Searchers, The - When I Get Home Lyrics

There's gonna be good times baby, just wait and see
Music and parties and laughter like it used to be
'Cause I'm comin' back to make us a life of our own
When I get home, when I get home baby

Five thousand miles from you baby is far I know
But just remember this baby wherever you go
I'm gonna love you, never leave you alone
When I get home, when I get home baby

When I get home
You're gonna wake up and find there's a new kind of dawn
Baby, when I get home
I'm gonna make up for all the time I've been gone
Baby, baby, if you love me

You'll hang on a little bit longer and we'll see it through
Their ain't no nothin' can stop me from reaching you
And I'm gonna give you a love like you've never known
When I get home, when I get home baby
When I get home baby
When I get home baby
When I get home

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Searchers, The When I Get Home Comments
  1. John Robertson

    poor chart placing, still holding on to beat boom, good tho'

  2. teddyboy1000

    HOW are there 22,000 plus views and ONLY 70 likes what is WRONG with people THIS song is AWESOME

  3. Rebecca' Dale

    the British invasion bands like the seachers rocked the world now there old people Mike penders still singing today and I thank he was very blessed

    Sandy Sandy

    Rebecca' Dale
    I sure do miss Tony Jackson .

  4. Rebecva Dale

    It kinda of sounds like country it's good cover version of the song

  5. Rebecva Dale

    The searchers british rock I love Them a lot they make very happy year's come and go but the music of the searcher is forever

  6. Rebecva Dale

    I wonder if the British invasion had impact on barbie dolls there fashion music and outfits had a impact on barbie dolls

  7. Rebecva Dale

    I was born in the British invasion of 1964 I love the those band's without them life wouldn't be the same

  8. WIBG Dave Rave

    Bobby Darin, co-writer of this song, released this song on a 45 in the US on Capital 5443 in 1965. His own version is OUTSTANDING!!! And yes, I also love the Searchers version. My Relics and Rarities radio listeners also love both.

  9. Vexillien

    Another amazing song by The Searchers, I've been humming it all day :)

  10. captainsoul1953

    great sound.....great band !!

  11. terry dean

    Unbeatable Untouchable,Thats the Searchers, thanks for the vid....

  12. 3LittleBiggs

    The Searchers are always WONDERFUL! :-)) Thank you, again!! :-)

  13. dragon5937

    Wonderful Searchers