Sebastian, Guy - Tonight Again Lyrics

Oh Everyone’s got their problems
There’s always something on your mind
Oh but tonight we ain't gotta solve them
For now let’s leave them all behind

Do whatchya whatchya whatchya want
Do whatchya whatchya whatchya want
Do whatchya whatchya whatchya want
Oh get on it
Ooh get on it

I don’t want tomorrow
Oh baby tonight’s so good
Tonight’s so good
This is one tough act to follow
Oh baby tonight’s so good
Forget tomorrow
We can do tonight again
We can do tonight again
We can do tonight

Oh! Some people might call ya crazy
They say we only live for fun
Ooh They may be right but only maybe
But I can guarantee what we got is what they want

Do whatchya whatchya whatchya want
Do whatchya whatchya whatchya want
Do whatchya whatchya whatchya want
Oh get on it
Ooh get on it

I don’t want tomorrow
Oh baby tonight’s so good
Tonight’s so good
This is one tough act to follow
Oh baby tonight’s so good
Forget tomorrow
We can do tonight again
We can do tonight again
We can do tonight

Do whatchya whatchya whatchya want
Do whatchya whatchya whatchya want
Do whatchya whatchya whatchya want
Oh get on it
Ooh get on it

I don’t want tomorrow
Oh baby tonight’s so good
Tonight’s so good
This is one tough act to follow
Oh baby tonight’s so good
Forget tomorrow
We can do tonight again...

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Sebastian, Guy Tonight Again Comments
  1. Unfilled Spoon

    Dude ur too good for eurovision

  2. Dyan Salb

    The best voice ive heard in eurovision. Guy sebastian never fails me from Australian Idol up to now..
    Love from the Philippines

  3. De Dex

    best eurovion song ever making me wiggle in the tram every day

  4. Vithun Illankovan

    I will never get over these vocals. To me they were maybe even more impressive than Dami's vocals.

  5. { qvtey }


  6. Jacob McCluskey

    Amazing song rock 😎

  7. Rasmus Ahlström

    Australia joins eurovision* Australia: lets just send the best Singer and performer we have

    Miguel Lupi

    Not quite. Not Kylie. But still, great performers.

    GachaGalaxy 08

    Miguel Lupi kylie who. People stopped listening to her in the 90s dude.


    @GachaGalaxy 08 Spoken like someone who knows absolutely nothing about her huge popularity in Europe

    A.M. Rifki A. 3rd

    not Sia, not 5 Seconds of Summer, not Delta Goodrem. yeah.

  8. Amy Mifsud

    I guess he was inspired by Bruno Mars because he looks like Bruno Mars and sounds like Bruno Mars

    GachaGalaxy 08

    Amy Mifsud No. Guy has been a star in Australia while Bruno was literally in nappies.

  9. Izzuddin Idris

    No way.

  10. TwoClipTrip

    Bro why is Australia always so fucking good!!!!!!! OMG 😟

  11. Kiera R

    I'm still listening to this in 2019 and it is still as vocally immaculate as it always has been. Pure magic. If that doesn't speak volumes I don't know what does : )

  12. Martyna

    The brutal truth is that if it was a Swedish entry it would have won.

    Lillias McCarthy

    Yassssss!! True af

  13. Laki Srb

    My personal favorite of that year, and still the best Australian entry 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 ❤️ from 🇷🇸

  14. Justa Bloke

    Australia will never win this contest, because facist EU would never let them have any chance.
    Australia should pull out and concentrate on our own goals.


    You do know that the European Union has nothing to do with a song competition right? Half the competing countries are not even part of the EU. You sound really silly ngl

    Lillias McCarthy

    Is Isreal part of europe... Australia is not your toy.... mofo (numpty)

  15. Nandinho Cunha

    I keeping coming again to this song to remember tonight is so good

  16. Frankie Cottrell

    He probably should have won over Måns... apart from that weird “do whatcha watcha want” part

  17. SLDN

    Still their best entry to date in my opinion

  18. αντίκα πολεμιστής

    First Entry and he came 5th. Amazing. Australia deservers to win one day. Dami Im and Kate Miller were amazing.

  19. Bigger Flow

    Love Guy Sebastian

  20. Giovanna Manca

    Lo adoro💗💗👏👏👏

  21. Troels Andersen

    I Love Guy Sebastian ❤️❤️😊🇦🇺♥️🇦🇺♥️🌟

  22. Planet Earth


  23. Τηγανιτές Πατάτες

    If Australia wins where the esc will be;


    Jeez oh. My 12 points still go to Australia. It was an amazing entry

  25. Pelleboi YT

    I have a top 5 of all Australian songs so far in Eurovision.
    1. Guy Sebastian - Tonight again
    2. Isaiah - Don't come easy
    3. Dami Im - Sound of silence
    4. Jessica Mauboy - We got love
    5. Kate Miller-Heidke - Zero gravity

    Trent May

    Pelleboi YT cool mine is:
    1. Zero Gravity
    2. Sound of Silence
    3. We Got Love
    4. Tonight Again
    5. Don’t Come Easy

    Pelleboi YT

    Trent May cool

    αντίκα πολεμιστής

    Jessica was bad honestly but she tried her best.

  26. Frankie Cottrell

    This is just so bad. Sorry I’m a hater


    Sorry but you have no taste

  27. Bigger Flow


  28. 5Yelesomo

    2015 was the best eurovision ever no exception. Heroes was the best song ever except maybe fairytale and the rest of the competition was perfect

  29. must aa

    This is the offical anthem for capitalism



  30. זיו המגניב

    why the son is better then the father?

  31. Dominik Wimmer

    2015: Australia will be invited as a one time special guest only for the 60th edition
    2019: Australia will be part of eurovision 2020 for the 6th time in a row
    me: yeah thats why I have truest issues

    αντίκα πολεμιστής

    2016: Australia almost won

  32. Sebbzens Liv

    2019 someone?

  33. TLL-GD

    2019 anyone?

    Konstantin Derevosokroshchsky Volksgeist Federation

    Still my favourite Australian entry so far (Zero gravity is only my 2nd)

  34. Daniel Anbinder

    And 4 years later it is still the best Australian entry.

  35. Lady Sarah

    A consummate, thorough professional and a nice fellow to boot.

  36. Repsaii

    I know your name before I go

  37. sonari

    What's the lesson from this? You don't need to be European to be good at eurovision.

  38. Angie

    My favorite Song from Australia 👍💕 wow, with love from Germany 😘🇩🇪

  39. Lemmie Life

    I am watching guy on the voice

  40. Lemmie Life

    I'm an Aussie mate

  41. Victor

    had this been sung by a big name it would have been a hit song

  42. Tristan

    Love Eurovision 2015 , each song are brilliant !

  43. x Lyrette x

    2019 and this is still my favorite Australian entry by far!


    We have the same taste ✌️🤭

  44. AwesomeDude23

    By far Australia's best. Love Guy so much. Excellent performance.

  45. Teo G03

    One of my favourite All time Eurovision songs!!

  46. Chilly Boy

    2019 someone?

  47. Matthew Waterton

    Comparing every Australian entry shows that this year (2019) was definitely their worst


    Lol get fucked, Kate was incredible. Our "worst" was Jess, and that wasn't even her fault, the song was just bad and generic. She still rocked as best she could

  48. Tali Amir

    grate song 🏆

  49. Andre

    robbed this eurovision year for sure

  50. Евгения Ивановна

    Это лучшее выступление Австралии за все время! 🔥🔥🔥Привет из 2019 года ✌️

  51. Celia Delgado

    I can't still get over this... 2015 was so full of good songs

  52. Sorcha Gartland

    *2019* *Anyone*

    *Tonight's* *so* *gooood*

  53. Kerri cookie

    This is such a jam omg

  54. Gamen met Floris


  55. Bjørn Tore Arstein

    Aussie rules! Why Australia didn´t win ESC15 is beyond me, even now. We hope for Zero Gravity in Tel Aviv!!

  56. little rhinoceros

    **Shannon Noll has left the chat**

  57. linda Arvidsson

    Bästa Guy asså så bra

  58. Flashbax

    What a great memory this was. The fun of being in the contest for the first time and then totally astonished of just how good Sebastian handled this song. Blew the competition away.

    Sorcha Gartland

    If only all the other countries were this good.

  59. Undercover Mochi

    No wonder people think that Australia is in Europe... Jk I really love this, even 3 years later 💗

  60. ChaCha

    This was a GREAT entry and great first entry for Australia. I'm still listening in 2019.

  61. Flixey

    Guy Sebastian is perhaps the best live singer I've ever heard..

  62. Jan Neisius

    I think, why is this country still in this competition. For the 60 year special, okay, one time, but not every year then... They should call this competition Eurasalian Song Contest...

  63. Demetris Raphael Seymour

    thank you for welcoming Australia in Eurovision!!!!!!!!!

  64. mangelo1264

    Guy come back and slay our life!

  65. Hopkey 123

    I don't get how over 1,000 people can dislike *this* :v


    those miserable russian bots. hating on our guy.

  66. Aquamarine

    For being the first Aussie entry in esc, they did really good, but Australia hasn't quite understood the joke yet...


    Aquamarine I think since Australia came on the scene all the other countries have realised they need to lift their game.


    @scanspeak00 I don't think Australia knows that you have to be terrible in esc to succeed. But you have a point, Australia is already in the top each year.

  67. Yandolito

    The only truly good song since Australia debuted in Eurovision! Dami Im was great too but Australia needs to step it up, they're really lacking the Eurovision factor. 2015 was a good year for Eurovision 👌🏽☀️

  68. Chia Sanzes

    From some where among the Nordic countries I full heart supported when Australia join ESC 2015. But what made you to chose a copy act 2018 Estonia for 2019? Kate is a great Singer but Estonia already done it so much better and look what they send now :D most boring song lyrics without sense and a bad singer with good looks from Sweden and they again reach favorite ):. 2020 You send one of your bests again and do not copy anyone.

    Resin Villarama

    Well opera is a type of music too, but Estonia was pure opera in ITALIAN and Kate's is a popopera in ENGLISH, dress is totally irrelevant. And you are just seeing staging from a NF made for Australians, it will be different staging in the actual Semis in Tel Aviv, perhaps it will even be a remix just need to wait...


    Agree the staging gave flashbacks but the song is completely different. Staging will change dramatically for May.

  69. Blackn

    Best Eurovision performance ever!!!! Greeting from israel

  70. Ник shashlik


  71. Loes M

    Where will the competition be held in case Australia wins? All of Europe heading to Sydney? Or host in a european country?


    let's do it in israel again. they know how to party.

    A.M. Rifki A. 3rd

    one of the big 5 countries, but Australian presenters will still be used, only the venue won't be in Australia. it will be either in Germany or the UK.

  72. Frida J

    we love this in Sweden almost everybody knows this lyrics

  73. PARODISEN :3

    I love this song!!!!❤️💖♥️

  74. Napiang Tagam

    I preferred guy Sebastian than Bruno mars

  75. IceCranberry

    This was SUCH a great debut! In any other year he would have won, 2015 was a blood bath.

  76. Tobias Rotan

    Just came back here for a listen. What a masterpiece omg. And his voice is freaking amazing!!!

  77. misscareli

    @wow me haces bailar

  78. Kim Mar

    I'm Aussie and I still listen to this song. I remember Guy winning Australian Idol. Amazing singer.

  79. Tomte Åke

    So good


    Although Australia does not belong to Europe.. makes so damn great music and they prove it at this contest ...this song was a bit taste of the nowadays songs . Love it ...greetings from Greece

  81. Boele Mulderije

    Jesus Christ this sooo good how didn't this won

  82. Nell Martin

    Still listening and appreciating in 2019!

  83. Super servine Pro12

    Me every Sunday night

  84. William Keiser

    Why does every country literally send their worst to Eurovision?
    It’s embarrassing to have this washed up schmuck represent Australia when it has so many genuine, great artists.


    how is guy sebastian any of those things you describe you wanker? he has lived and breathed music well and truly before he got any sort of fame.


    like who? Who is a better vocalist than Guy?

    αντίκα πολεμιστής

    Dami Im is better sorry

  85. Abrahán Sáez Sánchez

    Un gran estreno por parte de Australia,de lo más moderno en el festival.

  86. LexPlayz

    They should get Hugh Jackman to do 2019

  87. Labels or Love

    The greatest

  88. David C

    Runsssss so on point. Much better live imo.

  89. Moran Dar

    this song is amazing, it's a nice throwback song with an amazing voice. happy it got the place it did! excellent debut for australia!

  90. icedreamer2

    Wow strongest performance in Eurovision I have ever seen, this even top "Molitva" so much!

  91. Carmelo Miduri

    He's in my top 2

  92. Kapil Sharma

    Sensational performance

  93. Jam Slam

    Dami >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Guy >>>>>> Isaiah >>>> Jessica

  94. Carmelo Miduri

    Beautiful song
    🇦🇺❤️From Italy

  95. Anders Blomquist

    Any other year this song would have won.

  96. Chris React

    Guy Sebastian the best singer for me

  97. cr ty

    This should of won....It literally sh*t all over the other performances of the night and they knew it. They just didn't want Australia to win. End of story.

  98. juda muziek world

    Wow what a debut from australia, perfect song i listening this song every single day

  99. G. Lu

    review: Smooth, jazzy, this song is pretty damn cool and is indeed, “one tough act to follow”, even against the winner. Alas, it lost. Ah well. 96/100.