Seekers, The - When A Child Is Born Lyrics

The ray of hope flickers in the sky
A tiny star lights up way up high
All across the land dawns a brand new morn'
This comes to pass when a child is born

A silent wish sails the seven seas
The winds of change whisper in the trees
And the walls of doubt crumble tossed and torn
This comes to pass when a child is born

A rosy hue settles all around
You've got the feel you're on solid ground
For a spell or two no one seems forlorn
This comes to pass when a child is born

It's all a dream and illusion now
It must come true sometime soon somehow
All across the land dawns a brand new morn'
This comes to pass when a child is born

All across the land dawns a brand new morn'
This comes to pass when a child is born
This comes to pass when a child is born

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Seekers, The When A Child Is Born Comments
  1. Allan Nickerson

    Such a great group with so much talent !!!!

  2. Jannen Music

    Always loved the group and Judith <3 Great song.....

  3. Michael Rapson

    Could be about the birth of Oberon, king of fairies.

  4. Walter Kingstone

    Anyone know what year this recording is from?

  5. stephen richards

    Both versions are brilliant but different. I love them both.

  6. Sue Margaret

    I just love Judith’s voice, but this is beyond exquisite, so beautiful

  7. Alison Harper

    Amen amazing song and great group praise God for that

  8. Alexander Winton

    Never tire of listening to The Seekers.Fantastic.

  9. David Miklos

    Heard this for the first time shortly after my grandson was born. It is more than a Christmas song to me. Such a great folk group.

  10. bengemeister

    My high school lit teacher talked about trancendental experiences. This is close if not one-thanks, Judith!

  11. Meechang Tuie

    The seekers are fabulous and awesome

  12. Thomas Mulroney

    I have never heard this and love it. So beautiful. We need this more than ever now.

  13. Meechang Tuie

    Thanks for the songs and video. The seekers are fabulous

  14. fernand reniers

    this is wonderful. fantastic

  15. ANAND R Thomas


  16. kevin heming

    How good is this? Best version ever, I think.

  17. Fiona Johnston

    I wouldn't normally listen to what is technically a Christmas song at this time of year but I couldn't resist listening to how you treated this beautiful song and as always, you did not disappoint, and yes, as always, you brought tears to the eyes. Your Queen's honour is richly deserved, keep going from strength to strength, I will now be looking out for a CD for my birthday in October.

  18. sharper110

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    WE ARE HERE TAKING A TEST. ARE YOU PASSING ? We are here taking a test given free will to make choices and decisions you are in the middle of a spiritual warfare between God / Jesus and Satan and his evil agencies. Both have access to you. The condition of your heart as described in the parable of the sower in Luke 8th chapter will determine who you want to identify with and therefore determine your eternal destiny
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    Any humble penitent heart can get God / Jesus's attention to be saved.

    kevin heming

    Good grief. What a deluded, brainwashed idiot you are. Keep your religious views to yourself. How can anyone waste their time writing such a long message about their beliefs? This is a Seekers video not a religious pilgrimage. Go away....

  19. Dave Koopmans

    Judith is an angel.

  20. Nick Goddin

    I love the Seekers. Judith Durham has a wonderful voice. They are a great band. Wonderful.

  21. Richard Barr

    The greatest of many good groups from the sixties. Talent by the ooddles. Sincerity by the barrow load free from sleaze by the width of Australia. As an Englishman I am proud to say, they are the best of all time.

  22. BHALT0S

    pity it's all just a lie, no one is coming to save this cess pit of a world.

  23. Kaye Davis

    Another example of Judith and the boys taking a song and making it their very own. This is by far the best version I've ever heard. Thanks for posting.

  24. jozsef nagy

    The Seekers are the best folk band in the world.

    Pui Hung Au


  25. Caitlyn Benson

    This gives me goosebumps, she has such a beautiful voice!!

    kimmy 36d

    The voice of my childhood. i'll miss Judith when she's gone.

    Arlys Veen

    oh, don't say gone, she and I are the same age with the same lung disorder, only I can't sing! I never heard this song until last month.

  26. spectrumlocalb191

    how is Judith does anyone know.


    SEP 7, 2016

  27. spectrumlocalb191

    Thats your opionion.Johnny was and still is a great singer.But we hear Johnny sing this all the time but hearing The Seekers sing it , its all new.Delightfully different.

  28. John Bartlett

    Just wonderful. John Bartlett

  29. grimTales1

    Beautiful! Judith's voice is so warm and soothing, envoloping you like a blanket

    Andy Sayers

    grimTales1 can only applaud your words, Judith has that extra something that other artists just don't have ! ! !

  30. Auton Diwa

    Most inspiring angelic voice .

  31. Richard Tavener

    What a glorious and moving melody sung by the very best of groups.  It knocks spots off other renderings!!

  32. Dominic Seeders

    What an angelic voice...sooo soothing to the soul...

  33. John William Langston

    I can just drift away when i hear Judiths voice...

  34. Marianne Fraser

    Just beautiful!!

  35. Ardent Fan

    The Seekers are the best folk band in the world.

  36. wolstenholme100

    Seekers' 50th anniversary concert:

  37. nice Amigo

    lovely just lovely.

  38. oriano carmonini

    Questa canzone quando l'ascolto mi fa sognare e ricordare i momenti più belli passati in famiglia.

  39. Armin Kwan

    Wonderful vocal and music!

  40. James Kerr

    Beautiful version.

  41. David Skees

    What a blessing this group has been and continues to be!

  42. adje petatje

    Mooiste kerstnummer door de beste groep.

  43. apavlic1

    Thanks for posting. I've not heard this song before and it's just beautiful!

  44. Scott Denny

    Not to many people could surpass Johnny Mathis on this song but Judith Durham and The Seekers went far above what anyone including Johnny Mathis could have done with this song.Magnificant.......The Seekers have never lost that vocal quality.

    Ricky Tan much as I love Judith and Seekers, Johnny Mathis version is beyond compared.

    Ron Haugen

    Ricky Tan - I agree with you; Johnny Mathis and Gladys Knight version is the best I've ever heard.

    Sandy Harlow

    Ohhh I love this...Scott, you are so right!! Judith just has that beautiful quality with a passion for this song that no one else has. I just love this!! This with MEAV'S "What Child Is This" is my favorite of all songs. Thank you Dreamslive.

    David Baxter

    i agree whole heartedly, try listening to Demis Roussos singing this song :)

  45. granitestater1029

    Just exquisite. This recording NEEDS to be re-exposed to the world.

  46. Connie Washburn

    love this version...also Johhn Mathis's version...Kenny Roger also had a version.

  47. Saskia Cornell

    beautiful - love The Seekers

  48. Craig Heiland

    A Christmas song that deserves far more attention.

  49. Alberto Romero

    What a wonderful version, Judith sings like an angel!

  50. Orn 1111

    อรบังเอิญเข้ามาเจอน่ะค่ะ ก็เลยลองฟังดู
    ที่ผ่านมาเคยฟังแต่ของ Johnny Mathis นะคะ

  51. rakpandin

    เสียงน่าประทับใจเป็นอย่างมาก เวอร์ชั่นนี้เปิดในประเทศไทยน้อยมาก แต่เพราะมากครับ เพราะจริงๆ...

  52. Evaristo Giovannetti Netto

    Whem I listening THE SEEKERS, a child is born im my heart. Beautiful song, beutiful voices!!!

  53. lena santosa

    pretty song
    Merry Christmas from Indonesia!

  54. M Cooper

    there's a lot of crap on you tube ... this is definately NOT in that category. A song to be played year round as a reminder of what life is all about.

  55. krychu07

    /watch?v=0fGuaIMXeEk cover poland Bayer Full - "Blondyneczka"

  56. loosewheels1000

    You sure ain't going to see Lady gaga singing Christmas songs in 2050, there again will anyone remember her !!!

  57. slaynt

    Just think of a song and the probability is that the seekers sang it. Better than anyone else. Amazing repertoire.

  58. Raymond LaBay

    In the purple haze of a Christmas twilight time The golden rays of a star shone brighter than any other in the sky ,a promise from above that he loves us he really loves us.Take care ADonovan43. Merry Christmas.

  59. Lindsay Evans

    Here's real talent for ya.....not like today's Britney Spears crap.


    Britney who?

  60. Pedy1968

    Wonderful Christmas song ~ thank you so much!

  61. dakdan549

    The Aussies say that the Seekers are a national treasure---I agree in part---they are a world treasure that, by the grace of God, you down under have been gracious enough to share with the rest of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  62. John Schlobohm

    Kenny Rogers also has a version of this song. Also very well done.

  63. Ed Murray

    Wonderful Judith!
    No one like her...just beautiful.

    javalin joseph

    I have no words to express my gratitude to the great singer. Great singing remembered for ever......