Seether, Come with me
    but the song sucks. He says "Come with me we will leave life behind. We are so glad its the end of the record. Come with me we want to make everything better."

    Not a very good song!

  42. Mason Munts


  43. Eric Light

    can some one translate please

  44. Ghostlight

    Afrikaans lijkt alleen op Duits omdat Nederlands op Duits lijkt. Pfff.. Ken je geschiedenis, mensen. Afrikaans is Oud Nederlands. Als je terug kijkt naar oude VOC teksten, enzovoort, ziet het er praktisch hetzelfde uit / Afrikaans just seems like German because Dutch seems like it too. Know your history. Afrikaans is Old Dutch. If you look back at old ETC texts, et cetera, it practically looks the same.


  45. raymin singh

    Afrikaans is a combination of Dutch, German, French and English. It is spoken only in South africa - I should know cos i am South African - lekker bly almal.

  46. TheMetalCommando

    @dreekinkorin jawel de duitsers hadde ook kolonies in afrika, maar hebbe die na de 2de wereld oorlog afgestaan aan de belge. hoewel de nederlanders in zuid afrika zate en daar stamt t afrikaans van. just sayin'

  47. stappie45

    @amonzul1 NEDERLANDS I say you goodbye

  48. Alto Pretorius

    Afrikaaaaaaaaaans i:)))

  49. L2Add1ct

    yea its 100% based on dutch

  50. IboycaBeyonce Leeuw

    This has nothing to do withe German or is Afrikaans ....Dutch...the Netherlands
    I am not very proud of it.... but Afrikaans is Dutch

  51. Renzonio de Vries


    Sorry but there is so much told that we are german xD That kinda zkz cause I Hate the German Language.
    But ah wel ;D

  52. Renzonio de Vries

    Ur not so very smart?
    Its more Dutch(Netherlands) then Deutch(Germany) xD
    And i know cause im dutch ....

  53. Perry Smit

    @amonzul1 You are correct mate, i am a Dutch man myself and it sounds very strange to hear some of the texts they are singing.

  54. Josh Gerken

    i don't understand what he says, but i don't care; it's awesome

  55. Stamilian

    @ dogdog ( alot of 1`s) : it`s Afrikaans / dutch , just look it up. basicly cos in the early years a part of South africa was part of the dutch government. but look it up to get more info about it.

  56. Adam Morrison

    @mawacaca1 derived from dutch

  57. mawacaca1

    kinda cool language. almost dutch

  58. Hōtarō Oreki

    @amonzul1 yea there were colonies of belgium and idk bout the netherlands but probably them aswell in south africa

  59. Taylor Flannery

    Aaaaaaawesomw dudes waha ha ha ha ha

  60. Nicholas Twiggs

    ja i think everyone forgets that these guys are from south africa. They used to be callled Saron Gas.

    This is afrikaans. Its a decendent of the dutch colonists that came to South Sfrica like 400 years ago.

    I know coz im South African... of English heritage tho.

  61. Jeroen van Kuijk

    Lol I'm Dutch and I understand it xD

  62. axterminater

    o thanx

  63. safrika123

    Ah no is Afrikaans with an 's' at the end. there is no such thing as afrikaan.

  64. axterminater

    its Afrikaan

  65. rudz rob

    yeah its is one of the newest languages in the world...having it origin from dutch, french, english and the bantu languages of south africa, if you read up the histroy of south africa you will understand it more, hope that helps

  66. Seether2769

    Well shaun is South African so he singing Afrikaan language lol (y)

  67. Cyber A

    what about the translation :P sounds great!! but i don't get a word 0.0

    please seether2769 find the translation!

    ty for the vid.!