Seekers, The - Coca Cola Jingle Lyrics

Are you ready for this?
Things go better with Coca Cola
Things go better with Coca Cola
Pass that tray of Coke around
Come on Daddy let your hair hang down

Coke makes life more fun
It's the real live one
Coke after Coke
Coke after Coke
Coke after Coke [repeated in the background]

When we get together with a group of friends
And a couple of guitars
We get in a big supply of Coke
Because people just never seem
To get tired of the taste of Coca Cola

We drink Coke after Coke
Coke after Coke
Coke after Coke [repeated in the background]

Things go better with Coca Cola
Things go better with Coca Cola
Leave that coat outside the door
Get your feet up off the floor
Coke makes life more fun
It's the real live one

Have you heard that Coke
Refreshes you best
Coke is the refeshenest

Things go better with Coca Cola
Things go better with Coca Cola
You won't hear many Chinese tunes
Don't forget your dancing shoes
Things go better with Coke
Things go better with Coke

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Seekers, The Coca Cola Jingle Comments
  1. Stephen in DC

    That girl at the beginning is so cute. I'm a sucker for a cute upturned nose.

  2. Max Marbury

    IMO not enough to sue over but then again it's Coca Cola...not a good snake to tread on🥤sorry Noel

  3. laracroft lara

    How many memories!!!!

  4. Steve Nolan

    Thanks Don.

  5. John Wilkes Booth

    I don’t want a coke I want gin and tonic
    I’m feeling supersonic

  6. Ebo Dundo

    The book The Art of War was written in China in 600 BC. === The Ottoman Turks attacked Vienna, Austria with an army of 200,000 in 1683. === Genghis Kahn attacked cities in Europe, China, Persia, and Arabs what today is Iraq with an army of 100,000 men in 1200 AD. === There was 87,000 casualties when the USA invaded Okinawa in 1945. === The Rwandan Genocide (murder) of 1 million Hutu by Tutsi using machetes occured in the 1990s (that is in Africa, kiddies) ................... YOU ARE ALL WEE LITTLE PISSANTS - GO FIND SOME BRAINS - BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY ONE LAW ON THIS PLANET - SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

  7. Robert Gary

    Damn hippies.

  8. Harold Kay

    Awww they should had a Santa Claus in the group with them singing right along 😆

  9. Danielle Walton


  10. Jessica Flight127


  11. Lynda Norris

    What the hell is wrong with you people?!? This is a CLASSIC!! Guess you had to be there!!!😎✌️

  12. stephanie vigil

    They need to up date with a version for 2020

  13. Emily Holmes

    Blink twice if you’re being held against your will. Anyone. Please. We wanna help

  14. The Saint's Pigeon

    Whoa, was that Wesley Snipes at 0:36?

  15. Chaku

    I wonder if there will be a remake of this commercial in the near future.

  16. K k

    Wow, is this a whole commercial without any sexualized women or stereotyped minorities? And it still sold the product??? who fuckin knew amiright lads

  17. Nick lucker

    Shakermaker? Jajsjajs

  18. nude gayguy

    What a wonderful song. I prefer the one with Michael Jackson, though.

  19. Limelightowska

    My piano teacher is teaching me how to play this but its ruined by zone tan

  20. Mira Cotierre

    Mad Meeeeeeeeeeen

  21. Dave Kent

    This is a rip off of older music, but those people were dead by the time Coca Cola had the audacity to sue Oasis

  22. God Free

    Pathetic corporate bullshit!

  23. georg cantor

    When it becomes 2021, that commercial will be 50 years old. The Coca Cola company should try to find all those who participated in that commercial and have a reunion in 2021. They can sing that same song on top that same hill top. I wonder how they'll look like in the 50th anniversary of that commercial. I wonder how many would still be alive.

  24. Iain Metcalf

    I love this song because of this advert and I've just learnt the New Seekers version was UK number 1 the day I was born. Obviously I don't remember the ad from being a baby so it must have run for a few years.

  25. Custom Shade

    A shadowy industry group shapes food policy around the world

  26. Alina Kul

    Came here from The Tenors song "Santa's Wish" 😆

  27. a w

    I sang this song when I was little for my Montessori.
    Didn't know it was a coke commercial.



  29. novembermiss

    At the 24 second mark, is that a very young, longer haired Tommy Lee Jones? Classic commercial--remember the song from my childhood better than I can recall any commercials from the last two years!

  30. Judy the Kung Fu Master

    The girl in 0:44 Kinda looks like Janis Joplin in my opinion

  31. TheKomshija

    We drink pepsi now

  32. i asimov

    All those young people are now either dead or on social security.


    I have the original single version.


    I have the original single version.

  35. bearded meme dragon

    my dad told me to watch this , after seeing the new advert.
    this IS the best advert my dad was right. :>

  36. WordGirl The Simpsons and South Park FTW

    Even though I was born in the 2000s, This advert is pretty nostalgic. And I love 80s and 90s movies! (Especially American comedy ones!)

  37. Fidelis Onu

    Gosh! What a beautiful song

  38. Hal

    And all this idealistic bullshit just to sell Coca-Cola

  39. The Lonely Traveller

    2020, the world is still divided and enviroment is about to collapse... We did it wrong

  40. awesomo9


  41. Pogo Possum

    A true ad classic. Like the JG wentworth opera ads

  42. Kommissar

    Thanks Stan

  43. Generic Acoustic Guitar


  44. Cobra Commander

    Play this commercial these days. Remind us all how far we have fallen

  45. Lucario the Riolu

    Thank you Emp Lemon, very cool

  46. sssCreeperKingsss

    Im here because of EmpLemon. Thank you Stanislav Petrov so much for giving us a second chance and letting us live another century. Have a coke, buddy!

  47. Bridget Joyce

    Dorky then, dorky now.

  48. Douglas Grooms

    Buy the world a coke will get you 10 to 20 years easy...LOL

  49. Royal Emerald Builder

    Coca-Cola: better at reaching the corners of the globe -- and getting them to unite -- than Christianity.

  50. Riddler Riddler

    for shame, noel, you didn't even try to disguise it like. pay up now and enjoy your pepsi.

  51. Tracy Wadlington

    I want the 2000s version where they were on the rooftop I cant find that anywhere

  52. P James

    I had this song on a 45 record when i was a kid..the label was white with he coke logo on the label.

  53. Phantomくろ

    Oh Noel you funny bastard.

  54. DJ MisterVee

    love it...classic

  55. Misty Lane

    Does anyone ever think... Where are these ppl now?

  56. Mathieu Chaput

    Noel Gallagher ˃ Coca-Cola

  57. john smith

    Looks like they werent really very cool at all back then.

  58. penelope tile

    How about a 1930's or 2025 version?

    "I'd like to ensure my KIN a home, Furnish it with love,

    Grow apple trees; honey bees, With snow-white wolven blood."

    "I'd like to teach the world to think, In perfect harmony,

    I'd like to give my KIN some hope, And restore our dignity."

    "- it's the final Solution. -"


  59. Sgt Pepper

    Mr sifters sold me soul
    When I was just 16

  60. Jason Vegan

    lol yeah, let’s all drink sugar syrup and get diabetes to profit the Coca Cola Industrial Complex.

  61. Megan Nethercot

    It’s funny because Coca Cola actually doesn’t help you sing at all it ruins your voice more 😂

  62. There is No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church

    7 Up did a parody of this

  63. Demolitionman78

    In 2019...we definitely need this kind of thing again.

  64. David B

    I'd like to teach the world to study 1776 carefully and COPY it! Instead of running like a coward, from local tyranny. The U.S. Constitution has been available for over 200 years. Can't the dumb______es of the third world even COPY it, yet?! STAY and FIGHT for liberty right where you are! "Asylum" my ass! YOUR home country will never improve, unless YOU are willing to DIE for it, right where you are! Are you listening Mexicans and Central Americans?

  65. Jim Smith

    South Africa asked Coke to do a version without Black people and Coke said no... America can be great again you're just not there yet

  66. Taco on a pizza

    Does this remind anyone else of Eddsworld?

  67. Anonymous Peaceful person

    I remember this Coca-Cola advert

  68. Slick Mic

    Back in the days when they could write a good jingle for a commercial!!!!

  69. I Lov3 Bl And YAOI l

    I'd like to teach the world to fap~

  70. gassug 2

    You might as well be walking on the sun

  71. Karim Arif

    Who watched this after pornhub ad

  72. Julithehuman

    can i get a "ba" for shaun the sheep?

  73. HeiZichis cool Channel I wish I was popular

    Who else is drinking Pepsi while watching this o_o

  74. Dragonrider1227

    I love how the majority of the comments are either referencing Mad Men, or Zone-Tan

  75. ephram brown

    Crazy how a little song can still to this day( March 28th 2019) instill a little hope.

  76. end

    Mr sifter sold me songs when i was just sixteeee- oooops wrong song

  77. Sandra Napier

    Remember 💙💖🎵🎼

  78. chelsea

    today a cashier rang up my chicken feed and a coke and said “go out there and enjoy your coca cola in the sunshine” and it made me think of this song. it was a feel good moment haha b

  79. Nicole NichtSoWichtig

    Coca Cola bring World Peace COCA COLA to become more nuclear bombs !

  80. AlexNander

    Zone archive has joined the chat

  81. Julie Passetto

    We need more of this in today’s world

  82. Fjehdobfhids Fshb

    *sips on Pepsi*

  83. Steve Pettit

    probably the first ad i remember i would be about 5 when this came out me and my sister watching it on the tv she is older than me she bought the record

  84. ChexTheCookieCheetah TRAIL MIZ CHEETAH

    I miss this time.

  85. Blue Bleeder

    Before social media ruined the world

  86. White T Poison

    Draw hentai pics and girls with dicks and tentacles galore

  87. Calvin Tai


  88. Jhourdan

    I’d like to build the world a sign
    A furnish it in porn
    Draw hentai pics and girls with dicks and tentacles galore

  89. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Para mí el mejor anuncio de Coca Cola porque promueve la unión entre la gente a pesar de nuestras diferencias. Si tan solo hiciéramos nuestra parte tratando de hacer felices a quienes tenemos cerca, el mundo sería un lugar mejor. Dejemos nuestro egoísmo y pensemos en los demás que comparten el mundo y la vida con nosotros. Nunca es demasiado tarde, ¡comencemos ya!

  90. Jorge Mario Rodas

    For me this is the best commercial Coca Cola ever made, one that instead of hate and separation tried to get people agreeing with each other and being happy respecting their differences. If we could do that wars would be over. So let's try to make those around us happy and we shall be rewarded with a world which is a better place to live for all of us.

  91. MNforlife63

    found this song because i remember when i was little my brother had a toy classic coke machine piggy bank that had a button that sang this song.

  92. bouncer dogsly

    I wonder how many of the girls have been gang raped by immigrants?

  93. Bilbotuna

    “Now we all drink Pepsi”

  94. D.C. BluesMob

    The Circle Jerk mentality that has finally taken hold of the United States.

  95. David Mehnert

    🥜 他大 🐿

    That woman at minute mark 0:26...
    Does anyone know her heritage?
    Dig through the diplomat families of Rome...
    And see what comes up from your ferritage!

  96. omk573


  97. Ziad Obaid

    Everybody in this commercial died from diabetes

  98. nw NO!

    Nothing says globohomo gayplex like enjoying a sugary soft drink that will eventually kill you.

    Egalitarite, Fraternite, Diabeetus!

  99. Windows Sucks

    Coca Cola used to taste great,even in Egypt! How did they manage to f*** it up so badly!!