Searchers, The - Sweets For My Sweet Lyrics

Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey
Your first sweet kiss thrilled me so
Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey
I'll never ever let you go

If you wanted that star that shines so brightly
To match the stardust in your eye
Darling, I would chase that bright star nightly
And try to steal it from the sky
And I would bring

Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey
Your first sweet kiss thrilled me so
Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey
I'll never ever let you go

If you wanted a dream to keep you smilin'
I'd tell the sandman you were blue
And I'd ask him to keep that sand a-pilin'
Until your dreams had all come true
And I would bring

Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey
Your first sweet kiss thrilled me so
Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey
I'll never ever let you go

And if you wanted a love to last forever
Darlin' I would send my love your way
And my love'd not only last forever
But forever and a day
And I would bring

Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey
Your first sweet kiss thrilled me so
Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey
I'll never ever let you go

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Searchers, The Sweets For My Sweet Comments
  1. Azza Smith

    what a great group the searchers were and are and what great fans they must haveto have state so popular long and looking at the videothey enjoy their playing will miss the group they seem so nice people

  2. Chet!!!

    I glad I found this song on Spotify 😍

  3. cosima kazak

    Really nice song 👍
    Luv these original songs /Videos ❤

  4. Steve

    Not often a cover version is this much better than the original, but in this case the Drifters get blown out the water here.

  5. Martha Perdew

    Tony Jackson's voice was awesome ! I love the Searchers

  6. BachieGaga 9

    This always reminds me of a honey bbq rub seasoning 😂🤣🤷‍♂️

  7. Geoff M

    The marvellous Tony Jackson, leading the vocals here, was in my opinion one of the best singers of the 1960’s.

  8. manchild3479

    tony jackson,should not have left.

  9. Martin Brzeczek

    The first 45 that I bought!! Sounds as good now as it did then.

  10. Palo Talo

    Pitch oh mon pitch quand t’as un ptit creux...

  11. Steven Baer

    The all black singing group the Drifters sang it way much better

  12. old65rocker

    Never quite the same after Tony Jackson went

  13. Alvin manaog

    Criss cover is most popular but having respect with them...

  14. César Barbosa

    🎶... Your first sweet kiss thrilled me so...🎶

  15. Ann TwoShoes

    This is MY teenage song. Happy memories.

  16. Mats Petter Johnsen

    I legit thought they sang "sugar for my harley"....

  17. jane oughton

    these guys were smart good looking and could sing and harmonise ,,,,,the guys that are left still do a great show ,,what fantastic songs they brought us in the good old 60s era WOW XX

  18. CrystalEmerald Diamond


  19. Drasil Ygg

    Ohrwurm!!! Love this song

  20. Nuno Alexandre

    switch for my switch, router for my router, sorry i could not resist ... Muahahahahaah

  21. Plös Kutya

    wery wery goood song!!!!!!

  22. Deirdre Stewart

    grt sông before my time but love it~👌

  23. spengel katja



    best British band even been to their Australian concerts three that John McNally guitar playing !

  25. jmn93065

    The English sound characterized the 60's and the Searchers were among the top groups. What a great era for music

  26. Robin Mayhew

    Just heard this on Golden Years Radio . net and all the 60's music that gets played takes me back to the good old days when I had a rock band called The Presidents. Our recording for Decca in 1965 was lost for 53 years and just released in June 2018 and Golden Years has included it in the playlist.  Got the old band back together and made a video so it's me 78 miming to me singing 25 - great fun and who knows we might trend : -)

  27. Nora Bertleff

    Das Leid ist toll.

  28. Tonetwisters

    The guitar work and guitar tonalities in this band were just spectacular.
    These guys came to Jacksonville Florida on 24 July 1965 and I really wanted to see them. But the band I was in had a job in Palatka Florida. Early (VERY early) the next morning, I lost a 1954 Fender Stratocaster out the back window of my brother's station wagon on the Jacksonville expressway. A very costly two days for a 17-year-old kid, that's for sure.

  29. siuol8

    Decent version but not close to the Drifters.

  30. Christopher Jeffery

    Buster Soundtrack Anyone

  31. Martin Langley

    Ooo, woo oo, woo oo, oo oo.

  32. Purple Wolf

    I'm a 90s baby but I LOVE this genre of music! They just don't make decent music like this anymore!

  33. Miguel Cruzado Ignacio


  34. John Slocum

    One of the Searchers was from N. Ireland. I hope he is a good Ulster Scot.

  35. Mark Harner

    Good song, but the Drifter's rendition is much more soulful.

    225 Marklin

    Absolutely. And Mort Shuman's piano Cubano...nothing better.

  36. Arsim Drmaku


  37. Cowardly Custard

    hanoi hanna !!!

  38. Henrique Gomes

    Ola Galera tudo bem Galera veja os meus videos eu toco Rock n Roll veja e Rock novo valeu um abraço a minha banda e Rocha Vulcanica valeUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  39. Silvia Rühsen

    For Twitter, Instagram, etc. You make your way

  40. Dimitri

    Bin eigentlich wegen miner morsels 100k special hier lol

  41. Silvia Rühsen

    Brexit would be.a hard road

  42. Silvia Rühsen

    Sweets to earth - don't be arrogant

  43. Adam Colley

    The last few months to catch the remaining Searchers John McNally and Frank Allen. They finally call it a day on 31st March 2019 after 60 years.

  44. roblaa


  45. Silvia Rühsen

    Russia needs sweets

  46. Silvia Rühsen

    Presidents sat beneath - putin .came later. .... all stars of fencing

  47. J Boi

    Groups back then was all about recognising TALENT!! Individuals coming together being able to bring his talent to the table in the form of being able to play their own instrument.. Compare that to today's conveyor belt of crap artist dropping out the sky one by one, and just where they land making an indentation or impression for the masses for a bit of time, then disappearing just as fast, making room the next load of s*it to drop from the sky! True talent will never die!! The likes of Mark Knopfler (Singer and brilliant guitarist from Dire Straits), Mark King (Singer and funky Bass player from Level 42), Elton John, Queen, David Bowie (RIP), Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton (Guitarist), just to name a few, their talent is legendary and will always live on..

  48. PyroKnaller

    Very great song!

  49. Silvia Rühsen

    As GOOGLE is server

  50. Tonetwisters

    Tony Jackson ... and the dopes ran him out of the band. The guitar work and vocals in this song are really quite proper ...

  51. Pat williams

    The Searchers retire next year!

  52. qtpysusie54

    Mersey music - nothing better.

  53. 笠武蘭香

    I prefer Tony's voice to Mike's. Rest in peace, Tony and Chris.

  54. John Northen

    This Searchers cut can't touch the original by Charlie Thomas and the Drifters (Sept. 1961)

  55. Silvia Rühsen

    To europa - frim zeus0

  56. father and son


  57. Cristian QuitoRockyRoll


  58. Владимир Волохин

    Приятно,что ещё некоторые помнят эту группу.

  59. Telling the Truth

    Tony Jackson Yayyyyyy.........

  60. Silvia Rühsen

    'sweets from GOOGLE' our masters shall make you happier' as all time - life is not a moon-flower

  61. Silvia Rühsen

    Don't forget USA afterall - europe once sent ' not real armada' to ellis island, risking the turning back of native to their rights

  62. Silvia Rühsen

    That's I want - thank you

  63. TheTorlay

    seen 2 of them live a few years ago great singers.

  64. Silvia Rühsen

    Any party want do , if they only will know your simple questions

  65. Silvia Rühsen

    Unite america brings confusion . by a common president of all

  66. Daniel Harrington

    this was covered in the 90's by C J Lewis

  67. Silvia Rühsen

    Volkskriege just for sweets

  68. Silvia Rühsen

    To salman ...

  69. Silvia Rühsen

    Sexuality is a private account ....around earth since antiques breathing

  70. Allen Farque

    Iit seems that all of the old songs, I know the words of each of the old songs and can sing along with them, so much fun back then.

  71. Silvia Rühsen

    Need no hijab, but men needs a shelter against sun - their naked head would get burned al saud

  72. HQ Rare Music Audio & Video

    All-time classic early '60s hit from The Searchers. This is the raw and original mono mix, exactly as you heard it on the radio at the time it was a hit in mid-'63, as opposed to the same version mixed in stereo which had a lively reverb. I actually like both mixes of this song, as with so many other mono/stereo mixes of other songs by The Searchers and many other artists/groups.

  73. Silvia Rühsen

    To russia

  74. Silvia Rühsen

    Soybeans in Iowa, wheatfields in Sibiria



  76. Silvia Rühsen

    A perfect merchandising - everyone like to be 'best' all are

  77. Allen Farque

    I loved all of these old Goldies, when I was in training and the military kept us very business, but we always found a way to listen to our radios.

  78. Jutta Seltier

    Diesen Song habe ich 1963 in Luton gehört und danach getanzt - toll !!!(Studienreise England)

  79. Silvia Rühsen

    Osterhase wartet

  80. Jan Ssiegel

    I am 15 years old ans i Love this Song

  81. Silvia Rühsen

    Saw chapel in coventry was ruined - ashame .

  82. Bob Radford

    Dynamic, fast and furious song. loved it then love it now!

  83. Kieler Deern

    wow, I love this song , ever and ever....⚓️🛳🚤🛥⛵️⛴🚢🛶

  84. German Research Project

    Barry, I was at over 1000 "60s nights", the real thing.

  85. predatortaipan

    old but gold

    Shay D

    D0 ya love me

  86. Dywane Harris

    Sweets For My Sweet

  87. Francis Plomp


  88. Elvis Vroege

    Beautiful ❤

  89. anthony belcher

    Lovely song

  90. Omar Pisani


  91. stlgtrace

    Great version but I like the Drifters' original better.

  92. Terence Burt

    All my friends at school were Beatles and Stones fans but I was and still am a Searchers fan saw them in x-church Dorset this year and they are still as good if not better than they were in the 60s

  93. Rebecva Dale

    I didn't know that a steel guitar in that track it sounded like it was


    Rebecva Dale no steel here


    Rebecva Dale they are using Rickenbacker guitars which have a unique sound

  94. Rebecva Dale

    I love the searchers they one of the best British rock bands of the 60 s

  95. Karl Henrik Sigerhed

    I dream about how it was before