Sedaka, Neil - Crying My Heart Out For You Lyrics

Standing all alone with teardrops in my eyes
Looking through my window as the lovers passing by
And I stand alone, all alone, crying my heart out for you

Looking through my window i see the moon above
It's a lovely night for romance a perfect night for love
But I stand alone, all alone, crying my heart out for you

I remember you, the love we used to know
Walking hand in hand in the street below

I see a boy and girl smiling as they meet
They walk hand in hand to the park across the street
While I stand alone, all alone, crying my heart out for you

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Sedaka, Neil Crying My Heart Out For You Comments
  1. Luigi Ceci

    Mariella, ricordi????

  2. Maria aparecida Da Silva Silva

    Também muito linda 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  3. Maria aparecida Da Silva Silva

    Fantástico linda música gênio 🤩🤩

  4. Paolo Ghelardini

    Mi sto sciogliendo in lacrimucce! Era la nostra song preferita, negli anni 60, per me e Marisa, al Castello dei sogni di Rapallo!

  5. Paolo Ghelardini

    Unbelievable! Forever in my heart, since my 60 years! Ciao, Neil! I love you!

  6. marco39

    L'avrò ballata diecimila volte alle feste e la riascolto ancora come la prima volta, a quel compleanno...

  7. Bob Miner

    never heard this before.i have it by a British group who's name escapes me at the moment.i give Neil's version two 👍👍 up

  8. Paolo Ghelardini

    Una delle 7 meraviglie del mondo! Thankyou si much, Neil! You will ne always in my heart and in my way!

  9. sgtcook1

    Should of did better on the charts, but the song faced some stiff competition as rock n roll came fully to life.

  10. victor inostroza inostroza

    Mi cantante favorito de toda la vida, Fantástico.

  11. John S

    Good shit baby!!!! Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  12. Scarlett Ayres


  13. James Dalton

    This is a new one to me! Love it!

  14. Celena Rodríguez

    Wow ... Excelente!!!

  15. Christopher Dalton

    Neil Sedaka's greatest-ever recording.

  16. Nostalgia anos dourados

    The best !!


    After Johnny Cash, Elvis, Ricky Nelson, Carl Perkins, Bill Haley and Jerry Lee Lewis.

  17. Tonithenightowl

    How can this man NOT be in the r&r hall of fame???? They must be damn idiots.


    +Endless Rain I belong to a music trivia room and they always say about him not being in the R&R HOF so I checked just to make sure and NO he's not an inductee. WTF??? This man is a living legend.

    Raelene nobody

    exactly, its not even him as a singer, all those classic hits he has penned that other people have recorded, genius songwriter as well as a great performer.


    +Endless Rain Well said. I hope they don't wait till the man is dead and gone bc that will just piss me off. :o)


    Tonithenightowl If that's true then it's a travesty


    Don't take my word for it.... look it up. I'm appalled, too.

  18. Jonas Levy

    so  good

  19. Zev Feldman



    @Zev Feldman Wonderful... I promptly melt away... :-)))

  20. Frankie C

    This was a huge hit in NYC on WMGM & WMCA in June of 1959.

  21. PIERO

    Wonderful !!!


    Bellissima !

  22. oldcomputers69

    but I stand alone all alone crying my heart out for you........................

  23. Maria Reyes

    A wonderful Doo wop to this years.  Neil you´re biggest....

  24. benozzo1942

    Magnifico Neil Sedaka della mia gioventù !

  25. mrob75

    What a FANTASTIC undiscovered gem ! What is wrong with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame... sheesh

  26. benozzo1942

    Bellissima ! Sedaka era ed è un grandissimo artista e lo ha dimostrato nel corso della sua lunghissima carriera regalandoci tante splendide canzoni !

  27. harry webb

    by the way what a great song to thanks for posting ,never heared it before

  28. harry webb

    what a great singer.i think i remember reading some years ago that he wrote over 500 songs?
    what a talent.great singer.
    he is part of history i think he and many more like him should be in the hall.
    along with blues rap r and b put them all in
    i think he rocked then and now timeless classics. not every ones cup of tea i know but never the less what a million dollor music vids just a great voice and cant reright history people. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. MrLonelysoul4ever

    ='( Crying my heart <3 out for you .

  30. Alcides Gonçalves de Oliveira

    gostaria de ter tempo para ver e ouvir estas maravilhas, são muito lindas!

  31. MultiBudboy

    I signed the petition, but I dont know how the RnR Hall of Famer runners will see it. They still have ignored Chubby Checker and other artists. I understand that the Hall of Fame is very similar to the Oscars in that its industry, not fans, dictating inclusion!

  32. oldcomputers69

    I like Neil Sedaka and had never heard this track before.
    I really like it and im very suprised it flopped.
    I really love his voice on his early stuff.

  33. califgirl47

    Don't remember it from '59 but love it in 2011! Thanks.

  34. Tom Smith

    @TheGirl4Me You're welcome, Neil is one of my favorite singers!

  35. jjkoekemoer

    Beautifull tune, Thank's for sharing

  36. Thomas Økland

    love his pitch

  37. Roxy A

    what a great singer!!!!

  38. Tom Smith


  39. fntime

    I really like Neil Sedaka, maybe some are
    attached to this song because of an
    emotion from 'reality'.

    I love those songs, that chart from 100-120, especially from the 50's and early
    60's....there are some reallly great undiscovered gems.

  40. Alicia Arida

    Did you ever hear this one hermanita?

  41. Greg Miller

    The man has such talent, both as an accomplished pianist and vocalist. He makes it seem to easy to write, sing and play all the songs he's done. Where the Boys Are became a milion seller for Connie Francis, and I'm sure he enjoyed the royalty checks that came in everytime the song was played and sold. Great work Neil !!!!

  42. Tom Smith

    There shouldn't be any rappers in the hall since rap has nothing to do with rock and roll (I know you were kidding anyway). I think the judges favor dull bands that they grew up with. Once in awhile, they induct someone great, like Roy Orbison.

  43. bob magnus

    judges probably do not even know sedaka...let's get some more rappers in the hall(ugh)

  44. Tom Smith

    He's one of the greatest songwriters ever, so he should definitely be in there, and he would be if the judges had better taste and were not as biased.

  45. bob magnus

    do you believe this performer is not in the rock & roll hall of fame as a vocalist or a song writer...

  46. Tom Smith

    You're welcome!

  47. DaddyClb

    FABULOUS!!! This one's new to me. Can't believe this never charted in the U.S. Great post & thanx for sharing!

  48. Tom Smith

    Neil Sedaka is one of my favorite singers, thanks for the comment!

  49. VealParmigiana

    I like Neil's vocals in every song I heard by him. In my opinion the more famous Neil Diamond is the second best Neil in Pop music.