Seekers, The - Love Is Kind Love Is Wine Lyrics

Love is kind love is wine
So much laughter in your eyes
And you know that I will love you
Till the last flower dies

Do you hear music far away?
There's so much I'd like to say
Got a felling oh so new
So I'm singing just for you

You are everywhere I find in my heart and on my mind
Time is all I have time for you

You are all that I will be
You're a sunrise on the sea
You're the love I cannot hide
You're a magic carpet ride

You are everywhere I find in my heart and on my mind
Time is all I have time for you
Love is kind love is wine
So much laughter in your eyes
And you know that I will love you
Till the last flower dies
Till the last flower dies
Till the last flower dies

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Seekers, The Love Is Kind Love Is Wine Comments
  1. William Murray

    Kiss me Judith !

  2. traveler

    A friend turned me on to The Seekers a few months ago and am I so grateful for that. This performance has become my favorite particularly when not only hearing Judith but watching her body motions. Every inch of her exudes music moving in rhythm with each note. Even though I was around when they were in their prime, I missed knowing of them and that is one of my biggest regrets with now only being able to hear and see them on recordings like this. Thank's you so much Denny.

  3. OldCorpsEd

    This brings chills of thrills.

  4. jongleur

    I would have to say that this is my personal favourite of The Seekers.

  5. Christiane Schmidt-Fischer

    So ein schönes Lied! Das erste, das Jörg mir geschickt hat - kannte ich The Seekers vorher nicht so bewusst.

  6. Jim Brennan

    What a group!

  7. Bev Bailey

    Athol Guy has lovely cheek bones!!!

  8. cretene1

    wow i havent heard this before.where have i been?nice to find gems.

  9. Allen Murray

    I haven't heard this song in a hundred years (exaggeration). Excellent performance. The seekers are the best.

  10. june dyer

    Makes a change especially in the 60s a woman takes the lead and the best voice ever

  11. squizza28

    Forgotten this one! Great song.

  12. Jeff Schroeder

    I like the quicker pace here, as compared with on "Seen in Green". An amazing effort considering their time together would be over in about 10 minutes.

  13. ধনকুবের মহারাজা

    this is song... yea, this is true song

  14. liberty Ann

    What a great catchy little tune.

  15. Meechang Tuie

    Beautiful harmonies. The Seekers we love you

  16. Meechang Tuie

    The lads and this beautiful lady Judith are awesome. God bless them

  17. Richard Barr

    Yes The Seekers are the sum total of all.

  18. gremlinuk1968

    I was born in may 23rd, 1968,!!

  19. k0p7185

    So, that was probably why Jesus turned water into wine.

  20. Darrell Hart

    Love Keith's part at the end.

  21. marco brenni

    They always bring my mood up: an incredibly gifted group

  22. John Pegg

    one of my favourites love it

  23. johnlye

    timeless jewels of music par excellence

  24. jeperstone

    Justifiable praise for Judith's voice but please give the lads more credit; their harmonies are superb!

    marco brenni


  25. schlobotnick1

    They were and still are the most enjoyable musical group to listen to.  Thanks for who ya'll were to your fans.

  26. John Pegg

    great singers all of them ,but Judith really stands frward,fantastic

  27. Roger Blunt

    What a Sound!!!

  28. maurice smook

    Beautiful and a master piece. I love it.

  29. Gum Nut


  30. francine wilson

    The wonderful Aussie Group!~~~The Seekers!! Love is Kind Love is Wine!!!

  31. dick12235

    Thanks Much:    Again.

  32. Chris Yau

    God is love.

    Anthony Rangel

    +Chris Yau My fellow humans, if you are sad and down for whatever your reason listent to Judith and The Seekers sing you this song and all your pains and miseries will vanish.

  33. Tom Thomas

    This is the only group I've ever heard that still sounds as good as they did back then.  Simply amazing!  Great song...


    I agree and then some.  I think they sound better today than in the 1960's !

  34. dick12235

    Thanks again:   Judith is always just Wonderful.

  35. girleees

    the clarity of judiths naturally musical voice allows you to hear every single word she sings. amazing and beautiful

  36. dick12235

    Thanks:   Judith is just wonderful.    A treat for my Brain.

  37. Window Toast

    they seem to be enjoying this performance as much as iam listening to it x

  38. zrieqi58

    Hear hear - U N Owen - my sentiments exactly - I don't do tweet and I don't do Facebook - this is my site - I love listening to 60's music - it was and still is the best!!!

  39. R. W. Smith

    Having heard this for a few short months (I missed it growing up) I think this MIGHT have become my favourite Seekers song.

  40. hedwegg

    Just a Note:
    Para-dyne as in para-dine. (para = besides)
    Besides Love. Besides Kind.
    What's left? Wine?
    Sounds like mickey & Tony!
    All for laughter without wine,

  41. R. W. Smith

    When I found this on YouTube a short while ago it was the first time I ever heard it.
    I was only 10 at the time of this performance but I had already been listening to music for a couple of years (thanks to an older brother). I remember Georgie Girl on the radio, and most of their other hits I heard over the years.
    I cannot believe that I missed this gem. Did it not get air play in Canada?

  42. Caterina Lorenzi Ciman

    ♥ڿڰڿ♥ॐ♥ڿڰڿ♥♥ڿڰڿ♥ M.M.♥ڿڰڿ♥ॐ♥ڿڰڿ♥♥ڿڰڿ♥

  43. Nils Skudaarkaat

    Mine too! There is only ONE Judith Durham and ONE SEEKERS! This is because the world can only take so much pure talent at one time! I LOVE THE SEEKERS!!!

  44. Claudem Richer

    What a song,I could listen to it all day long,long life to the Seekers !!

  45. Caterina Lorenzi Ciman

    ♥ ♥ ♥ Murray ♥ ♥ ♥

  46. Caterina Lorenzi Ciman

    Murray, I cannot wait for your return my love! x

  47. Gury Games

    baixinha de voz poderosa deus te abençoe e aos teus musicos por tao belas cançoes

  48. Caterina Ciman

    Murray, I will love you till the end of time! xxx

  49. Carol Ward

    I finally decided that I should subscribe because I have been viewing so many times..LOL!!!

  50. aces high

    yeah i have to agree with you all, FABULOUS.

  51. Peter Jones

    NOBODY sounds as good this or looks as good as Judith Durham these days long live the Seekers

  52. Annie Helman

    Oh how beautiful... one of my Seekers' favorites. That crystal-clear, clean, strong, sheer MUSICAL voice of Judith's - I love her. God bless you, Judith, may you sing for many years yet!

  53. scuzzydirtbag

    One of my favorite Seekers songs. It has a good "beat" and they seem like they really like performing it.

  54. U.N. Owen

    Whoever posted this concert (almost in it's entirety!), a deep 'thank you.' HD's stunning, as is the sound.

    This was the 1st record I owned when I was little (my dad worked at a radio station, and brought them home).

    Not gonna bemoan how the music, life was better (it was), but, it brings back wonderful, memories, for me - and, apparently many others.

    THIS is what 'sharing' on the internet's about. Not 'tweeting' every bit of nonsense. But sharing with others.


  55. smenkare27

    I will dance to this at my wedding!