Sedaka, Neil - I Go Ape Lyrics

The moon is bright above
Oh, what a night for love
And as I hold you near
I whisper in your ear

I go ape every time I see you smile
I'm a ding dong gorilla and I'll carry you cave man style
I'm gonna bump you on the head and love you all the while

Well, I'm a monkey's uncle who's a cousin to a chimpanzee
Like I was reeling and a rocking and a swinging from a coconut tree
Oh, honey, can't you see you bring out the monkey business in me?

Ranga tanga ring ting tong
I'm related to old King Kong
Honey, won't you say you're mine?
With a honky tonky monkey shine
When you hold my hand I'm a pre-historic man
I go ape

Like a barrel on monkeys on an abadaba honeymoon
I go squealing and a screechcing rand a howling like a big baboon
Well, baby, I'll explode if you don't come and kiss me soon



Oh, well, honey, you know that I'm gonna be true to you
I'll keep you in bananas and bring you coconuts, too
And we'll settle down in the nearest county zoo


Ranga tanga ring ting tong
I'm related to old King Kong
Honey, won't you say you're mine?
With a honky tonky monkey shine
When you hold my hand I'm a pre-historic man
I go ape

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Sedaka, Neil I Go Ape Comments
  1. Albert Tatlock

    This was a great effort at a more rock and roll sound, it's got a great driving pounding piano

  2. Old McMetal

    I taped this song from a radio show for any reason back in `73 ! Didn`t listen to it since then! Brings back memories

  3. S Tate

    las vegas any one ?

  4. Tina Patton

    Underrated - Classically trained - 12 yrs at Juillard, NYC.

  5. Scott McPhee

    I remember seeing this performed on an Australian TV show called Young Talent Time.

  6. Ian Osborne


  7. Alex Myman

    This just totally grooves my cool 😎 baby!!!!

  8. Clyde P

    Popular about March-April 1959 in the US and May-June 1959 in the UK.

  9. Roy Au Meuni

    Neil Sedaka pure gold.

  10. Fred Azbell

    Sax performance on this kicks ass.


    King Curtis.

  11. michael hawkyard

    This still excites me as much as the 1st time I heard it at a garden fete in Prescot, Liverpool in 1959, my mum and dad dragging me away from where it was playing. .....That peeanner when it starts is so explosive! Then there's the sax in the middle 8. I am so grateful to have been young when all that stuff was happening.

    Farmer George

    Me too. It was very popular with travelling fairs, dodgem cars , rides etc. Noisy fairground music. Never tire of hearing this song. Just wonder what the PC brigade would make of it!

  12. lizard man lopez 4

    this is jeremiah and i like evrey song that Neil sedaka has mad

  13. Silvia B.

    This is one of my father's favs from that period. :)

  14. elvis presley

    Sweet times, Sweet and silly music

  15. William Gilbert

    to the following at CUMC Lincoln, NE: J.dynamite, shorty Esom / somewhat to the following at CUMC: big mike m / M.B. /M.W.  especially at Wed night bite

  16. PIERO

    I cherish the memories.

    Fabrizio Agostinelli

    Dovrebbe essere il secondo 45 giri di Neil Sedaka.dopo The Diary. Scritte con Howard Greenfield, suo compagno di studi. 

  17. WEXF Radio

    ...WEXF radio at its rockingest best...

  18. Steve

    in my personal collection

  19. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1965 {February 24th} Neil Sedaka performed "I Go Ape" on the ABC-TV program 'Shindig!'...
    Six years earlier on March 9th, 1959 it entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; eventually it peaked at #42 and spent 8 weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #9 on the United Kingdom's Singles chart...
    R.I.P. Jimmy O'Neill {Shindig's host, 1940 - 2013} and Mr. Sedaka will celebrate his 74th birthday next month on March 13th...

  20. hunlandsMom

    Overwhelming! I`ve never heard this one before. It sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  21. CatsPjamas1

    @mcfrdmn Glad that you like it!

  22. CatsPjamas1

    @azw596 You're welcome, my friend!

  23. Michael Friedman

    Lovely musical performance by Neil Sedaka.