Sedaka, Neil - Should've Never Let Her Go Lyrics

When she walks into a room
Her beauty steals my breath away
When she looks into my eyes
I find it hard to find the words to say
Wanna run away and hide
I just got to let her know
Feel so tangled up inside
I should've never let her go

Anyone can make mistakes
And we both have made our share
But a life without her love
Is a life too hard to bear
I don't care who's right or wrong
Only know I love her so
Why did I have to write this song?
I should've never let her go

Why in all the wide, wide world
Have I run into her here?
Wish I could disappear
I'll never understand
Why I even give a damn

When she walks into a room
She knows I stand on shaky ground
I've built so many walls around me
Now the walls are tumbling down
Shes the kind you can't forget
Let the tears begin to flow
I have only one regret
I should've never let her go
Should've never let her go
Should've never let her go
Should've never let her go

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Sedaka, Neil Should've Never Let Her Go Comments
  1. Jason Elias

    3:34---so pretty...

  2. Rick Mansberger

    My wife and I were married young and mistaked were made, we both ran away and hid for many many years. I saw her 42 years later and now she is my wife again. I should have never let her go. You were so right Neil.

    I played this song over the years and I always held her in my heart and now my heart is free for my love her.

    Rick Mansberger

  3. Terrence Ragin

    He sings this song so well. The version with him and his daughter Dara is perfection. Just Heaven

  4. Robert Lee, Countertenor

    First heard Bernadette Peters sing this. It's a brilliant song.

  5. john cole

    Neil has penned over 500 songs..true genius...go Brooklyn

  6. diego Fraschini

    Great song of Neil......... a Genius !!!!!!!!!!

  7. Murat MORSÜMBÜL

    Harika, süper, mükemmel...

  8. Felipe Hernandez-Pedroza

    First time I ever heard this song was last night, and I fell in love with it. Here I am searching for it. It reminds me of my now ex-wife. We got divorced nearly a year ago. And I miss her so. I love you, Sylmarie, wherever you are. The love of my life.

    Sylmarie Rivera

    Felipe Hernandez-Pedroza. Ohh dear!

  9. ut1004bp

    I'm in the camp,  such a pretty song, I play it over and over,  and like only Neil Sedaka can deliver, Neil is a National Treasure.  I been dying to try a vocal cover of this, but could'nt find the music to it until a fellow youtuber gave me a hand..Got it now.   Already crossed off two of Neil's big hits off my bucket list, I hope to make this the third, then hopefully heading for The Hungry Years and The Immigrant, two more masterpieces from Neil.

  10. J L

    There were a lot of beautiful songs that were written and sang in the 60's, 70's, and even the 80's. I wondered what happened to music nowadays that we rarely hear this type of elegance and value in a song.

  11. grooverunner

    Great arrangement from the legendary Artie Butler.

  12. Bronxboy47

    Perhaps the most beautiful song Neil's ever written.


    you should hear his song Rosemary Blue, absolutely beautiful

  13. T WM

    Great love song

  14. Rick Stevens