Seaway - Apartment Lyrics

You left, the coffee's burning
You thought that I was sleeping
When you told me you loved me
You'll slip a note in my jeans
And let me know what you mean in pen
Farewell, I'm leaving soon

All I wanna do
Is nothing with you
In your apartment, on vacation forever
In your apartment

I'll take the subway downtown
We'll slip away, fool around
Let me swim in your thoughts again
We'll write a song no one hears
Bite our lips, fight the tears
So long, farewell, we're leaving
Yeah we're leaving soon
We need this but

All I wanna do
Is nothing with you
In your apartment, on vacation forever
In your apartment, on vacation forever

Flip your hair
I feel you everywhere
Unaware of just what you do
I'm so scared
And loaded with blues
But balanced by you
Flip your hair
I feel you but I'm so scared
And loaded with blues
But balanced by you

All I wanna do
Is a whole lot and nothing with you
In your apartment, on vacation forever
In your apartment, on vacation forever
In your apartment
In your apartment, on vacation forever

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Seaway Apartment Comments
  1. A B

    The lyrics are full of single quotes instead of apostrophes

  2. Fitzcannon

    Queer music

  3. bryan judson

    I saw you guys in concert in salt lake city, when you went with neck deep!

  4. Adriel Ortiz

    This is the only good song in this album the rest is radio friendly and i cant get into it

  5. carolyn shuluk

    my boys

  6. Luis Bottoni


  7. gabebravo

    Basically pop music.

  8. heyitsizzy

    Saw you guys in the latest issue of AP Mag in the artist suggestion section! Startin to love you guys!

  9. HighXTension

    Just saw them live with Four Years Strong. Just picked up this album. Such a great band! 🤘

  10. Autumn DuBay

    Most of these views are from me sitting at work, jamming out.

  11. ケイkæn

    the only reason people are hating on these videos is because they're edgy idiots that miss old bubble gum punk bands

    (I miss them too but stop being fucking edgy this shit is golden as well)

  12. Sean Irvine

    seven pairs of khaki shorts, and stickers for my mac. mom and dad just don't understand :(

  13. T H E G A T S B Y A F F A I R

    E A R G A S M 🤘

  14. dylanathepsn

    I fuckin love Seaway

  15. Daniel Hunter

    Can you guys incorporate the dancing Batman with cowbell from the Shy Guys video in your next music video? k thx

  16. Iamshort435

    Fuck yea bros, rad song and appreciating the 21:9!

  17. Corey Forbes

    This video is just awkward to watch

  18. Ana Diandra

    Pregnant in an instant

  19. vdrivne

    you look like nevel papperman

  20. kothDG12O

    I love Safeway

  21. Will Reid

    Seaway and Knuckle Puck releasing albums within a month of each other rip my speakers

  22. Molly Brawley

    Ryan Locke has my heart

  23. Offensivename

    wow, what a good song

  24. Thomas Weber

    I related to this video hardcore because I chill with my dog in my apartment all day and sing to her.

  25. Grimreaper420ful

    I wish it was "In MY apartment" and the song was about staying home all day with their dogs!!!

  26. fernandez

    pop punk goin stronk

  27. donus!

    Holy shit, last time I listened to Seaway was Sabrina the Teenage Bitch, this is so good

  28. Andross Music

    nice to hear a pop punk song with lyrics that aren't sob-town usa. thanks segway.

  29. T Newberry

    I have never understood this, "I'm 30 but pretend I'm in high school" style music.

    Joe Miller

    Ur right music has to be serious and about getting old. Can't write music that younger guys can relate to

  30. Edison Hernandez

    I can't wait to see these guys live again in a few months!

  31. PopPunkExpress

    Amazing song but underwhelming music video

  32. D Nelson

    Mmmmmm, love this <3

  33. Peleed Nanner

    This is fucking golden. Love this band so much.

  34. Valéria Przysbeczyski

    Good song and good video! :)

  35. Cat Healy

    New jam from my Seaway boys, yes bby

  36. Sunland Park Kevin Besler

    kinda generic sounding

  37. Advait Naik

    Holy fuck.

  38. Rizz3n

    Colourblind was a fucking pop punk masterpiece, so excited for this one!


    ugh, SO GOOD

  40. keraroh

    Hahaha the end of video be like "Fuck we missed the flight bro..."

  41. ILove PopPunk

    Massive band! Massive track! Massive album? Can't wait for it!

  42. Roman Pašek

    everytime when i see my favourite band is going to release new album I'm really scared. lot of bands change their style from scratch and they're completely different. BUT... here is great song and it sounds like the old Seaway! of course their music is evolving, so it's little bit different, but still the same, my loved, style!

  43. Jono Bennett

    Give it up for DOGGOS.

  44. Adriana mendoza

    Can't wait to see them in concert again!! Fucking badass and amazing!! And they're so nice!!!❤️😭

  45. Kevin Cruz

    it's amazing what a lower tuning can do to a band's sound.. this is awesome!

  46. Jordan Butler

    Great tune, but these Seadudes really need to learn how to communicate with each other. Nothing wrong with a friendly brojob.

  47. Toast and Jam Sessions

    I really hope people don't sleep on this release because it's going to RIP!

  48. Patrick Brennan

    Hell yeah! This is awesome

  49. Najabi Cruz

    yesssss b

  50. Tzeltzin Rosales

    I can't belive is awesome , great song ! my new favorite song of 2017 👏💖

  51. brockhampilton

    yees this is so good

  52. 01UofMfan

    Such a great song, I'm really looking forward to Vacation!

  53. Douglas Gomez

    I see a dog, I click

  54. ttapodcast

    Damn, I guess Locke and PC just decided to ditch the others and go on as a duo. That's too bad, I'll miss the other guys.

    Brendon Minchew

    ttapodcast I keep up with their drummer on Instagram. They haven't went anywhere lol

  55. Tanner Short

    ERMEHGERD! it's a hit!

  56. pop punk dad

    I think 2017 is going to overtake 2015 as the best year in modern pop punk history!

  57. pop punk?!

    It's decent...

    pop punk?!

    Forget it. It's superb.

  58. Paddie Corley

    I really enjoy this don't get me wrong, but I can't help but feel it's quite straightforward to write about a girl and was kinda hoping for lyrics somewhat more stimulating

  59. SimpsonDay

    me encanta ese sonido.
    come to Chile !!!

  60. Darise Rodriguez

    I clicked for the dog, I stayed for the good music

  61. Sean Michael Gordon

    this is Better than anything neck deep released this year. Seaway forever.

    D Nelson


    Ariana Rivera

    Yes finally someone agrees


    I think that they just had two different styles, and liking one style more than another is okay too. Neck Deep definitely went a little softer in most songs on TPATP.

  62. Jon P

    Killer song. Intro sounds similar to Hands Down by Dahsboard.

  63. daveyboy9000

    Good song. I've really been enjoying this band lately

  64. jvstndrvms

    can't tell if Descendants reference or not..

  65. ryan daly

    If you want to hear a good version of this song, listen to The Descendents "Nothing With You"

    Edison Hernandez

    ryan daly I love that song too lol


    ryan daly I like both bands, but the Descendents' Nothing With You is def the better song.

  66. life as alexis

    So. Much. Good. Music.

  67. James Jenkins

    Fucking Seaway, so underrated

  68. Jordo

    Another great banger form OceanGuyz

  69. Austin Werner

    this song sucks

    Douglas Gomez

    Austin Werner How so? Just curious

    Austin Werner

    Douglas Gomez I found it predictable and the lyrics were mediocre in my opinion. They were more authentic with stuff like Sabrina The Teenage Bitch. This just seems cookie cutter

    pop punk?!

    You should listen to this again. If you liked at least 3-4 songs on their debut album, you will eventually like this.

  70. Oswaldo Gutierrez


  71. HopeToTheWEAK

    I love seaway, love from a small town in Texas

  72. Matthew Nicholls

    yo fuck Seaway amirite

  73. Trash Ian

    citizen neck deep mccafferty and now seaway

  74. Unknown Artist

    2017 is the year of pop punk

    Unknown Artist

    Dylan B We got two new state champs songs this year as well. I know they've been working on a new record, they said when I saw them live in April. I just hope the record comes out this year.

    Oswaldo Gutierrez

    also the broadside's one was lit, i hope mayday parade drop a new record too

    Chris Cartwright

    That was 2001 lol

    Edison Hernandez

    you shoulda been there for 2003. that was when pop punk ruled the airwaves and filled arenas!

    pop punk dad

    Unknown Artist best years in pop punk 2001, 2003, 2015 and 2017. All huge Lit years for albums and shows.

  75. Kenneth Zielinski

    Almost as good as LFO, Summer Girls

    Edison Hernandez

    Kenneth Zielinski I was listening to that song recently lol

  76. Brittany Harris

    The three people who disliked this video needs to be slapped

  77. The Grey Field

    pop punk not dead!

  78. Gapeh0rn

    Did New found glory change their name ?


    Gapeh0rn hella NFG vibes!!

  79. LoveBaseballLove

    They can steal the equipment but they can't steal the HELLA BOP!!!!!! 👌👌👌

  80. Jordan Bogdan

    they are actually singing to each other thats what the whole music video is supposed to portray

  81. Sam Caballero

    love it!

  82. That pop punk kid

    And they say pop punk is dead

  83. lil snowflake

    YESS my life is now complete

  84. Mark Ranold

    The cute puppers alone deserve a like

  85. X x

    this album better give them much more recognition they're so so underrated it's ridiculous fight me on this i dare u

    Colby Clanton

    Truer words have never been said. I'll fight who ever disagrees as well!

    Jake from State Farm

    jasey rae son, I agree

    Lotion In Motion

    I've never heard of Seaway before the album and decided to check it out after seeing a pop-punk album on the iTunes new releases and I gotta say I'm really impressed. 4/5 So I agree that they deserve much more recognition than they have.

    Vegas On Fire

    I disagree

    Rawley Ryan

    X x wazz up you trying to throw them hands ?

  86. Barry Sells

    Dem Seaboiiizzz at it again.

  87. Lucas Lvr


  88. Valentina Londono

    the dogs made this video x100000 better

  89. 7 Luna

    Good one boys

  90. Dony Setiawan

    I love 2017

  91. Matteo D'Aliesio

    these lads got the best pop punk hands down right now

  92. Helio Santos

    realy love it.. 😢❤

  93. Aaron Britton

    Yay im early and this is so good

    Edison Hernandez

    Aaron Britton no that's mean.