Seekers, The - Morningtown Ride Lyrics

Train whistle blowing makes a sleepy noise
Underneath their blankets go all the girls and boys

Rocking rolling riding out along the bay
All bound for Morningtown many miles away

Driver at the engine fireman rings the bell
Sand man swings the lantern to show that all is well

Rocking rolling riding out along the bay
All bound for Morningtown many miles away

Maybe it is raining where our train will ride;
All the little travellers are warm and snug inside

Rocking rolling riding out along the bay
All bound for Morningtown many miles away

Somewhere there is sunshine somewhere there is day

Somewhere there is Morningtown many miles away

Rocking rolling riding out along the bay
All bound for Morningtown many miles away
All bound for Morningtown many miles away

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Seekers, The Morningtown Ride Comments
  1. charlie brown

    junior choice with ed stewart on a saturday

  2. Richard Tattersall

    Judith Durham has such a lovely soft voice and the others harmonize well ,lovely song

  3. MrRockabilly70

    I started primary school as a prep in 1975 and this is one of the first songs I learnt. Our teacher would get us all to link arms as we sat down on the floor and sway from side to side while she played the acoustic and we'd sing the roof off that old portable. Lol. I must've visited Puffing Billy about three times in the seven years I was at school. We went on so many excursions it was great. Good, innocent times to be growing up as a kid back then. Thank you for the clip and bringing back the memories.

  4. George Moylan

    Ahh!! The memories!! Classic Seekers.

  5. Stephanie Spragg

    My mum used to sing this to my brother and me as babies and now we sing it to my stepson

  6. Rich Weatherly

    Wow, I'm blown away once again. Such clarity, close harmonies and acoustical backup. Each time I hear them, I'm reminded of that wonderful first opportunity to hear them on my portable Sony radio off the southeast coast of Australia en route to Sydeny in February 1965.

  7. yes promises

    Personally without a single doubt, Judith is really a gifted singer. She sang it so effortlessly, smoothly and naturally even at high notes without any advanced digital effects to make it “sound good”. No gimmick at all! Just pure and clear and good. Her voice is very soothing to my ears. Wow, bravo, what a amazing voice! I am speechless when she control the song(s) so well. What a gifted singer! Really impressed! Last but not least, also not forgetting all these gifted guitarists, musicians and producer who supporting her background. Cheers to Australia from Singapore. May God the Father in heaven in the name of Lord Jesus blesses her and the guitarists forever and ever. Amen!

  8. Gav Hastings

    I remember doing a school class concert in '73 in Brissy and this was one of the songs we butchered LOL.

  9. Janice Joshua

  10. Eric Of England

    I remember this as a toddler,beautiful song

  11. ElleOfTheNight

    My mum used to sing this to me as a child as a lullaby.

  12. Montana

    Judith Durham has the voice of an Angel

  13. Sándor Reményi

    Oh my Good...An Angel in white dress :-) And this voice. Amazing.

  14. Colin m

    I remember we sang this as school kids years ago, momories!

  15. Bubbly Bubbles

    Remembering stewpot week ends top hit in UK thanks to him

  16. David Harris

    Actually an American song. written by an American in America. However, no one could ever sing it better than the beautiful Judith. The best voice of the 60's Barbara Streisand....pew.....not even in the same league with Judith.

  17. eliana thompson

    You never hear anything like it these days. So beautiful!

    Rise And Shine

    Very true. Today's garbage deserves a place in the dust bins.

    T roy footlong

    just be thankful

  18. Tony Barfridge

    Yes this clip is beeautiful but i do like the original also which has old charm

  19. Tony Barfridge

    Unfortunately the nature of a clip like this doesn't allow for a live version, and that house, yes the whole family could live there. The Seekers had a good body of work but how much more if Judy hadn't left. The New Seekers had a few nice hits however. Their reunions of course didn't bring any new material either.

  20. John hamilton

    I feel privileged to have lived in this world at the same time as Judith Durham

  21. Paul Gahan

    I grew up with this as a child living in Gorey,Co.,Wexford,Ireland...

  22. Hayden Hendrie

    My grandma would sing me this song, when I was young, as her mother sung to her. It's great to finally find a recording of thus lovely song - we had no idea where the song was from, or who had sung it first. I'm so grateful my grandma is still alive and singing this song to my younger cousins now.

  23. Devin’s Movie Corner

    The Wiggles brought me here.

  24. Arthur Blundell

    loved this in the 60s but never gets played today and itis still so lovely

  25. david chamberlain


  26. Brian kent

    there's quality

  27. Rico T

    This is just a beautiful song, one of the best ballads not to get to number 1. This was No.2 in December 1966 and January 1967, the UK's Christmas No.2 of 1966 was the 76th best selling single of 1966 in the UK. Judith Durham sang this Malvina Reynolds song brilliantly.

  28. D&L Butler

    Timeless classic ...wish I was as talented

  29. Stephanie Hill

    I cry because this was my nana's favourite song but she past away 😭

  30. Frederick Kwek

    Her voice is just amazing 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  31. StevieJ D

    I was doing well until I heard this song and my eyes welled up, tears rolling down my cheeks. I’ve certainly lost my way in this life.


    StevieJ D Imagine you are clinging to a rock in the middle of the river... and let go. Good luck!

  32. Michael Lamere

    My mother used to sing this to me when I was a kid and I couldn’t sleep. I loved trains lol

  33. Ian Martin

    Judith Durham and Karen Carpenter are the best female singers ever

  34. Gustav Butzek

    Was für eine schöne Stimme! Was für eine schöne Zeit! I want back in this Time!

  35. Mark Williams

    Was this like the Lady Gaga of the 1970's, they sure were wild back in those days. Just look at the outrageous attire, I mean they didn't leave anything to the imagination. Talk about baring it all and completely selling yourself, body and soul :-(


    No, they were considered very 'uncool' by young people at the time (the late 60's), but everyone liked them anyway - much like ABBA was a guilty pleasure in the seventies, and a few decades had to pass before that generation got older and no longer cared if people knew that they bought their records.

    I was just a little kid then (55 now), and The Seekers were on Australian radio and tv all the time, so it was some of the first music I ever heard.

    This gives the music a deeply haunting nostalgic quality for me, with Judy Durham also influencing my taste in women forever more.

    Folk music at the time had just passed its popular heyday of the early sixties, but was still a huge component and precursor of the later rock music, as can be seen with the Mamas and Papas, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan of course, and even the basic tone of psychedelic rock like The Jefferson Airplane, Melanie and The Moody Blues.

  36. Time Goeby

    My class used to sing this in class in grade 1. I knew all the lyrics and I still remember them all.

  37. Dave Hodges

    This is the song my nan used to us when we were nippers, R.I.P Nanny Carey, 16yrs since god took you in his arms. love from Grandson David xxx

  38. MCenigma

    This is one of my first loves of music, I was eight years old. Back when we wanted what we had and not having what we want. Now we want everything and will do anything to get it. The world's turned to shit but were the lucky ones, we've still got our music....Wonder what music they'll find solace in in 55 years time.

  39. Gareth Jones

    Fantastic, what a song I sed to fall to sleep with this song playing in the background.

  40. poopet and springbutt

    Let's go to Benton square lol

  41. Bigga Winna Crapsa

    Bobby Camworth brought me here.

  42. Grunthos The Flatulent

    Athol is on the wireless right now so I had to come listen to it again. Bob Dylan wishes he wrote this. Or Tom Paxton. Perfect song and perfect matching of the beautiful voice of Judith with the guys.

  43. Hazel Simmons

    My favourite song when I was a kid xx

  44. MegaBroony .Broon

    Nice nice nice and full of lovely niceness !!

  45. David Newell

    Judiths voice is so pure

  46. M Pereira

    Magical voices.

  47. Ryan’s Colorado Rail Productions

    Train whistle blowing
    Makes a sleepy noise
    Underneath their blankets
    Go all the girls and boys
    Rockin', rollin', ridin'
    Out along the bay
    On bound for Morningtown
    Many miles away

    Driver at the engine
    Fireman rings the bell
    Sandman swings a lantern
    To show that all is well
    Rockin', rollin', ridin'
    Out along the bay
    On bound for Morningtown
    Many miles away

    Maybe it is raining
    Where our train will ride
    All the little travelers
    Are warm and snug inside
    Rockin', rollin', ridin'
    Out along the bay
    On bound for Morningtown
    Many miles away

    Somewhere there is sunshine
    Somewhere there is day
    Somewhere there is Morningtown
    Many miles away
    Rockin', rollin', ridin'
    Out along the bay
    On bound for Morningtown
    Many miles away

  48. samantha sims

    My grandad passed a away last year and one evening this song came into my head. When I told my mum the next dad she said it was one of my other grandad favourite groups and we believe it was them telling us he’d reached the other side safely. I know a lo5 don’t believe but I do and by enjoying this song I can remember them both.

  49. gremlinuk1968

    rember this as a kid 70s, going to 1st school, 70s,!

  50. John Hughes

    Just sends shivers up the spine

  51. Gary VanDecar

    Love Judith Durham beautiful voice and gorgeous young lady. Grew up a Seekers fan.

  52. Yeongkee Yoon

    This is really good harmony! Judith Durham's voice is fantastic folk style.
    She is a jewel of Australia.

  53. Nathan Morse

    My mother sang this to me as a child

  54. jmit1970

    Love this song so much! Always brings a tear to my eye.

  55. Steven Cundy

    Seekers, how cool

  56. mummy bee

    Worst video ever but good quality footage and the best song!!!!!!!

  57. 1776trombones

    First heard this in 1967 in Sydney while in the US Navy

  58. christella Arockiam

    Judith and keith and you are all have sung amazing songs .the kids love this beautiful song . Many years my friends and I enjoyed singing Now my kindergarten kids sing .ever thankful to you all. And love you all.

  59. Cheryl Leanne

    That brings back so many memories of my childhood me and my sister and my cousin we used to sit around and sing that song love that song, I'm 56 now and I still know every word of that song thank you😘💛🧡💜💙💞💕

  60. Paul Clynch

    My wife and I were brought up with the wonderful Seekers. Heaven sent !

  61. Barão Cópias

    Good times

  62. Nelly van der Harst

    O dit is pas genieten!Wat een heerlijk nummer ,en Judith is een zeer mooie schoonheid zij is perfect alleen die kleding al is super romantisch en die stem is fenomenaal!!Beter als die waardeloze zooi van tegenwoordig Bah!

  63. Yeongkee Yoon

    Judith Durham who was born in 1943 is really good folk singer.

  64. andrew lubelski

    just learnt this, but killing me trying to get through it publicly, me mam used sing it to me loads as a kid, and miss her so much.Fantastic song and the simplicity to it defines it as a stunner but vocals have to bang on

  65. xaverida

    Wenn man einen Song 1000 x und immer wieder anhören kann - das war Qualität! die Frau - der Hammer!

  66. james pasifull

    Beautiful girl
    Beautiful voice
    Beautiful song

  67. Smeg Head

    there's something about the seekers and epescially judiths voice that i remember from my childhood that i will always come back to. it's so warm and friendly and rich, and i really miss the 60s gentle pop even when i grew up on the 70s, i will still go back to this.

  68. charles buchan

    Love this song was small boy when this song came on radio when times were so different .

  69. Sunburst75

    Beautiful song which will live forever. It's immensely powerful in bringing back memories of the 60s for me when I was a small kid. The good old days when music was great, when people met, dated, laughed and danced together instead of spending their lives staring into pointless eye damaging smart phones.

  70. Reine

    My step mother sang this to me when I was little

  71. liam whitcombe

    Small(short) lady, with a GIANT voice

  72. xoKenny

    666 thumbs down

  73. Vegan pegan

    Childhood memories 😭

  74. Garryn

    Haunting. This is another song from my junior school days in the late 60's. It is a wonderful song. Alas I am unable to listen to it without tears in my eyes. Truly haunting.

  75. Noel Harrington

    I like the Song & Group.

  76. Michael O'Reilly

    How quickly time flies by.

  77. Tabunga Etuati

    Angler's voice. I really love this classic. Ju... You are something.

  78. Gabriella Lockyer

    I sing this song in choir
    And absolutely love it

  79. lemon flower

    Alguien más que este aquí por un libro???

  80. Roy Stevely

    Special memories for many people! My memory is very vague, around 4 or 5 years old! My late Mum singing to my little brother to sleep! She had the same comforting lilt as Judith!

  81. Mike Castellon

    This is ok but I prefer hip hop. Rap will last forever

  82. Lulu Cooper

    My Dad told me this reminded him of when I was born, so after he died I had to get it ❤

  83. yo momma

    Judith, what a peach

  84. David Jones

    Judith could not sing a false note.


    Dead right. What a voice.

  85. Lee M Day

    There is this then scruffy mick and the stones turned up and saved are lives!!!!!!!😝😝😝

  86. My My

    Such a pretty song!

  87. Larry Carlin

    Pretty song first time I’ve heard it.

  88. Mark Taylor

    Just about the most beautiful view of the 1960's I have ever seen. Lovely group, and one lovely woman and vocalist. Often featured on my radio show, Often. Thank you for the upload. x

  89. Grace H

    My mum sung this to me as a lullaby when I was little 😊 this brings back memories

  90. Eddie Parker

    EddieParker this gal has such beautiful voice she’s so darn gorgeous to a magnificent singer wow 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍😘💕🌹😍❤️💐

  91. geoffphuket

    A video, when videos were barely heard of!

  92. Peter Stanley

    Judith a voice to die for. Pure enjoyment

  93. Big Budz Gaming

    Love this song

  94. For Queen And country

    Where have the years gone ☹️

  95. Liz Naylor

    my dad used to sing this to me as a reminder of my beautiful mum who sang it to me before she sadly passed away it was our bedtime ritual for years … love you mum and dad xx

  96. Andrew Button

    What the hell happen to us ?

  97. steve61098

    who remembers this song opening ED STEWARTS 'JUNIOR CHOICE' radio 1 show on Saturday mornings in the early 1970's, where kids would request songs that EVERYONE knew...Can you imagine that today??........... Happy Days :o)

  98. david large

    She never realised how good she was yet millions loved her voice .

  99. Siobhan Cosgrove

    I'm in tears because this CLASSIC brings back memories of sitting in the back of the car singing along as my daddy drove. FANTASTIC times. THANK YOU rich963 for uploading. X

    J St Anders

    I'm in tears too.. The power of beautiful music and memories. x


    Yeah I totally get that, this song brings back immensely strong memories, it's a wonderful song.

    Jane Pang

    @rich963 Wonderful!🙆
    Greetings from Hong Kong

    Chris Clark

    My Dad is fighting for his life after a botched heart surgury. He and my mother would sing this to me. I honestly never heard the original version until tonight. I was going to try to sing to him but I can't get a word out without crying. I'm so happy to have found this so I can play it for him at his bedside.