Secrets - 40 Below Lyrics

I take it back,
this time I’m holding back, nothing.
Everyone, will see your colors.

I tried to turn the pages for a better way,
but you're still there,
like its yesterday, everyday.

See, where your chapter ends,
mine begins.
And to my friends beside me,
this is it.

Hold your ground,
they cannot bring us down.

Take shape to what life gives you,
learn how to bend not break.
Somehow it seems we lost you,
gone at the scene,
you’re torn at the seams.
You’re a joke,
this punchline’s about you.

You said you live for this,
it's clear that you don’t.
We see right through it,
you're such a fucking joke.

Thanks to you,
we haven’t made it by now.
Look at you,
just a failure now.

Take shape to what life gives you,
learn how to bend not break.
Somehow it seems we lost you,
gone at the scene,
you’re torn at the seams.
You’re a joke,
this punchline’s about you.

This is the path we choose,
you can't change us.
This is the path we choose,
we won't change

This is the path we choose,
you can't change us.
This is the road we paved,
we won't change.

I know, that we have something to prove.
And now, we all have nothing to lose.

Take shape to what life gives you,
learn how to bend not break.
Somehow it seems we lost you,
gone at the scene,
you’re torn at the seams.
You’re a joke,
this punchline’s about you.

Here’s a toast to us,
we held our ground.

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Secrets 40 Below Comments
  1. Cameron McKeon

    I miss this era of music so much


    Me too. It's only been 6 years but music of this style came and went so fast.


    its the best

  2. faizy kassim

    nice..even im not.understand it...lyric share please

  3. XxMilleneumxX

    Wow. Do they gig around LA?

  4. groovy

    First 45 seconds were the best. Secrets would be an awesome hardcore band

  5. xxhardforcorexx

    I can't tell if that's a hyphen or a negative sign.

    Isaiah Bains

    xxhardforcorexx maybe both

  6. Jason Mueller

    How the fuck did I forget about this album.. 

  7. publishedrhyme2025

    Garbage music

  8. Lethal Bacon

    this song, this lyrics and nothing else matters! 

  9. theyeti17

    Kellin Quinn


  10. javacola25

    are you harley quinn?

  11. T03z55

    i can play this song XD

  12. Hope For Tomorrow

    The next one maybe?

  13. Hope For Tomorrow

    Lol, I see what you did there ;)

  14. matt m

    Am i the only one wondering why the fuck they arent on the Rise Records tour? RISE PU THEM ON!

  15. Eduardo Magallanes


  16. Mortis Thorne

    I don't know. :P

  17. TheDivineChildren

    They came from California. Formed in 2010

  18. SurfingSuperNinja

    gutted, man! :/

  19. Chase Smeltzer

    Met these guys last night, cool guys :)

  20. SurfingSuperNinja

    They were sooo good! :D

  21. Mortis Thorne

    There was a 2 minute advertisement and I actually watched it because it was a hair tutorial, I don't know what it is about me that likes watching tutorials.

  22. bagheeravern

    I was there too :D MMF absolutely killed it

  23. RenaChan

    Totally :D

  24. Daniel Donnelly

    Why is any of that relevant at all ha? Other than you wanting to inflate your ego, of course.

  25. BekkiRawr97

    I saw them last night with OM&M and they played this, holy shit they're so fucking good live.

  26. SurfingSuperNinja

    Ahh that's gutting, man! :/ definitely worth it though! :P

  27. RenaChan

    Yeaah, so excited! Even though I freaked out, because I lost my tickets. Had to buy new tickets again, but totally worth it!

  28. SurfingSuperNinja

    It is gonna be sick! xD

  29. RenaChan

    Yeah same here, but in Amsterdam (:

  30. Dern P

    8 months ago?

  31. Richard Del Castillo

    Dude ! We should masturbate together !!! :D

  32. Sausage Uchiha

    This song amazing. I masturbate to this song all the time.

  33. ole razzle dazzel

    dem V necks!

  34. Alex Rodriguez

    Secrets won't be the same without Marc :[

  35. SurfingSuperNinja

    Can't wait to see these playing with OM&M and MMF in Birmingham in October!! ^_^ <3

  36. Equinox

    Rise Records usually signs very unoriginal and very shitty bands, but Secrets, Secrets is amazing. I like them.

  37. idlesofmarch

    amazing album, These dudes surprised me for sure

  38. JustinREQ

    Just saw them live yesterday in [email protected]@@ pree sick!

  39. Evan


  40. Ginger Bruhwel

    I want to bitch slap 4 people right now... -_-

  41. Justin Bosetti

    Who the fuck are these guys? I've never heard them before but they're going to be at attack attack and Escape The Fate's concert and holy fuckkk. these guys are actually sick <333

  42. xenwenwu

    My home town San Diego!!!!!!! :)

  43. TabWednesday

    The singer is way too good for this band.

  44. Keith Blake

    I take it back, this time I'm holding back, nothing. Everyone, will see your colors

  45. Martijn Stuiver

    haha u win this time >:3

  46. Martijn Stuiver

    haven't had sex in 15 year lol :c

  47. DreamsConsumeReality

    California like every other bad ass band ;D

  48. Hassan Eskirjeh

    @kimforkickass ya from san diego

  49. Lucas Byrd

    @hypermagex i think they are lol

  50. Lucas Byrd

    they're so much better live, wtf

  51. Zach Herman

    Met these guys at a show in Greensboro. They played an awesome set and were super cool. Keep an ear out, because they're definitely gonna get big. So sick!

  52. Scrawty

    Saw them at the Masquerade in Atlanta w/ Sleeping With Sirens! Definitely the second best there ;)

  53. ItsKimMarie

    I thought they said they were from california last night. But Iam not sure.

  54. John Dvorak

    @ohitslandon i havent been laid in like 2 years

  55. lilleo101

    the original is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Clarissa Jaramillo

    the guy on the right looks like jake gyllenhaal

  57. xxmattattackxx

    @blahblahblahidc7 He was obviously trolling, and i loled.

  58. LIJ4Productions

    @jz040488 It's a secret.

  59. OrangeCounty92

    2:10 "I know we have something to prove,And now we have nothing to lose"

    Best breakdown and lyrics in one combo

  60. OrangeCounty92

    @JustGreatComedy There going to be big if ppl give them a chance.......

  61. blahblahblahidc7

    @KimoCollins hmm I wonder why, maybe because they take the money off your credit card? just a though bro

  62. FatedCircle

    @IDontWantYourCereal Buy it and actually try to support the band.

  63. Tyler Marshall

    @yourgfonmydick big? they're not that big yet. :)

  64. cop spanker

    help i cant find where to steal this online

  65. William Busic

    @jz040488 The beautiful city of San Diego (My hometown :D)

  66. john-mark felix

    So,i came home,turned my pc on ,browsed in my favorites,saw the sidebar and ended up in this band.ill probably insomniac now,ill listen to them until my brain shuts down,Loving this tune hard.

  67. jesuslovesmebetter

    @ksw33d be honest

  68. Kieran Sweeden

    Tbh the only problem with this is , I have loved this song since the start is that it's slowed down quite a bit tbh ;L

  69. ChrisVlad RadkeSykes

    how can you dislike this

  70. ToucheManor

    This new cd is much more better than the same negative comments here. If u dont like the new cd just click dislike and fuck off !

  71. LIJ4Productions

    sounds weird o.o the ep was better but conrats to these guys and im hearing youtube fucked up the sound cause on the cd it sounds different.


  72. Aaron Smith

    I haven't had sex in like two months.

  73. Benjermin7

    @woeiscam What are you talking about?! I love this band, they're one of my favorites. I was pointing out that "Shut up and listen" are Memphis May Fire lyrics, which is one of my other faves!

  74. Donald Trapiezie

    everybody needs to stop bitching about the fucking EP, the songs sound practically the same... im pretty sure you're still going to listen to them either way... so stop complaining and enjoy the music

  75. Marcus Martinez

    Ep Is Soooo Much Better ..

  76. jz040488

    where the hell did these guys come from? this cd is f'ng killer!

  77. Gerardo Rosales

    i like the ep version better this one needs to be mixed :I

  78. jonathan pipher

    Is it just me or does it sound really faded? like the chorus parts on this album, the music sounds faded and his cleans sounds mehh, What a downer, i was looking forward to this ):

  79. Trevor Lee

    @Benjermin7 Hahaha I actually thought the same thing! :D

  80. Benjermin7

    @KeepinItSunnySideUp Shut Up And Listen - Memphis May Fire lyrics. :D

  81. Trevor Lee

    I don't know why you're all bitching. This is a great band and a really good album. Shut up and listen to the music.

  82. Th3LatestPlague

    It's called 720p. You dumb fucks.

  83. Cory Dallas

    I love the song, love the band... and tbh I like this recording better than the original... but there's definitely something wrong with the bass. Sounds kind of muffled. First album from Rise Records that i wasn't all that satisfied with... quiet disappointing...

  84. Nick Sawyer

    @DyingSpartanSnD Thank you for your expert analysis that was 100% necessary.

  85. DyingSpartanSnD

    I like this 1 Genesis is okay, Ruined Somewhere in Hiding, The heartless Part is the same and thats my review so far

  86. NoahRoweMusic

    why is it so fuzzy sounding?! it's mixed so bad

  87. K B S H

    I actually really like this mix. It's a bit rough around the edges, but I prefer that over something that sounds "too clean," if you know what I mean. Parts are distinguishable, nothing seems hyper-compressed.

  88. Tuukitzi

    Holy turd guys.