Searchers, The - Sea Of Heartbreak Lyrics

The lights in the harbor
Don't shine for me
I'm like a lost ship
Way out on the sea

Sea of heartbreak
Lost love and loneliness
Memories of your caress
So divine
I wish you were mine
Again my dear
I'm on this sea of tears
Sea of heartbreak

How did I lose you?
Oh, where did I fail?
Why did you leave me
Always to sail?

Sea of heartbreak
Lost love and loneliness
Memories of your caress
So divine
I wish you were mine
Again my dear
I'm on this sea of tears
Sea of heartbreak

Oh what I'd give to sail back to shore
Back to your arms once more

Come to my rescue
Come here to me
Take me and keep me
Away from the sea

Sea of heartbreak
Lost love and loneliness
Memories of your caress
So divine
I wish you were mine
Again my dear
I'm on this sea of tears
Sea of heartbreak

Sea of hearbtreak, ooh
Sea of heartbreak
Sea of heartbreak, ooh
Sea of heartbreak

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Searchers, The Sea Of Heartbreak Comments
  1. countrypaul

    Nice try - these guys have many great records, but this isn't one. Don Gibson and Joe Brown rule this one.

  2. James Pollock

    Check out Rainier's version. That's if you know what is good...

  3. Zev Feldman

    pretty ballad

  4. TheGrant59

    Ehhhh something doesn’t work with this version

  5. James Kaplan

    The Don Gibson version is my favorite but the lyrics and melody make every version I have heard pretty good,

  6. Gillis vg

    Best Liverpool band .

  7. Charlton Griffin

    The Don Gibson version is much better, but this is quite nice.

  8. Rebecca' Dale

    I think it sounds like country I.Mike Pender likes country and western music s tear fell serchers sounds so much like country

  9. Albert Tatlock

    The searchers did some great covers, love potion no.9 was better than the original and so was 'where have all the flowers gone' I guess they had a sound that appealed to British audience's

  10. SuperMartino6

    I agree

  11. Rebecva Dale

    Sounds like country I'm a searchers fan but I love them in the 60s mike pender is the best British rock singer there is

  12. guesser7

    Tony Hatch on piano

    Gillis vg

    Interesting . Thank you .

  13. Rebecva Dale

    I love .Mike pinder searchers soo sounds like country but I a good cover song

  14. Mlh

    Yeah...this is pretty bad...bad meaning bad

  15. peter hencher-serafin

    best version of this song, great


    Johnny Cash's version is my favorite. More heart!

    Joe Hansell

    Check out Robert Gordon's version on his album, "Satisfied Mind"

    PvPing With Asif

    OidSoldier ikr


    But I remember this one. Any version is Great!

  16. catherine joncas

    Thank you

  17. 49thdiv

    Yet someone else who spells you're as your!!!


    great drummer great singer

  19. Jerrold Sobel

    This is the worst version of a great song I've ever heard!

    Alex K

    LOL exactly

    Joe Hansell

    I concur.

    Bob Moore

    don gibsons a good un

    Bruce Rutherford

    No, just some young guys paying tribute to Don Gibson, who had the original county hit with this song ten years or so before The Searchers did this one.  Yes, it's of lesser quality that Don's but still a darn good song and a good performance.


    I personally like it, primarily for the British sound ... I would not have panned the piano so far left so that it was sitting there all by itself; and would have upped the bass and guitar. But those are just personally musician choices.

  20. Ed Halfen

    Used to love The Searchers back in my garage-band days.  Didn't really appreciate them though as much as now...And I'm sure this recording is OLD but then so am I ...65

  21. jon henman

    this is not a bad version, but I prefer Don Gibson singing it

    Robin Wilson

    Nice to hear both versions!

  22. Murray Hutton

    I was at a Searchers Live Concert and bought their DVD & their CD.....pleasant surprise on the CD?,,,,when I uploaded it to my was in Spanish???...but sung in English

  23. CrankCase08

    Oh dear.

  24. gail dutoit

    This oldie takes me way back!

  25. gail dutoit

    This oldie takes me way back!

  26. norbellini

    the ponderous effort of Tony Hatch on the ivories in my opinion

  27. smashsmp

    My Dad's favourite group, go for it Mike!

  28. sheryl harber

    it is an inspirTIONl I LIKE VERY AMUCH.

  29. Stig Vognsen

    This song has it all.
    Stig V. DK

  30. brandonsfca

    They did not rape or steal it. It was just a song recorded to fill an album of theirs it was never meant to be a single. But thats how good this band was they could take old songs and make their own great versions. This does not diminish Gibsons version which I also like.

  31. Luc Jennes

    I agree they were a great band but they raped this beautiful Don Gibson classic

  32. St Pauli

    the Searchers were special but they just didn't do this tune justice.

  33. frizzlefrap

    this song is ok ..... relax!


    I love The Searchers!

  35. Richard Smith

    Another bad version of this song. Should be put in the same 10' hole as the Poco Version. BAAAAADDD

  36. larry11098

    If you like this you should listen to don gibson's original rendition cir,,,,1960. it's on you tube too.

  37. Linda Nybo Andersen

    Great. The Searchers is the best.

  38. Rick Sada

    hey im an old man in years butin my heart im still young. good song i love the searchers.joe brown does a good job to. thats all

  39. Jammin John Mascaro

    SEA OF HEARTBREAK, which was penned by Hal David (who later became one of America`s premier songwriters and the president of ASCAP) and Paul Hampton.
    Source: shapiro bernstein

  40. Jammin John Mascaro

    Hey Kevvy1908-According to the credits listed on the song title on The Searchers "This is Us" LP (1964) it has "David-Hampton". Interesting, as another post also states "Paul Hamilton & Hal David". I wonder if that was just a misspelling of "Hamilton"?

  41. 3LittleBiggs

    @Kathyk1950 -- Thanks for sharing this! It's one of my Top 10 Searchers tunes -- Chris and Mike and doing it in harmony, and the harmony is so tight, it's breathtaking.
    I'm glad you enjoy it too!! :-)) Cheri/CCF/xo

  42. eileen calladine

    Great! Great!m love the music!

  43. kevvy1908

    It was written by Paul Hamilton&Hal David. So now we know.

  44. 3LittleBiggs

    @JubalCalif I looked all over Amazon and found a lot of people have covered this tune; this version by the Searchers is superior to all. It's that amazing harmony by Chris and Mike!! I love everything about their arrangement; the pace, the piano -- and the drumming by Chris! Glad you found this version enjoyable! :-)

  45. onlinelondon

    Very lovely songs; Agnetha in the ABBA also sings this song with very good result and spirit

    w w w eddy nu

  46. 3LittleBiggs

    @DouglasUrantia You are right -- there is no better harmony than Chris Curtis and Mike Pender. I put this as my lead song on my channel!! Thanks to 45rpm for making a great video for us!! CCF

  47. DouglasUrantia

    @ChrisCurtisFan ...the harmony here is perfection.

  48. Stanley Adams

    For my buddy Bill Hershey who may not have heard this from the Searchers. I think the Searchers were every bit as good as the Beatles in their early phase, although they lack the edge the Beatles had in their music.. I am also including the original from Don Gibson to introduce him and to cover a little country intrest a lot of my FHS friends.

  49. Stanley Adams

    This is a Don Gibson tune, American C&W. Great performer and great song. Searchers are as good as the Beatles early phase!

  50. 3LittleBiggs

    @rich88b Chris and Mike were born to sing together!! The last song I hope to hear on my last day -- Mike and Chris singing harmony!!! I love this particular song! It's an Everly Brothers tune. I think Mike and Chris rival the harmony of the Everlys! I'm guessing it might be Tony Hatch -- since he played piano on This Empty Place...but I could be wrong!! I'll throw the question at Roy on his forum! :-)

  51. john9944

    Good cover of the Don Gibson classic. I love the acoustic piano.

  52. 3LittleBiggs

    Wonderful Mike Pender lead vocal with Chris Curtis on harmony! Just perfect! Nothing like Mike/Chris harmonizing. :-) RIP, my Dear Chris.

  53. Jay Igaboo

    @zaaritha It was used in the opening credits( but not sung by The Searchers) for "Heartbreak Ridge!" with Clint Eastwood. It's on YouTube,

  54. scotsongs

    Don Gibson has certainly written some great country songs. But he DIDN'Twrite THIS one.

  55. 7425park

    That is true, Joe Brown was very popular for Britain's homosexual underground. He was then known as the "brown star".

  56. 3LittleBiggs

    Just beautiful! Chris and Mike are amazing in harmony!

  57. cablonde320

    Great cover of a wonderful Don Gibson song...

  58. Maj-Brith H

    Who recorded the original?

  59. hairynakers

    sonnydevaney you are correct.."i cant stop loving you" by don ..big hit for ray charles.".im moving on".."o lonesome me" " blue blue day"ect ect..

  60. sonnydevaney

    @Bikerlady06 don who?..MORON

  61. 45RPMsingles

    I think you mean the song Sea of Love

  62. Maj-Brith H

    Is ´nt this a theme from a movie with Al Pacino
    besides a hit from the 60´s?

  63. hairynakers

    anybody found a shoe ive lost one when i was way out on the sea

  64. Nolifemerc

    lol the first pick got ebaylogo

  65. Tomas Mascali

    great version, I love the piano