Searchers, The - When You Walk In The Room Lyrics

I can feel a new expression on my face
I can feel a glowing sensation taking place
I can hear the guitars playing lovely tunes
Every time that you walk in the room

I close my eyes for a second and pretend it's me you want
Meanwhile I try to act so nonchalant
I see a summer's night with a magic moon
Every time that you walk in the room

Maybe it's a dream come true
Walking right alongside of you
Wish I could tell you how much I care
But I only have the nerve to stare

I can feel a something pounding in my brain
Just any time that someone speaks your name
Trumpets sound and I hear thunder boom
Every time that you walk in the room
Every time that you walk in the room

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Searchers, The When You Walk In The Room Comments
  1. Chad Waldron

    Can you believe that? Still one of the best musical scores ever written and performed to perfection. Thank you, gentlemen.

  2. Henri Put

    The searchers een groep uit de sixties . Bedank voor de mooie muziek fan henri put belgium

  3. keef71

    Mr. Pender and his 12-string

  4. gdholmfirth

    Makes it easier to play the guitar riff using the 12-string Ricky, doesn't it?

  5. Lord Milton Keynes

    I heard this song being played yesterday at a country store outside event whilst waiting for Santa to arrive. Just had to check this Searchers version out, and found it "live" so no studio tweaking going down here. Bought back many memories of being able the hop between all the pirate radio stations before they were banned. There was one part of this version which bought a tear to my eyes. The camera panned onto the audience, who like me remembered all the words and sang along, but the best bit was when they stopped vocalising and let the audience call out in tune "Walk in the room". Absolute magic.

  6. raywhittenjr


  7. hutchie59

    So glad that I saw them on their final tour. They gave boundless pleasure to thousands for years. Well done guys.

  8. Rob S

    It's too bad the marketed commodity that was and is the Beatles overshadowed so many other pop/rock groups in the 1960's, which were so much better.

  9. Lee Davies

    Played this at my Dads funeral i know its a happy song but brings a tear to my eyes everytime

  10. Ton Veenbrink

    Great but there.s no 12 string in this song

  11. Z5733942648 Z5733942648

    There's one thing worse than lip synching a studio recording, and that's lip synching a live recording.

  12. ann barry


  13. Benjamin Littlefield

    Is it me, or is this lineup tighter than ever? They were tight in '64!

  14. Martin's Music Channel


  15. Graham Leadbeatter

    Great song.

  16. Gert Pretorius

    Noleen this is how you make me feel every time you walk into the room.

  17. Peter Deamicis

    Tremendous. Thanks for the post.

  18. Tuten Vanman

    Which one is Tony Jackson wasn't he the original singer.

  19. Jørn Wentzel

    The best english popgroup ever!!

  20. Jytte Jensen

    This lovely band and their music means something special to my husband I. We have been married in 43 years and known each other since 1968

  21. Brummie H

    Bloke in the middle is miming.

    Tim Fatchen

    Nup. It's just the video and the soundtrack very slightly out of sync. Drives me mad when I'm trying to put up a live music video on youtube. it's gotta be exactly right!

  22. Carlos Nells

    I drank a lot of college beers listening to these guys...

  23. jrgboy

    Check out the original version by writer Jackie de Shannon..

  24. John Phillips

    I take my hat of To john Mcnally Rhythm guitar playing on those searchers records. wonderful Right hand

  25. Richard Schaefer

    Keep on keepin' on lads! Rock til you drop!

  26. Basil Nedic

    this music will never die they can still do it mate not crapp like these days

  27. Richard Schaefer

    A timeless tune...

  28. Ken Hatchett

    It don’t get much better than this,great classic from the band that made it a classic

  29. wink8310

    My a 60's Boomer....I am lucky and proud I grew up during that era....I feel sorry for today's youth who have garbage to listen to...

  30. Erica Gitzel

    Music is as close as you can get to a time machine.

  31. neil bolton

    the fabulous searchers

  32. kingstumble

    The audience showing its age. Everybody clapping on the wrong beat.  You clap on the OFF beat not the on beat!

  33. cojaysea

    They sound great

  34. mrmusic 248

    Let's not forget the Pam Tillis cover, PLUS, the Jackie deShannon original !

  35. Joseph Obenauer

    So good...

  36. Roby Lazarus


  37. neil bolton

    this is just amazing

  38. john huffinley

    are they actual group or just couple of them

  39. norbertk630

    Thema searchers, One of the best!

  40. Sue Richardson

    Just saw the Searchers tonight - 2.12.2018. and they were fantastic. Got a DVD signed. Always had a shine for John McNally and he is still a handsome fella. Nice to meet them...

  41. Right Fromleft

    One of my all time favorite songs. That riff on the 12 string is the best.

  42. Elle

    oooh you also still make me tingle and have still got a little crush on one of you chaps.
    it is wonderful to feel that tingle again!!!!

  43. Elle

    oh my word boys you are so so much better now than at anyother time, i have been at your concerts. for many years i got to see you perform over all your evolving. this is the best you have been.
    , i was the youngest child in my family and so as i was born in the 60' era of music and has stayed with me and you all influenced me with my appreciation for real music and lyrics. you boys are meant to together and because of things like this, you ALWAYS will be together.
    i feel blessed to be able to write you this little note. thankyou sweet souls x

  44. jmary smyth

    Love this song!


    More more more love this music all the 1960- 70 music was class from wid

  46. Keyboard Krazy

    met these guys a couple of times at the Great Dorset Steam Fair. Im GUTTED that I missed your farewell concert in Torquay - thank you for the years of happiness Searchers!

  47. Sonny's Oldies

    34 thumbs down on this...they can't be music lovers...stick to your rap and hip hop and don't watch this.

  48. Telling the Truth

    Needs Mike Pender back in the line up......

  49. Anita Ekberg

    Still going strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. steve vye

    One of the great 60's bands , class lasts 4ever

  51. carl byrne

    seen them in south australia and they where absolutely fantastic

  52. PMA Judge


  53. Silvia Rühsen

    Tasmania - sends greetings

  54. Theo Van Bekkum

    geweldig 8-11-2017

  55. Auro Capitani

    Brasilian .Very good . Beatifull.

  56. Brian Hamilton

    when tony jackson left the group the sound  with him

  57. David Varvill

    Have seen them three times in the last few years and their songs take me straight back to the 60's , FANTASTIC. I used to play guitar in a group then and we all loved playing their songs , not difficult to play but you had to have a couple of good singers for the harmony. May the Searchers play many more gigs and entertain us old fans!

  58. Александр Климанов

    Прямо-как и 45лет назад!

  59. Kate King

    I've always said I was born in the wrong era as I'm only 18 but 60s music is my favourite era for music I never listen to modern music as nothing can beat the 60s

  60. Antoni Mendo

    excelente vídeo, ellos si son músicos en verdad

  61. paul stephenson

    Every time I hear this song the hair stands up on the back of my neck I automatically drift back to the sixty's, hanging around the fairground just loving the great sounds as a 15yr old kid, the hollies .the Who, Small Faces. You just can't buy that history that some of us were so fortunate to be a part of.

  62. jane oughton

    saw these guys a while back they were splendid olso they looked immaculate still very profesional ....long live the 60s xxxx

  63. KT the 90s girl

    I can the guitar play what a lovely tune
    Oh yeah! 60s still live on
    Great one
    Thanks Chris
    All the best,
    Katie x

  64. 54musiclover

    With 2 guys over 70 in the band they are still one of the best. Justin Bever couldn't string their guitars.


    Don't think he could string ANY guitar for that matter.  

    Back then you needed two things to make it: talent and luck.
    Nowadays one thing will suffice: looks.
    Is that progress or what..?

  65. Pete Smith

    Timeless classic song.

    maurice Taylor

    see how long the shite of today's groups last,not like the band's of the 60s.

  66. Lesley Storey

    Electric land

  67. Lesley Storey

    Sweet for my sweet

  68. Lesley Storey

    are you pleased to see me or ?

    Lesley Storey

    I did not post that comment

  69. Lesley Storey

    they wish they had the electricity source

  70. Lesley Storey

    all together now were over the hard bit now

  71. Lesley Storey

    the bloke on the left looks like the new mayor of liverpool

  72. Lesley Storey

    not paying into you sytem think I will work on growing up t b a mosquio

  73. Mark Mckenzie

    Brilliant! great memories and great music!

    Cees Stratman

    Mark Mckenzie

  74. Lesley Storey

    and without all the screaming

  75. Keith Abbott

    The Golden Years will be covering this song at their next Charity event in 2017.....keep googling for further info..Support the Fight against Cancer!....thankyou ...Keith.

  76. Douglas Spence

    A band who served their time in the sixties and can still deliver - not like today's overnight wonders - who don't have a clue !

    Philip Harrison

    Yes,and no one remember the latest thing aka Chip paper.

  77. PictureMeBesideYou

    Not forgotten by the younger generation. 23 and love them. Also. Not for autistic people. Get stuffed. I suffer ASD.

  78. Kjellén Matsson

    underbart sound för en som växte upp på 50 talet

  79. Frank Robinson

    Tony is it true your brother Frank bought your first guitar?

  80. eyraudpa

    great to hear that

  81. Phoebe Fugate

    nice awesome song

  82. Leanne Matthews

    I love the soft bass!

  83. Michel Bilodeau

    Pour Toi Marilou

  84. Brendan Jewell

    the could be big?

  85. oz1902

    The Searchers have proved it - we don't get old, we just get better!


    Just like fine wine...

  86. Dominic Colgan

    Probably the best song they ever did.Love the riff on the Rickenbacker still after all these years.

  87. Kjellén Matsson

    i Love seachers sound

  88. samantha Barkel

    after all these years the sound is amazing , could listen to this all day

  89. Jeff Green

    What a class act, played live you can hear it, feel it, fantastic stuff, sure beats all this latest funk punk lip sinking shit, hands down, quality stuff.

  90. eyraudpa

    I always loved the Searchers, haven't changed 50 years after, they are a major group, unluckily forgotten to-day by the younger people

    Mr Mental

    +eyraudpa No they are not forgotten me and my friends love them as well as THE BEATLES!

    una mckillen

    Yes, the two and more can co-exist.  Us sixties children still love those little love songs.

    Mr Mental

    una mckillen Im born in 73 and discovered the Beatles the day John was murdered as they played Beatles and Johns solo songs around the clock, December the 8 th! Then I looked through my dad and moms albums and discovered the whole treasure with all different groups like the Searchers! I got one Beatles album every Christmas from 1980 and forward in chronological order. Now my kids are discovering them!

    una mckillen

    Oh, how I love your post.  I remember that December the 8th.  My brother and I cried.  You went on to discovering stuff that was my youth and your children too!  My son allowed me "Summer in the City" and that was it.

    Mr Mental

    +una mckillen Yeas this murder was not easy to accept! George Harrisons death was difficult for me as I didnt know how sick he was? I was at our cottage on the Swedish country side and when I heard the radio news about him I was stunned. I left the breakfast table and went for a walk and was close to tears!

  91. Antoinette Zammit

    Thanks for the D,V,D..NICE SONG'S.

  92. patsygall

    Aye they where the good days

  93. rikoski

    Better than the covers!!! So good. So satisfying!!!

    Tuten Vanman

    It is a cover.

  94. Eric Neilson

    This is brilliant after all these years

  95. 54musiclover

    Saw them live last year. Never hit a bum note once. SUPERB!!!!

    una mckillen

    My brother and I three weeks ago.  It was a great concert.  Those old guys know how to give value.  Their days of 20 minute sets where girls scream and throw their knickers are over.  They need to be able to play, sing and be funny and they delivered.

  96. Lars-Gunnar Nyqvist

    one of the best groups in the 60th and their music is still green

  97. Sarah Aduddell

    JackieQuack  Has anybody heard or read that when the Beatles were just getting started that they opened for the Searchers.  The Searchers at that time were the preeminent group in England

  98. Alex Gentle

    What a great sound, great song- I love the 12 string Rickenbacker and the Searchers were great Rick artists

  99. julie jones

    Classic track. Even tho before my time. I now appreciate the significance of this track today.