Seekers, The - Plaisir D'amour Lyrics

The joy of love is but a moment long
The pain of love endures a whole life long

Your eyes kissed mine
I saw the love in them shine
You brought me heaven right then
When your eyes kissed mine

My love loves me
And all the wonders I see
A rainbow shines in my window
My love loves me

But now he's gone like a dream
That fades into dawn
But the words stay locked in my heartstrings
My love loves me

The joy love love is but a moment long
The pain of love endures a whole life long

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Seekers, The Plaisir D'amour Comments
  1. Roy Preston

    What can you say absolutely beautifully sung by the best

  2. Michael Kenny

    Marianne Faithful's version

  3. chock nog

    They've Still 'Got It'...

  4. nudnikjeff

    Idk if the English lyrics correspond to the French, but this is so hauntingly beautiful. Judith, you ROCK!

  5. nudnikjeff

    I love this song. When I heard Judith sing it I could have just floated up on a cloud. Best version I've heard! Love ya, Judith.

  6. Retired Stitcher

    I love this song featured in The Heiress with Olivia de Haviland

  7. Stephanie Barr

    One of The Seekers best recordings. Love it. And the whole group too. And you mate for helping to keep this group on air now they’ve retired. Thanks.

  8. Steve Harrison

    Looks like four people on here have never known love!!!

  9. Gerardo Filho

    Essa toca no fundo da Alma...

  10. Roberts Horner

    If I have the dates correct, her own husband died within a year of this. At times I think her voice and thoughts were of him

  11. Richard Barr

    Pure class act. Never to be repeated I am afraid.

  12. salvador fernandez

    De todas las versiones de Plaisir D'amour, la de la Sra. Durham es la mejor, voz exquisita, trasmite la emocion y ademas ella hermosa, gracias por el video.

  13. Jiri Zeiner

    Krasne zazpivano. Velka cest a ucta k Judith Durham

  14. David parkin

    Simply the best......enough said!

  15. Dan Esteviz

    I've heard the Mary Hopkins and Joan Baez versions although very nice but, pale in comparison to Lady Durham


    Dan Esteviz Your comment brings a question to my mind, and that is why haven’t The Seekers been Knighted? Lady Durham sounds so appropriate, as does Sir Guy, Sir Potger and Sir Woodley. The Australians should have petitioned for this after their momentous 25th reunion, and even more today before we lose them!

    dan esteviz

    @Fohpono good question, being from America I dont know how those things work, I do know In Judith's biography that back in the 60s the Queen Mother considered the Seekers one of her favorite groups


    Mireille Mathieu et Nana Mouskouri aussi.

  16. Ankle Donna

    There have been many excellent singers present excellent performances of this lovely song, but Judith Durham brings something to the song that no one else does.

    The timbre of her voice, the accompaniment of the guys, the pacing ... all give Judith's performance an ethereal quality that can be neither equalled nor surpassed by others.

  17. Kevin Mcmurray

    Hopefully I will remember to pick my wife up from work today; if I continue to watch these generously gifted videos of Judith (and The Seekers) I might be divorced before my 36th anniversary Tuesday. Thanks for the uploads

  18. kevin woolnough

    Elvis sang it as Cant help falling in love..


    Yeah quite the rip

  19. DENEB609

    tres belle interprétation...j'aime beaucoup

  20. anty66

    The pain does stay a lifetime, unfortunately for me.

  21. shanthi jayakody

    mmmm how nice......thanks

  22. John Battles

    After listening to this heavenly angel, Ms. Durham, with her equally heavenly, ethereal voice, I've been sitting here trying to imagine this coming from the putrid mouths of Slimey Cyrus and Un-Lady GAG-a. And in trying to imagine such an atrocity, I believe I just had a brain aneurysm! Judith, thank you for gracing this world with your grace, beauty, sweetness, feminine charm, and extraordinary voice!

  23. Raphael Ho

    truly amazing performance

  24. Dale Bryant

    The song was used as a basic theme in the award-winning movie "The Heiress", with Montgomery Clift and Olivia deHavilland.


    After reading your comment I watched "The Heiress". Good movie. Plaisir d'amour was the romantic theme, played several times, and was actually sung by Monty Clift! Just a few bars.
    Thank you for the tip!

  25. Scott Outdoors

    beautiful, just sit back, close your eyes and listen ......

  26. Derek Stallwood

    Lisa Hinton you are 100%, the inspiration for that love song comes from this timeless piece

  27. Ronald C. Uehara

    Sad love song. The pleasures of love last but for a moment. I like French love songs.

    Kevin Mcmurray

    For much the same reason i love Mireille Mathieu. I don't have time to drag out a translation dictionary; but, then, beauty of voice and lady precludes any need for anything but appreciative ears and eyes

  28. Pontius Pilot

    The lyrics are to the earliest I have found done by Joan Baez in 1965. I realize that the original French has very little in common with the English. What is apparent is the sense that a heartfelt true love never dies no matter how the relationship ends. At a couple of months short of 65 I can attest to that in the pain I have from a memory of my 17th yr. Her name was Irene and we had an afternoon to get to know each other while watching her young cousin. I've never seen her since and yet :(

  29. Mark Kaufman

    I've tried to remember the name of this song that I first hear 42 years ago. How wonderful to just now re-discover it. I need to finally learn French...

  30. 19Edurne

    What the hell are those lyrics? The chorus is the only part correctly translated.

  31. Jason Dessing

    Gasp! I forgot to breathe while listening to Ms. Durham.
    Her rendition of Plaisir d"Amour is nothing less than divine!

  32. craps3344

    One of the most beautiful recording!!! Extremely outstanding!

  33. aces high

    judith durham that was

  34. David Phillips

    God Bless, The Seeker's, That's Real Singing & Voice's - Truly A Blessing ! God Bless !

  35. dalinean

    jaw dropper!