Sedaka, Neil - Alice In Wonderland Lyrics

Alice, pretty little Alice, pretty little Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in wonderland, won't you take me by the hand,
And lead me to your wonderland of love.

I took one look at you, and that was all I had to do,
Alice, you're the girl I'm dreamin of.

Tweedle dum, tweedle dee,
You have made my life a fantasy.
You don't know what you're doing to me,
My heart goes pitter patter
'cause I'm mad as a hatter for

Alice, my little girl, there is no other in this whole wide world,
Take me by the hand, tell me you understand,
Alice, Alice in wonderland

Oh Alice, pretty little Alice, pretty little Alice in wonderland.

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Sedaka, Neil Alice In Wonderland Comments
  1. speedviper47

    This man is one of the all time best lyricists of the Rock and Roll era. His songs have great rhyme, words that flow smoothly and have a story to tell. Such innocence is lost in music today.

  2. Patricia Kehaya

    Super nice

  3. Joe Husick

    Love this song. 8/30/19

  4. Wanda Slobodian

    Great Song! Still making history... today, .HC is referred to Alice and this song hit #17 on the charts. A rendition would be soooo appropriate, that includes more history.Of HC /Alice/ going down down down. WWG1WGA . Any great artists want to do that one? Probably MM's!!!

  5. wayne just wayne

    Soooo, why is there a picture of "Linda"?

    Peppermint Snowdrift

    ....for INSPIRATION!

  6. wayne just wayne

    Soooo, why is there is picture of "Linda"?

  7. Patriot Spreads

    Any favorite memories featuring this song?

  8. Randall Anderson

    I credit this song with getting me to listen to songs beyond little kid songs.

  9. Hirkey Shmirkey

    It should've been in the Disney movie

  10. james calfa

    I, too was 10 in 1961, and must say this song makes you want to write a song for every girl with any name, because it's a "happy" message from the heart. All girls are a wonder and with the right way of looking, are all pretty. This song just makes you feel so good, thank you "Neil" and keep smiling forever, Jim B. C.

  11. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1963 {February 24th} Neil Sedaka performed "Alice In Wonderland"* on the Dick Clark ABC-TV weekday-afternoon program, 'American Bandstand'...
    At the time the song was at #21 on Billboard's Top 100 chart, the following week it would peak at #17 {for 2 weeks} and it spent ten weeks on the Top 100...
    Between 1959 and 1980 the Brooklyn, NY native had thirty records on the Top 100 chart, nine made the Top 10 with three reaching #1; "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" for 2 weeks in 1962, "Laughter in the Rain" for 1 week in 1975, and "Bad Blood" for 3 weeks in 1975...
    One of his thirty charted records on the Top 100 was a duet, it was with his daughter Dara, "Should've Never Let You Go", it reached #19 {for 2 weeks} on June 22nd, 1980...
    Neil Sedaka will celebrate his 79th birthday next month on March 13th {2018}...
    * And from the 'For What It's Worth' department, later in 1963 on September 8th a female singer going by the name of Alice Wonder Land entered the Top 100 with a record titled "He's Mine (I Love Him, I Love Him, I Love Him)" at position #80, four weeks later it reached #62 {for 1 week} and it stayed on the chart for seven weeks...

    james calfa

    "Thank you so much for the info on Neil Sedaka, truly a great singer of songs"

  12. David

    only commercial I watch to the end

  13. Justin Pate

    This my favorite Neil Sedaka song. I first heard this was in the fall of 1987 when I was holding hands with my childhood sweetheart. RIP Alejandrina

  14. bossgaming2003 rocks

    Damn y'all are getting very emotional over this song

  15. Brian Moore

    Linda's gorgeous!

  16. Peppermint Snowdrift

    Strangely SEXY, fer SHURR! ;)

  17. Brock White

    He's a great writer and singer!

  18. Gaku Nishida

    I'm 22 but this song makes me feel like nostalgic.

  19. Oldies Country

    And another good old good one from of the few songs with harp

  20. freeguy77

    A solid #17 hit. He needs to be in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. What a career he has had!

  21. PLT 108

    Great song writer and clean and cool singer...

  22. GL AnnapolisTeam

    Pretty song. Remember hearing this a few times on an Oldies station.

  23. To Tell The Truth

    Sedaka is NOT in the Hall Of Fame? Holy smokes! Likely because his music is too square and sweet? He is all American AND made a HUGE comeback in 74 thru 76

    Manahati Zamorano

    yeah, he got very clear voices back then..

    April Black

    He wrote songs for lots of people in that Hall, what a joke. Neil deserves in there. Google, the Brill Building NYC.

  24. Wayne Pitty

    Amazing Song!  Brings back so many good memories when my parents and little brother walked  this earth.. Brings tears to my eyes how  magical those times were. You take everything for granted.. Hope to God tht some day after we all die, we get  to relive it all again..It was beautiful.. Thanks Neil

  25. freeguy77

    A forgotten masterpiece by the master.  Neil belongs in the R&R Hall of Fame, and it's a criminal offense he hasn't been elected by now. They better put him in before he can't live to enjoy it!  Love this song!!!

  26. Mike Hemeon

    You realize that if this is Linda's high school picture she is around 80 today.


    Mike, if she was 18 in 1963, she would be 71 in 2016, nowhere close to your 80 that you wrote 3 years ago when she was 68. Only 12 years difference!

  27. Joe leblanc

    I find it so toatally amazing how life is a bridge that all ties in at th end of our journey. What we thought made so much sense and yet it did not all does later in this wonderful journey we call life. We are just a short whisper between the too great eternities. I find that this song which I remember so very well when i was some 13 years old now makes so much I just did not know.

  28. TheHarmonicWheel

    Great song! Great memories!

  29. 50Emerald

    This is my favorite Neil Sedaka song -- so imaginative and lilting! It brings back wonderful memories from 1963...

  30. Mike Hemeon

    Yes I could easily have had a crush on Linda in high school

  31. lovesmusic36

    I've been a "Neil" fan since I was 11 in 1961 (please, don't do the math!). I've seen him in concert 3 times and had the pleasure of meeting him! I remember saving up my allowance to buy this record! Has that great happy Sedaka sound! As for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, I recently heard on youtube an interview with the late Davy Jones who mentioned some interesting things about the R&RHOF. Thank you for posting one of my favorite Sedaka songs!

    Peppermint Snowdrift

    I disobeyed you by doing the math, but you were born during the same year that my aunt was born, and my mother is older than she is. :)


    I'm right in your age ballpark! I've loved Neil Sedaka's breezy and terrific love songs since '62, with his #1 signature song, "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do." He hit #1 again with it in 1975 on the Easy Listening chart (now known as Adult Contemporary), this time as a slow ballad arrangement, unlike The Twist (#1 in 1960, 1962) which did the #1 trick in two different chart runs, but with the exact song.


    Nice to "meet" a fellow baby boomer with great musical taste! For those of you who are also appalled that Neil is not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, there is a petition online which you can access. Let's hope someone will correct this ridiculous oversight while Neil is still here. Also not to be overlooked is his amazing classical music talent. He has a CD entitled "Classically Sedaka" which showcases this other part of him.

  32. Buddy Phelps

    Neil Sedaka is great but he's right, The Beatles did knock him and alot mor artists right off the charts.
    The Beatles are Fantastic though. You really cant compare the two. Its like Night & Day!
    I do remember all beatle songs and Lyrics, as well as Neils....

  33. John Ferry

    Thank you 60s on 6 for introducing this to me.

  34. eugene parra

    Just Love his music what a Man, his music never gets old it will go on for ever!


    Neil Sedaka is still a great musical artist.

    But his work in the 1960's was sensational for those of us that traveled through that time.

    I remember a video interview with him many years ago where he said that the Beatles ended the popularity of his music and many other singers.

    Funny isn't it that I remember and can sing the lyrics of Sedaka's tunes but can barely remember the words of any Beatles songs.

  36. Celia Camberos

    Thank you Neil Sedaka fior this treasure!

  37. Dave Mars

    I think I may have found our MYSTERY LINDA. I looked up the photographers that took the picture and found the obit of ASKAR listed a LINDA ASKAR STOLDT, age 66. Its a long shot but the photographer might have used his daughter or niece for the video contents. Maybe someone can take it from here. Let us all know.

  38. Allie Grant

    my name is Alice:)

  39. Dave Mars

    Tried to rundown "LINDA" via the potrait company. Just couldn't find her. That sure would be fun.

  40. LucyLovettLestrange

    I was looking at Alice in Wonderland ( Disney World clips on youtube) and somebody made a music montage using this song!

  41. Bluejeans0701

    The melody line of this song is amazingly beautiful and breathtaking. Few singer/songwriters would release songs like this these days. This is one of my favorite songs among the Oldies. Thanks for posting this clip, which I will treasure
    a lot.


    Great Song. Love it !!! *****

  43. Enrique Hernandez

    mayito i love you are so pretty

  44. Dave Mars

    C'mon 74sodapop, who's "Linda"? I gather you put together the video so ya gotta know. By the way, nice song. Good job.

  45. Ellen Broughman

    Love it, absolutely he belongs in the R&R Hall of Fame.

  46. 50Emerald

    The pictured "Linda" is an absolute *doll*...I was thirteen when this song was released, so maybe I have a chance!

  47. Darrell Musick


    The Rock and Roll HOF isn't worthy of Mr. Neil. Screwwwwwwwwwwww 'em!!!

  48. Darrell Musick

    @ali1058 Makes one wonder what else we miss along the way.
    I first heard Alice in the summer of '79. A favorite since!! BTW, this
    was the last hit of Neil's first pop music career. Charted in mid-
    twenties I think.


    My fav Sedaka tune!! Thanks for posting!!

  50. 68enxy

    I would love to hear about the "Linda" who is pictured in the great video. I hope she is aware of her picture being here. I'm guessing that this is her high school senior picture, probably around the time of this song.

  51. 50Emerald

    This is my favorite Neil Sedaka song -- it was released in the late spring of 1963, I believe...

  52. ali1058

    I don't know how I ever missed this song growing up, as my name is Alice. I just heard it for the first time yesterday on Sirius Radio when I was watching my 3 month old grandson.

  53. oldiesfan52

    What a treat! Thanks for the ear candy.