Seaway - London Lyrics

She wants to move to London
She's got her big plan
She's got a year's rent and she's got friends there
She needs a change of scenery
But I could never move to London

She wants to move to Camden Town
But I've got my own plans
I'll get a cheap flight and visit when I can
She says she wants what I have

But I could never move to London
No, I can't go anywhere
I'm too broke and no fun
No, I can't go anywhere
Tell me when she's coming home

So tell me when she moves away
Will she find another man?
Another accent, a hiccup in my plan
To bring her home, to stay with me again
I'm overthinking

But I could never move to London
No, I can't go anywhere
I'm too broke and no fun
No, I can't go anywhere
Tell me when she's coming home

She wants to move to London
She's got her big plan
She's got her raincoat, umbrella in her hand
She says she wants what I have
I'm overthinking
'Cause what do I have?
I'm complicating
The situation

But I could never move to London
No, I can't go anywhere
I'm too broke and no fun
No, I can't go anywhere
Tell me when she's coming home
No, I can't go anywhere
I'm too broke and no fun
No, I can't go anywhere
Tell me when she's coming home
Tell me when she's coming home
Tell me when she's coming home

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Seaway London Comments
  1. A B

    The beginning is quite funny

  2. A B

    When I first heard this, I thought they meant London Ontario 😂 😂

  3. Stephen Kane

    This song would sound very dated if it came out in 2007

    A B

    So it must be REALLY dated now hahaha

  4. Osariik the Colourblind Guy

    This would have been so much fun to film.

  5. Smoky Dogzilla

    "im too broke"
    shiiid i felt that

  6. mafadubu95


  7. Sam B

    oh nice. some fellow canadians and they're pretty good

  8. Kiwi_91

    I’ve been to London and it was the most miserable 2 days of my life. I don’t know why but it just made me so depressed, lost my appetite too.

  9. shaesham

    Those are my speakers at 2:28!!

  10. shaesham

    This is so high quality. Goddamn. Can't believe this doesn't have more views. Incredibly well produced song and video.

  11. R C

    dis song is gud

  12. shaesham

    damn they went all out of this video. kudos. great song and video.

  13. Jon Is SHOOK

    I wish someone would look at me the way these guys are looking at that food. I love Seaweed!

  14. karl wilson

    this should have way more views

  15. Michael Bolton

    I love seeing bands from so close two my home town doing epic this is dope

    Rat Kid

    aye im from here too

  16. Omar Gonzalez

    The fuck is Seaboiz, bring back Seaway.

  17. thanks ace

    Can you please play at our wedding in 2020!? Love you guys 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Ace Cabral

    You're welcome.

  18. Samuel Tunfjord

    Hypocritical Seaway:

    " I can't go anywhere, I'm too broke" (London)
    "I've been everywhere man, Winnipeg to Amsterdam" (Neurotic)

    All love to Seaway for this album though!

  19. Nicole I

    Love y’all

  20. Netjak

    SEABOIZ back at it again

  21. Rose 051

    Umm no I want 2013 seaway back sorry this is trash

  22. Nathaniel Smith


  23. Gabriel_Facedown

    the lead singer looks like a young Donald T

  24. Daniel Varney

    This is gonna be long, but the way I found Seaway is something I really feel I need to share.
    I had never even heard of these guys when I went to see Neck Deep on Saturday. I also had other commitments and wasn’t able to make it to the Palladium venue until about 10 mins before the ND set began. So I missed everyone else. Had a ball in the pits, but as often is often the case, I got completely drenched in a hundred people’s sweat. It was also about 20 degrees F outside and my car’s heater is incredibly unreliable. Fortunately, I had planned on picking up a ND shirt, so I could at the very least have something dry to wear on my hour-and-a-half journey home. After waiting for twenty minutes in the back of the line, it was clear that I was going to be waiting for more than an hour—and by then, the likelihood of any design I even sort of enjoyed still being there was slim to none. I had already started to get very cold at this point and grew tired and irritable. So I drifted toward the other two nearby merch tables, because I needed something, no matter what it was. It was either Creeper or Seaway. I have actually listened to Creeper a bit, and am honestly not a huge fan. Plus, the line was way longer. I took a chance and picked up a Seaway shirt. Mind you, my closet is absolutely packed with band merch, but I am not the kind of guy to ever wear something repping a group I don’t enjoy. So I headed to my car with the new shirt on; as I started to back out of my parking spot, I stopped. I couldn’t get over the fact that I didn’t know anything about this group. So I opened up the iTunes Store on my phone and downloaded Vacation. I had a relatively long drive, so I figured I might as well check them out, ya know? This was now 48 hours ago, and I know nearly every song on the album by heart and just started jamming Colour Blind (which I think is equally good, if not a little bit better) a couple hours ago. Mind you, Neck Deep is one of only a select few pop punk bands I really enjoy, as I’m more of a heavy music fan. But these guys have already become one of my favorite bands and it was all by accident. I know it’s not some “crazy story,” but to me, this is the kind of unexpected occurrence that can really make a person truly grateful. Thank you so much, Seaway. And ND for having only one merch guy working during and after their set.


    I discovered these guys on this tour too. I saw them in Rochester, and hadn't heard of any of the acts other than Neck Deep before the concert. Sure enough. I like a few songs from Creeper and a few songs from Speak Low, but Seaway kicks ass. I'm trying to work at being able to sing with that good grit their vocalist, Ryan has sometimes.

    Frogan Lanklin

    That tour was the tits

  25. Okiko Chan

    cant move somewhere where there's no timmies

  26. AdrianDX

    Dat moment when I was too broke to go see Seaway in London =(

  27. Sean Faska

    These dudes are so much fucking fun.  Straight jams all day.

  28. Birth A Legend

    Wtf is this shit. So cookie cutter

  29. Bunny Rock

    Yeah! 900's like! =:)

  30. Hello World

    Yayy I love this song so much!

  31. jessieka A

    I hope this song will be in the setlist for Neckdeep tour with you guys! I'm excited to meet the band this February!

    Jordan C

    Jessieka Arboleda it was

    jessieka A

    Yeh Mon thank god! I wanna hear it live so bad thanks for the information!

  32. Valéria Przysbeczyski

    So good!!!

  33. Elaine Marie

    just found you guys and i'm so glad i did
    looking forward for more!

  34. K Hell

    Digging the ski scenes at Mont Tremblant! That place is awesome for shredding!

  35. vanrok

    I moved to London, i'm always broke XD

  36. Tyler Marcantonio

    Classic meat eaters

  37. taypkaz

    I like the old sound. But im not saying that this is bad. Just some preferences.

  38. Roman Pašek

    great video as always! and there is Staropramen - Czech beer! <3

  39. Necromance Digital Magazine

    Published in web and shared in our social media pages:

  40. C K

    i can always count on seaboiz to make a great music video

  41. C K

    Adam was so funny😂

  42. Kate Lubell

    Why is the video for London so Canadian lol

    Funk Master

    That girl is 100% in London

    Kate Lubell

    lol i know but they feel the need to prove their canadianess in every video, it's gr8 tho but still c'mon boyz

    Hollie Gainer

    Can't move to London because they love Canada

    Adam Birangga

    @Hollie Gainer exactly

  43. Mark Jones

    The maniacal laugh after saying 'IM TOO BROKE'... fucking hysterical!

  44. morriman0987

    As someone from London now Living in Barcelona, I'd just like to say, I approve.

  45. Jordyn Cox


  46. kyle abent

    Friday Feb 9th @@ Detroit w/ Neck Deep, I'm going to this show! :D

  47. Jackson The Epic

    These guys just get better with each album

    Jeremy Keyes

    Jackson The Epic preach brother preach

  48. Meekahchu Jabronichu

    i fucking love seaway

  49. Steph A


  50. HY U

    poutines and beavers? but what could be more Canadian? HAHAHA I love it

  51. Fynch


  52. mattV770

    Best music videos in the scene.
    Fuck it, best music videos in the world.

  53. Mohammad Rahadyan Parahita

    Made my day :))

  54. Leoven-Ron De Gracia

    SeaBOYS ^_________________________________^

  55. Davide babetto

    Beatiful video, great song and damn good band.

  56. Sam Huertas

    Welp, good timing.

    [Also, she must be really high maintenance if she can afford a year's rent in Camden Town, just sayin']

    Liam Cave

    damn if she can just whip up a years rent in camden shes a keeper... or a dealer

  57. LoveBaseballLove

    seaboiz more like fanseaboiz. highbrowboiz.

  58. Jesse Shipp

    Is this girl the DJ from the Your Best Friend video? Pretty sure it is

  59. tmlguy24


  60. tellthatmick

    Compromise and move to London, Ontario

    Marek W

    tellthatmick I was thinking the same thing lol London Ontario is a great place, love living here

  61. ttapodcast


  62. Mylene Blain

    Eating poutine while skiing in Mont-Tremblant, so pop-punk.

    Robert Hurst

    How did I know it was Tremblant, aha

    Mylene Blain

    At 0:56 you can see shops that are at the bottom of Tremblant's mountain.

  63. alex yudha

    the beaver is the only seaway member that matters

  64. BB Hogan

    see you guys in bristol on wednesday lol, not london tho...

  65. Alec Turcot

    1:20 good use of the Rock meme

  66. Kenneth Zielinski

    Patty C smells what The Rock is cookin

  67. Jason Krok

    3:08 Andrew's love stare tho.. LOL

  68. TheEnglishWay1

    Guys, I live in London - Hook me up with your honey, i'll happily keep her company ;) JK looking forward to seeing you BOIZ on the 17th 👌

  69. Rizz3n

    I can identify with that "too broke" line, haha.

  70. chris leske

    When I’m having a bad day, I just watch a Seaway music video and I’m 110% better.

  71. Belilos

    good luck finding a place to live in camden town without being a millionare

  72. carolyn shuluk

    my boys

  73. Mike Stankovich

    I can relate to this song

  74. The Last Confidence


  75. What The Sam Hill

    SeaBoiz never dissapoint! Great song and as always, an amazing video😁

  76. Breaking The Image


  77. John Rev Mendoza

    That second to the last "Tell me when she's coming home" will always be my favorite part of any song

  78. Drokage DR34MC43T

    Great video great band great song all there is to it

  79. ceejlol


  80. good night moon

    "no, i can't go anywhere, im too broke"


    good night moon

    Zappelfrey hey

    noah alcoser

    Should I see Seaway with Sum 41 tomorrow???

    Steph A

    noah alcoser yes dude go for it

  81. alma

    my seaboiz

  82. sergeiprimal


  83. Ben W


  84. Arthur Gilles

    SEABOIIIIIZ back together !