Seekers, The - The Times They Are A'Changin' Lyrics

Come gather 'round, people, wherever you roam,
And admit that the waters around you have grown,
And accept it that soon you'll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you is worth savin',
Then you better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone,
For the times, they are a-changin'.
Come, writers and critics, who prophecy with your pen,
And keep your eyes wide; the chance won't come again.
And don't speak too soon, for the wheel's still in spin,
And there's no tellin' who that it's namin',
For the loser now will be later to win,
For the times, they are a-changin'.

Come, senators, congressmen, please heed the call;
Don't stand in the doorway; don't block up the hall,
For he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled.
There's a battle outside, and it's ragin';
It'll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls,
For the times, they are a-changin'.

Come, mothers and fathers throughout the land,
And don't criticize what you can't understand;
Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command.
Your old road is rapidly agin';
Please get out of the new one if you can't lend your hand,
For the times, they are a-changin'.

The line, it is drawn; the curse, it is cast;
The slow one now will later be fast,
As the present now will later be past.
The order is rapidly fadin',
And the first one now will later be last,
For the times, they are a-changin'.

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Seekers, The The Times They Are A'Changin' Comments
  1. Stephanie Barr

    The Seekers outed class. It never left them through out their diamond crusted careers.

  2. Mohamed Khaidir Mohamed Zaraai

    The Crown Season 3 brought me here.

  3. Baz Howell

    In my opinion this is THE best version of this song, by a country mile ..... absolutely brilliant, great harmonies.

  4. abc xyz

    First time i hear their singing individually

  5. Richard Alan Savage

    I always tear up when I hear this happy memories of being loved and happy with my parents why does time have to go so quickly? 😔 x

  6. Mechanical Music & Vintage

    Which compilation did have the stereo recording version of this, was it the Silver Jubilee?


    'A Carnival Of Hits' (1994)

    Mechanical Music & Vintage

    @rich963 Thanks!

  7. altareggo

    This group is the epitomy of CLASS!!

  8. john king

    This is probably my favourite Bob Dylan tune which served as a heart felt anthem for many in my generation. We were a bit naive but filled with hope and expectation while knowing full well that the world could obliterate itself in an instant with the push of a few buttons. The Seekers, in their brilliant fashion, give full voice to this beautiful song, but it was Dylan who delivered the message.

  9. Dirk Huesken

    Thanks Rich

  10. Mathieu van Leeuwen

    The first SJW's

  11. michael evans

    She is an angel

  12. Gene Waldo

    I love them.

  13. Meechang Tuie

    Thanks rich for the songs

  14. Kevin Garris

    Harmonics zipped up perfectly.

  15. B1900pilot

    She's adorable:-)

  16. Brian Crane

    Bob Dylan's anti-Vietnam song they sing it better than he did. [Wonder if the boys did any dodging? But, was a STUPID war wasn't it?]

  17. Earle Frost

    I ADORE the Seekers, and their version of this hopeful (but sadly mistaken.... the world is increasingly run by angry old men who want to return to the 1940s) song is beyond delightful!! That said, i prefer the original mono sound: this "enhanced stero sound" makes it seem they are singing ing in a stairwell or echo chamber...produces a VERY odd sound sensation that detracts from their artistry.

  18. Jon Gowan

    The times are changing and they are changing fast like the singers say ,swim are drean

  19. Harriet Swann

    Unpopular opinion, but I don't like Bob Dylan that much, I always preferred this version :)

  20. Bob Nomura

    This is great ! The voices - clear, harmonious and has that "magic" that draws my attention. Unlike some current pop groups that have 3 or more voices singing the same melody... The message seems to apply to any decade. Strangely, getting people's message to the government and other people is via Twitter now, not music... sign of the times ?


    Love this cover of a classic. In fact, better than Dylan himself. He's a great musician, but not a good voice. On the other hand, the Fab Four of the Seekers have excellent voices, and superb harmonies.

  22. grimTales1

    The Seekers sing this song so well - no doubt, but wasn't this one of the original protest songs of the 60's so maybe it sounds different to hear The Seekers do it

  23. Bill Stonesmith

    Thanks rich963 ! This is awesome!

  24. Grubby Bumper

    Its such a difficult job to cover a classic, but, along with California Dreaming, they have managed it.

  25. harry livesey

    the times are a-changin..judith you never change such a beautiful voice

  26. Waluesga Valuesga

    Belíssima cover de uns dos muitos clássicos do Nobel Bob Dylan.

  27. TMB247

    These guys are (insert something really fantastic and witty here)

  28. Thomas Kallmyr

    The Seekers,Judith Durham,and these Muscician-Better than Best-Kindly Thomas

  29. Vicente Sedas

    So very beautiful music!! Thanks a lot for sharing!!

  30. Emoh Ruo

    Wow David Jones is still there

  31. Willi Wacker

    I always loved that song by Bob Dylan, but since I know the version of The Seekers, I can’t listen the version of Bob Dylan any more. How young they were!!! (How young was I.)

  32. worldlee seven

    Great group of the sixties. They didn't happen by accident or fad. World class female lead singer ,excellent male lead singer and great backup vocalists. Plus ,they are all great musicians.

  33. Bhu-Mandala Universe

    Listen carefully to the words and this was written in 1964

  34. Debankur Mukherjee

    golden one at present can sing like them...............

  35. Charla Dahlia

    Muito bom esse conjunto as vozes e suas melodias somadas a expressao no rosto dele as vestes o lugar onde ele estao ficou muito bom realmente os tempos estao mudando

  36. Dance to the Music

    It is OK to sing that then, but things are not better now or then, just very different.

  37. Snivelin J

    A great harmonious group, but they really didn't understand "folk music" and failed to impress when they delved into the folk music realm.

  38. Bhu-Mandala Universe

    ''Don't criticize what you cannot understand'' - From the song ''The Times they are a changin''

    1960s history was amazing that modern day historians are still trying to figure out and I lived through it all.

    The most conservative Australian group in 1967 sings a song that changed world.

    It was written by the young 19 year old Bob Dylan in 1963 whose music greatly influenced the 1960s youth along with LSD and the Beatles.

    It created an intense search for Truth and answers among many in the younger generation of the 60s.

    One year later in 1965 Srila Prabhupada arrived in America with his wonderful message of Lord Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu. It was almost as if Krishna planned it this way, truly amazing history that historians are still trying to figure out.

  39. Terry Chapman

    Just love the Seekers.

  40. James Hardie

    I always did love them and still do

  41. David Keeling

    best there as ever been no one will or can take there place

  42. juan monge

    There are probably five "Starbucks" around that plaza today.

  43. MrCJK84

    Great harmonies - I like that, for a change, Judith sings only harmony.

  44. jai fletcher

    Love it

  45. Langdon

    Wow what an amazing part of history.

    Those three guys look like dangerous giants next to her.

  46. Complex Little Pirate

    That spoken intro is adorable.

  47. Richard Gallerani

    nice version but I'm still partial to Bob Dylan's.

  48. drh kleinert

    Who really can dislike this...

  49. george custer

    Love the 12 string guitar work - Wonder why they fell out of favor? Nobody plays them anymore

    john king

    Yes indeed, they're absolutely brilliant and they spend lots of time on my turntable.

  50. george custer

    Sure brings back memories of 1967 - We Really thought we were going to change the world, didn't we? Nothing really changed, though. Maybe the chance will come again but I won't be around to see it

  51. bboucharde

    Australia in 1967 = as nice as a country ever could be........ Wish I had a time machine........

    David Kilbridge

    bboucharde Except nonwhites weren’t allowed to immigrate until a few years later

    S M

    @David Kilbridge Shhh. We don't talk about our apartheid that was arguably worse than South Africa's.

  52. Myera Mailman

    were did the world go???

    Johan Combrinck

    To hell in a handcart ...? Who knows ?

  53. TheColdWish

    "Beyond your command"...goood..remember this

  54. H Zilla

    How beautiful Judith sounds, even when not in her usual lead singer role! Radiant and effortless. I've heard another "subtle" accompaniment by Grace Slick in Jefferson Airplane's song DCBA 25. Very "subtle", but their voices somehow just supercharge the song.

  55. Harry Knowlman

    Rich, your work is brilliant, thank you for playing such an important part in making this amazing work available to new generations!


    You're welcome and thanks for your comments :-)

  56. Tim Lodle

    Very nice version of this Dylan classic!! Fantastic vocals and harmonies. Judith just looks adorably cute!! (As always). Tim from Texas.

  57. Jose Roberto Gomes

    músicas suave para quem tem bom gosto.

  58. REZNIK

    this is shit

  59. jaygensn1

    How much have times really changed?  They still stand in the doorways and block up the hall by not doing anything.  Harmony is top notch with them.  They were a fantastic quartet like Simon and Garfunkel were perhaps the best duo and Peter Paul and Mary were the best trio for harmonies.

  60. Tonetwisters

    Very nice separation.

  61. KyranI an Geraghty

    What wonderful harmonies!!

  62. The Archbishop of Canterbury

    Canberra in the 1960s! Watching all those Holden station wagons flashing by! That blue one could have been my dad's! I was six years old when they made this video, living not far from where they filmed it. That area (called Civic) was brand new then, now it's a bit tatty and seedy.

  63. Jimmy Louie

    The Seekers look nice all dressed-up. Judith looks exceptional with her outfit and the rare occasion that she wears a hat, looks sharp. Group did a great job singing their vocal.

    pjimmbo jimmbo

    Never trust or respect anyone in Suit

    yuri Lemming

    Jimmy Louie j

  64. Bill Bright

    The lovely Miss Durham,
    always a joy to see.
    While the times change, my love for her will not.

    Bill Bright

    How she carries her self and so sweet in demeanor, had I been there, I'd've asked for her hand in marriage .

  65. Roselaine Aleus

    JUST BEAUTIFUL. Listen yo the lirics

  66. June Kvamme

    They so don't look like the song's words!


    @June Kvamme I was thinking the exact same thing.

  67. Texaschainsaw

    Love The Seekers protest folk material.

  68. CJ Tulos Mbili

    " Come mothers and fathers thru out the land DONT criticize what you dont understand- Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command!" Great powerful words. I love it even though Im a parent.

    Bob Campbell

    +CJ Tulos Mbili With all due respect to the Seekers, their version is good but the words have much more power and meaning when sung by Bob Dylan


    +Bob Campbell Yes, but with the perfection of Judith voice, the beautiful harmonies, and the cred of the being one of the pillars of folk music, it's pretty close.


    Bob Campbell agreed. however Bob can't sing this anywhere near as cleanly

  69. Bill Bright

    Canberra Australia on the card with this one,
    and the always lovely Judith Durham accompanied by her fellow
    Off into the Ethos.

  70. Jason Carpp

    Awesome version of The Times They Are a-Changin. I never thought that an Aussie group would be aware of an American folk classic. :)

    John Peel

    +Jason Carpp My generation ( just a few years short of The Seekers) were taught American geography and history, and we had exposure to much of the good things of American entertainment: and some of the worst. You will notice that The Seekers ALL spoke good English and had great diction, despite their "stralian accents.

    Jason Carpp

    +John Peel I agree. :)


    +Jason Carpp  lol that was most of their repertoire!!  They did it SOOOO well, however!  Their accent also, is charming - just Aussie enough, but very articulated and proper: perfection in all aspects!!

  71. P S

    What the hell happened to Western civilization? We used to produce this, and now we are like an old invalid who just realized they have been shitting on themselves for years.
    The line it is drawn, the curse it is cast.



    Ida Smith

    [Nephew of Ida] Because it is political correct to play stone age noises nowadays.


    socialists have dictated their belifiefs onto all people and wanted to break down civilized behaviour in a deliberate effort based on homosexuality and feminism.

    Alexandro Meza

    Reactionary drivel like this is the exact opposite of what the lyricists of the 60's advocated.


    P S - not true at all. The invalid remains completely unaware of his/her predicament

  72. Billy Angus

    Superb cover of Bob Dylan's first folk-pop hit.

  73. kenneth53

    Judith always looked and looks good.  She dresses like a lady and not like the sluts of today.  You never see any women wearing white gloves and she looks so adorable in that hat.  The harmony of this group has never been matched. 

    Johan Combrinck

    @kenneth53 I have to agree with most of your statement, but as far as harmonizing goes, the group Steeleye Span does a great job on that . But then Steeleye Span is a group that is not much younger than The Seekers. Roughly i think about 10 to 12 years younger, but also the producers of very nice music.

  74. arkady714

    Ha!  He pulls out a guide pamphlet made of paper instead of googling!  

    Tim Baker

    @arkady714 Sir, I don't think that Google existed then......

    dave mellet

    @arkady714 computers were not in private use then

    drh kleinert

    Tja, the times are changing...

  75. Dennis Cambly

    something wonderful is happening ...the Republic is dead

    lemurian chick

    Meth is a hella drug... :(

  76. Hannu Kilpelainen

    I think this totally miss the power, hearth and call to battle these things what Bob Dylan's lyric and song absolutely wanted. Seekers is very good band enough to sing this kind of music too, but much better in australian folk music and - sorry - singing more simple music. The voices and harmony are top level.

  77. Charles Mclean

    Great to hear great music again

  78. softclay4thought

    Some of the first years of the Johnny Carson Show were deliberately recorded over and lost forever due to a bad decision by a mid-level executive.
    Things do get lost or deliberately thrown out when things get shuffled around and storage rooms get tidied up.

  79. softclay4thought

    The creative compositional juices of all four members of The Seekers will not cease to flow until they each draw their last breaths.
    God bless them all and I fully expect them to rest up after the end of their tour and once again find themselves in the recording studio when the time is right. 

  80. softclay4thought

    The wheels of creativity are still spinning for this group.
    No more touring, but they certainly can shift gears downward, take a breather, and sustain newer songs of similar simple yet profound beauty like this one.


    Mellow yet vibrant and profound musical creations can still abound in the recording studio.
    Modern technology allows for the members of The Seekers to resume their space, distance, and privacy while remaining in touch and periodically sharing musical ideas and crafting a final product in the studio when the time is right.

  81. softclay4thought

    In a way, Judith's uncertainties about her own attractiveness became a form of insurance that she would not get romantically involved and married thus causing the group to lose an important member like it did that way once before.

  82. softclay4thought

    Please try to get the film of The Seekers receiving the NME award in England for Best New Group of 1965.
    It is priceless!

  83. softclay4thought

    I just love the uncongested and open downtown look of the mid-60's although you can see the beginnings of a building going up in the background.
    Won't look the same at all today.
    I so much appreciate the decision to film this group in so many settings, but still lament their decision to decline to perform Georgie Girl before all of Hollywood and over 22 million television viewers on the 39th Annual Academy Awards on April 10, 1967.
    Perhaps they had previous commitments, but it would have been worth the effort to reschedule those conflicting commitments in order to appear on the Academy Awards program.
    Oh well.

    Emoh Ruo

    There are actually more trees there now

  84. softclay4thought

    I guess the heavy drug use by recording artists in the U.S. may have been one of the reasons why The Seekers didn't spend much time here.
    There was a lot of drug use in England too though.
    I just wish more songwriters would have seen The Seekers as an ideal group to write songs for.
    I would have liked to see more songs like Someday One Day by Paul Simon written for them by American and Canadian songwriters.
    This can still happen though.
    Keep the creative juices flowing in the studio back in Australia while keeping the lines of communication open with the artistic community at large in the English speaking world.

  85. Adrian Larkins

    Only The Seekers could produce such fabulous harmony. Love em and Judith - she has the voice of an angel.

    Paul Karpowich

    That is because she is an angel.

  86. tahdrah55

    Judith Durham has the sweetest voice!

  87. Flcraker1

    This version of Dylan's song is better than his orginal in my personal opinion.

  88. Caterina Lorenzi Ciman

    IslandMagik - awesome isn't it?

  89. TheMarrification

    One of the most poignant and clear rendition of this song that's clear enough to seriously drive the message home

  90. IslandMagik

    One, um make that . . . . Four of a kind !! Brilliant harmonies and voices, thanks for sharing. And CATERINA . . " a billion times more " . . agreed !!! :)

  91. Caterina Lorenzi Ciman

    I can listen to these harmonies a billion times and more and never tire....what beautiful voice combinations! ((XXXX))

  92. joe radioman

    Wow very nice