Secondhand Serenade - Only Hope Lyrics

My beating heart is getting tired.
Tonight it feels like it's on fire,
and I'm driving all alone.
My hand is on my phone,
waiting for you to call me.
Please pick up the phone and call me,
cause I'm lonely and my mind is aching.
Can't you see I'm for the taking?

You are my only hope,
but you're so far.
And you are my only hope,
so come back home from where you are.

I see your face on everyone,
like the constant beating of the sun right on my skin.
I'm suffering without you.
"It's Out of Reach" on my stereo
is starting to feel real close to home,
and I can't bear to sleep here without you.

You are my only hope,
but you're so far.
And you are my only hope,
so come back home from where you are.

Just come back home from where you are.
Just come back home..

Sometimes I feel like I was mistaken.
You must be an angel.
Sit down and teach me what life is all about.
I see myself changing.
No longer a stranger.
You gave me a reason to never go.

You are my only hope,
but you're so far.
And you are my only hope,
so come back home from where you are.

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Secondhand Serenade Only Hope Comments
  1. Izax cragen

    2020 ? Haha

  2. Lynette Eversole

    2020, who's still listening?

  3. xWarmth Dork

    I missed the girl named Helen. 😢

  4. uniquekid401

    This has such a Spiritual, holy-like feel to it and I love it so much✨. Used to listen to this years ago and it just randomly popped into my head. So glad I decided to listen and come Back Home :)

  5. Sulistyo Aji

    From where you are🙄😥

  6. bu teguh w

    ♡this song

  7. Only by gods grace

    🌟 isn’t that the truth ⭐️

  8. Nayaaa Dwiii


  9. Iksirussilmi Kaffah

    Omg!! This song reminds me of someone... Really miss him :(

  10. Cyrill Diaz

    2019 💖 anyone?

  11. Resistor For mistery audio

    love u beb

  12. Yohana Larizha

    so sad because Spotify dont have this song

    Allysa Mega

    Joox too

  13. Lucy _C

    2018 still i love this song.

  14. Knock kamo 15 19

    Naaaaaaahhhhh 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 why why

  15. Gemilang SD

    2018 still exist

  16. dragonlink123

    I feel this way about my long distance girlfriend I need her to come home to me soon before I go crazy

  17. dragonlink123

    I hate being ocean apart from the one I love the most

  18. saturn speedpaints

    You must be and angel- stranger
    i see myself changing- world turns
    no longer a stranger-stranger (duh)
    you gave me a reason to never die- end
    if i missed any, then woops just fill em in for me

    Roniel Lorenzo

    Nice song😊😎"OUR HOPE"

  19. Inge Astri

    guruh, miss u so much:'(

  20. Aldron Mikko Reyes

    She was my only hope but she gave up on me. :(

  21. scary kid

    2017 still their songs evergreen

  22. Riza Syach Alam

    you are my only hope but you're so far, so come back home @sintapurwaningsih

  23. Riza Syach Alam

    you are my only hope but you're so far, so come back home @sintapurwaningsih

  24. alvaro chiko

    buat yang gak peka... :-D

  25. Yanjen Tamang

    2017 and still loving it!!! 😍

  26. nerisa putri

    lucky u guys
    u still can feel even do is hurt for u
    but me i cant feel anything

  27. Viola Vii

    shout out to the girl I love that doesn't love me back LOL😂 but seriously shout out to that girl 😒

  28. Melissa Kinslow

    you don't have to read what's below. I mean, you can, but I just need to get a little out.

    I miss you Jason. I don't have any other friends like you. You haven't talked to me, or I haven't seen your face in person since you moved to Delaware. Please just give me a call, I want to see you again, and hear your voice. When you moved, I thought dying would hurt less. I still think that dying would hurt less. You were my only hope. I can hardly live without you. Jason Rivera, I miss you so much, and I want you to come back.

  29. Michael Vincent Meca

    so much pain

    don"t go far SANNY MANCO

  30. ŘŮĐ4Ø YT

    only hope

  31. Joey


  32. Zothaa Zothamawia

    nice song

  33. PunkLima Kumanx

    my song 

  34. Candi's man!!!

    My precious babygirl, please please come back to me! You are my every reason to live. You are the only sunshine in this dark cold world. My heart is aching and on the verge of breaking. Please call me princess. I love you with all my heart.

    In the night
    I hear your voice,
    but try to fight
    to keep my poise.

    People always say
    "Let her be,"
    yet I can not keep away.
    You're like a drug to me.

    Here I sit
    thinking of you.
    Crying in fits
    because our love is true
    Please call me Candi! I need you honey. I loved the card that you filled out just for me. The hair was just what I wanted and it all smelled like my favorite perfume:) Thank you so much BABYGIRL!:) I'm on your phone, please talk to me.

    Estefan Morales


    Tori Sumner

    Candi's man!!! Did she come home?

  35. alex rogers

    Anyone else notice that when he sings "you are an angel" and "no longer a stranger" its the same tune as Stranger by Secondhand Serenade

    Bella G

    alex rogers I have a guess that stranger is the beginning of the relationship and this is the aftermath

    large bakedbean

    Bella G nah. He divorced during the whole process of a twist in my story

    Sarangthem Henary


    Sarangthem Henary


    Sarangthem Henary


  36. AidenLovely

    I miss you so much baby. Wish you weren't so far away..

  37. Julee Tyndall

    I love you, I hate you, I miss you, Shane.

  38. Allison Faryadi

    "You must be an angel", "No longer a stranger"'s like a sequel song to Stranger.

  39. Averyboo Austin

    like and ill sing this to my ex (which i miss him)

  40. loonytoongonemad

    Well, better enjoy it while I can :D

  41. loonytoongonemad

    How did I get HERE from a Mactini Spoof Unboxing video? @[email protected]

  42. Adli Raihan

    long distance relationship

  43. Mr. Yoso

    you areeeeeeeee my only hopeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Cool_girl

    Tonight it feels like its on fire,31th,2012

  45. Tarunika sunil

    No matter what happens ,it always makes u happy to know that at least one person in the world will always love u and will do anything for u

  46. HeidiandJane

    Has part of the song stranger in it :) Its like a big story, all their songs <3

  47. Kassidy Rees

    oops sorry i accidently smudged a dot of red on that bar.. let me wipe it off

  48. Morgan Sanders

    I love you Damon. <3 You are my only hope. and I love you. The distance between us is hard, but we can make it. I love you. No matter the miles between us, we are always under the same stars.... untill infinity runs out love... <3

  49. Renate Payr

    i feel kind of betrayed , because no one told me before that this great band existed ....;) feels like coming home....

  50. You deserve more views on these videos btw I subbed and I'll be promoting your channel on vast gaming sites.

  51. Vanessa Carrasco

    yhu are my only hope but why are yhu running away

  52. HannahLacrymose

    You are my only hope <3

  53. Wonky Bee

    DAMN thats a good song! and nice lyric vid. it was amazing!!