Seekers, The - Amazing Lyrics

I may dream but I don't care
There's someone right for me out there
I've got a lot of love to share
And love will lead me on

I've made mistakes now once or twice
I've listened to some good advice
You take your chance and roll the dice
It's all a lesson learned

It's amazing it's amazing
I spend my life stargazing
All this time I've been saving
This amazing love for you

I've pictured you a thousand times
I paint your portrait in my mind
I know that things will work out fine
When we meet that fateful day

It's amazing it's amazing
I spend my life stargazing
All this time I've been saving
This amazing love for you

I feel the future falling into line
And I know it's getting closer all the time

I feel the future falling into line falling into line
I know it's getting closer all the time

It's amazing it's amazing
I spend my life stargazing
All this time I've been saving
This amazing love for you

It's amazing it's amazing
I spend my life stargazing
All this time I've been saving
This amazing love for you
This amazing love for you

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Seekers, The Amazing Comments
  1. Frank Scivier

    The most amazing thing about The Seekers, (aside from Judith Durham’s stunningly beautiful voice), is that every time without fail I listen to one of their recordings for the first time here on YouTube, it is always absolutely wonderful. This song “Amazing” is exactly that. How could anybody possibly not love this group because they are more than amazing. JUST UTTERLY FABULOUS!!!.

  2. Steam Z Productions


  3. Roy Preston

    It's amazing brilliant

  4. Alan Hirst


  5. Richard Barr

    when you read the comments on most YouTube recordings, no other group,or performers get so many positive or loving comments. That is a measure of The Seekers popularity, and surely, a benchmark for others to seek to achieve.

  6. Richard Barr

    Spectacular sound from 4 unique singers. When you stop singing, Seekers, the lights will dim and my days will darken.

  7. Richard Barr

    Like all the rest of their work. Brilliant

  8. J Bidd

    The title of this song perfectly describes the voice of Judith Durham.

  9. Tim Lodle

    Love the lyrics, guitar, and melody line of the song "Amazing" and of course Judith Durham's beautiful vocals.Very nice backing vocals and harmonizing from Athol , Keith, and Bruce also . Every song on the Future Road album is outstanding !! Glad it was available once again through Amazon

  10. Tonetwisters

    Oh gracious. That is SO good. God bless you, Seekers.

  11. Texaschainsaw

    Judith's amazing, spectacular voice on full display!

  12. moparmtn

    amazing song....   like most of the Seekers hits....  you listen a couple of times and then it is always on the tip of your tongue,  Love all their songs......   what a fantastic group.....   great music 

    kevin heming

    Best group ever-so professional,no scandal and the only group from the sixties still with all the original members.First had the honour of seeing them in '66 and several occasions up to June this year at the Albert Hall which I think will be their last UK tour as Judith looked very frail.I thank all of them-the boys usually get forgotten in reviews-for the sheer joy they have provided over the last 51 years.What other group can still sound so good in their 70's?Thank you... 

  13. Ken Austenberg

    No group harmonizes better than The Seekers.  This "amazing" song is just one example.  I love all of their music.

  14. Ed McDowell

    Me too.

  15. Harm Weitering

    krijg kippenvel van die stem,a great voice.

  16. Toni Willé Music

    why don't the new generation musicians make music like this? Edith Durham, I salute you. You have an amazing voice. I wish the world would come together to recognize your talent and give you a tribute long long overdue. Thank you Seekers. You are the best!

  17. Rhiannon Budzinska

    My grandad just died and at his funeral we played some of The Seeker's songs. I now can never stop singing those songs. :)

  18. spifflovesfrogs

    my dad got me into these guys I LOVE THEM!

  19. FretsUK

    I just love the attitude in this music

  20. Artemis Gordon

    Future Road is a revelation. A beautiful, rare event. Four individuals coming together again 30 years hence to not just recreate but refresh and enhance the original chemistry. Amazing (if you'll pardon the intended pun...)

    Maureen Sittlington

    Great Stuff. Saw Seekers in Belfast. Great night!!! Patricia

  21. Proculled

    @tv4now Scott,you must try and get their album Future Road from 1997.It's a must to have :)

  22. Saskia Cornell

    The Seekers are "AMAZING"

  23. tv4now

    A new one for me...never heard it before! Thanks for the upload, Darren.