Seether - Don't Believe Lyrics

Your heart is carved in stone
And apathy flows in your veins
When flesh falls from the bone
You've taken all you can take (you can take x3)

Don't believe in anyone
'cause they'll feel you so much more
Deep inside the venom is burning

When stink fades into smell
The liquor has washed you away
When face cracks into smile
You've taken all you can take (you can take [X3])

Don't believe in anyone
'cause they'll feel you so much more
Deep inside the venom is burning

You can't take
I'll give in
You can't break
What's broken
Your mistake
I'll rest my body in the ground

Don't believe in anyone
'cause they'll feel you so much more
Deep inside the venom is burning
Don't believe in anyone
'cause the day that you were born
Can't deny the enemy's taken over

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Seether Don't Believe Comments
  1. ale Otero

    Love Seether

  2. Romulo Damasceno

    Grande música 😊

  3. shane

    Untouchable - Dan Green

  4. GamesFunMusic2018

    I don't believe you

  5. Sarah Beth

    Daddy Day Care, because daddy dropped the dumbbell down the drain....

    But yall all ignore Ricola cough drops

    I mean I think its kind of retarded they ignore rccola when its rccola and a moon pie... not just a moon pie. How lame would that be? A glorified Bang Bus.

    Sheesh. Amateurs.

  6. Sarah Beth

    I dont burn. Im flame retardant.

    Go look for the flamebait and youll find the charred remains from spontaneous combustion.

    Also known as simply bait. The bread crumbs is where youll find jumpers in the vicious cycle... like gamblers hosting pit fights. I beat up people like that though. Remember when Michael Vick got kicked off the Falcons for dog fighting? Some people never learn apparently.

    But you never hear spoon jokes now do ya?

    But they fork it over til they knife you in the back.

    Spitting knives holds no value here though little backstabbing bitches.

    Plus the serrated blade doesnt stab people in the back... oh and if we are gonna play chicken make sure mines extra crispy so when its burnt to a crisp its my family cause Im KFC. Its finger lickin good!

    Bahahhaa remember Crispin in Daddy Day Care that was like the sweetest kid ever?

    Cmon now you know Eddie Murphy was hilarious in the carrots and broccoli wrestling scene after the veggie cereal fiasco...

  7. Deletrix - Delia M

    My piano instrumental of Dont Believe:

  8. Matias Isaac

    Dan Green :)

  9. KZ1643 Rock

    Holy fuck still get goosebumps at the 3:00 damn son

  10. N3vermind


    Road To Doc By Roid Alex

    N3vermind bench press time!

  11. THE G.

    i need repeat button on android app!

    Joy Hagerty

    THE G. Me too LOL

  12. Jonathan Lauber

    The Hill Willie. Seether is a good band, but the best to ever live, not even in the discussion!

  13. renato caetano


  14. Matthew Raseri

    This song is very truthful, you can't believe in anyone or depend on anyone but yourself..... you are your own best friend.

    austin matt

    Matthew Raseri so is my hand

  15. toni roni

    dan green

  16. Napakowany indianiec tibijski

    Kto od Wk łapka w góre.

  17. RJM Brigade

    Not my favorite band but Sean has a way with lyrics. Best song by far!

    Deletrix - Delia M

    His name is Shaun

    Joy Hagerty

    Delia Marinescu Irish name ???

    eli thon

    Hell yeah, so does the lead singer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Ric Ocasek..... :(

  18. FlargahBlargh

    One of my favorite songs by Seether. Totes awesome!

  19. 666weasel

    ten months late I know, but what in your opinion is the heaviest riff if is this is the second? Seether are my favourite band, no offense intended or taken, whats heavier?

  20. clint lee

    I wpnt the doll

  21. Logan Medina

    ya but they r my (FAVORITE!!!!) band

  22. esi2255

    Woahohoh wouldn't go that far but I will agree that they are good.

  23. cr1tt3r17

    I just realized something! In the rectangle on the album cover where it says "finding beauty in negative spaces" in the background it has the chinese character for beauty! That's so cool! My Chinese teacher is so seeing this

  24. kornfreak1000

    0 dislikes the way it should be

  25. TheHillwillie

    thumbs up if seether is only the best band to ever fuckin live

  26. upcastmarcus96

    Seether FTW!!!!!

  27. Só gozo se for dentro

    Seether é foda..

    Carlos Eduardo

    Mateus de Brito Até q enfim um br

  28. marvin chanu


  29. Roffe192

    Crap quality >.<

    Joy Hagerty

    Roffe192 How so?????