Sebastian, Guy - Stars Collide Lyrics

A million words a million souls
Im stil trying to find my own
I didnt look but i found you
Throught the fog throught the haze
I lost sight of your face
Now im dreaming of the next time

When our stars collide
Im gonna hang myself out
Till i dry
Im putting it on the line
When our stars collide
Gonna make myself heard
Eat my pride
And tell you your the one
When our stars collide
I know they will collide

Burning out in the night
When i saw your satillite
Going round to remind me
I found a moon and made it ours
Then we lost it in a cloud
But we'll find another next time

I will keep gazing til you find my sky
Then i wont let you go

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Sebastian, Guy Stars Collide Comments
  1. Larry Curtis Madrigal

    Guy Sebastian go for the Grammy´s in 2013...

  2. BigCeefromAL

    Please teach me how do you keep your songs so damn fresh i love it keep doing my favorite is ther regaee version of cover of my heart please release it as a special release on your us cd

  3. BigCeefromAL

    love this song
    sing guy so glad you are finally an international artist it is about damn time now i will not have to buy your cd on ebay and pay high shipping even though its worth it your material is always good but it will be hard to top that album with thtat son on it

  4. threetimesfull

    Awesome! great to see guy singing this live finally!!!