Searchers, The - Needles And Pins Lyrics

I saw her today
I saw her face
It was a face I loved
And I knew
I had to run away
And get down on my knees and pray
That they'd go away

But still they begin
Needles and pins
Because of all my pride
The tears I gotta hide

Hey, I thought I was smart
I won her heart
Didn't think I'd do
But now I see
She's worse to him than me
Let her go ahead
Take his love instead
And one day she will see

Just how to say please
And get down on her knees
Yeah, that's how it begins
She'll feel those needles and pins
Hurtin' her, hurtin' her

Why can't I stop
And tell myself I'm wrong
I'm wrong, so wrong
Why can't I stand up
And tell myself I'm strong

Because I saw her today
I saw her face
It was a face I loved
And I knew
I had to run away
And get down on my knees and pray
That they'd go away

But still they begin
Needles and pins
Because of all my pride
The tears I gotta hide

Oh, needles and pins
Needles and pins
Needles and pins

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Searchers, The Needles And Pins Comments
  1. Vladimír Vacek

    I saw her today, I saw her face, It was a face I loved, and I knew,

    I had to run away, And get down on my knees and pray
    That they'd go away,
    And still they begin, Needles and pins,
    Because of all my pride, The tears I gotta hide.

    Hey, I thought I was smart, I'd won a heart,
    Didn't think I do, But now I see,
    She's worse to him and me, Let her go ahead,
    And take this love instead, And one day she will see,
    Just how to say "please", And get down on her knees,
    That's how they begin,
    She'll feel those needles and pins,
    Hurtin' her, hurtin' her,
    Why can't I stop and tell myself I'm wrong, I'm wrong, so wrong,
    Why can't I stand up, and tell myself I'm strong.

    Because I saw her today...
    I saw her face, It was a face I loved, and I knew,
    I had to run away, And get down on my knees and pray,
    That they'd go away,
    And still they begin, Needles and pins,
    Because of all my pride, The tears I gotta hide...

    Oh, Needles and pins, Needles and pins, Needles and pins ...

  2. Gary Marquis

    ...Look, the Searchers ARE the REAL DEAL. Like Captain Lou Albano once said....." often imitated, never duplicated"....Amen.

  3. Gary Marquis I've run into other posts who use this song as to be called some sort of " talent", so as to be " recognition to forward themselves." They do not have talent and they "suck." Therefore, don't waste your time.

  4. Samantha Elizabeth

    I think you have that wrong...try Jackie DeShannon

  5. Сергей Иваненко

    Один из авторов - Сонни Боно, муж Шер с 1964, в год, когда были исполнены"Иголки". Они вместе исполнят в 1966 году "Little man".

  6. spacepatrolman

    Cher made the first recording of this song you know why

  7. Vlad Shamoff

    The best performance of this song!

  8. spappinv entor

    А я в юности думал это песня Криса Нормана. Впрочем Смоки ее как бы поинтересней сделали

  9. Jean Caron

  10. Jean Caron

    Jean Caron

    2020 sounds better

  11. BOXING ' Show


  12. Jesus Villagomez

    Mafia 3 brought me here

  13. Maria Teresa Molina

    Maravillosa canción recuerdos en Inglaterra 1964 cuando era muy joven y feliz

  14. jas20per

    I grew up in Liverpool during the 60s with the Cavern, Iron Door, Blue Angel clubs., and all the groups that went with them, and I will say age has not faded those memories at all. Glad I was lucky enough to be there.

  15. Douglas Philippa

    I’m here Bro!

  16. Dorival Genesini

    I know this song with The Ramones.

  17. Alexandre Guerra Chaves

    I didn't know this song was from the Beatles kkkkk

  18. Kathy Holland

    Fabulous song.

  19. Айслу Курмангазиева

    55лет прошло, а исполнение песни 👍👌за душу берёт

  20. Dr. Willy Van

    Didn’t McCartney and Lennon right this

    Henri Fenger

    no..this song was co-written by Sonny Bono .and Jack Nitzsche..both were working for Phul Spector at the time

    Dr. Willy Van

    Thank you so much. it is McCartney and Lennon -Esque

    Dr. Willy Van

    Then again I’m brainwashed and everything begins with them for me so I hear them everywhere . influence is so strong. Long live Sonny

    Henri Fenger

    actually the jingle jangle guitar in this is very folk rock sounding ..about 2 years before the Byrds made this sound popular..and of course the Searchers were a Liverpool band who played the same places as the earlly at some point in the early days of this everything was called the Liverpool sound...the Beatles really got into this folk rock thing by Norweigan Wood ..which is of course a few years later then this...but in 1964 if you were from Liverpool all sounded like the Beatles/:-) I should add..the Searchers stubbornly refused to have Beatle haircuts.. I sort of like that about them..but they really had the folk rock sound long before the Byrds were given credit for it...and finally ..whew...Sonny Bono is one of the most underated producers and song writers..he being the straight man to Cher for so many years didn't help his image..but he was a great artist in his own right....IMO...thanks for answering back..merry christmas

    Dr. Willy Van

    No matter what they say about Sonny he had Cher and she was the hottest thing at one point and very talented.Thanks for the wonderful explanation. Merry Christmas to you

  21. Daniel Pisani

    Megadeth- use the man


    Son buenos pero se los comieron los Beatles
    Con sus canciones mas variopintas " Rock and Roll y baladas " su joventud y sus melenas

  23. Gustavo Escalante

    Aguante los ramones¡¡

  24. Alan Walker

    Brilliant song. My nanna used to love this.

  25. Александр Абрамов

    Смоки? Нет!

  26. Naifa Grado

    เป็นเวอร์ชั่น​แรกที่ได้ดู ฮ่า​ ฮ่า​ ฮ่า ฮ่า​ ฮ่า

  27. wiwattana ponnakoo

    Are They Alive??😯😯😯

  28. джон сильвер

    Не Смоки?Удивлен!👍👏

    Aнатолий Наумов

    Норман донёс до нашего уха ,а так бы хит был предан забвению.

  29. Geoff Adams

    Today's music is out and out utter crap. Over produced soulless no talent computerized and artists? That need to have their voices electronically enhanced. No today's music ain't even close to the 60s and 70s.

  30. Rik Nel

    JORN brought me here.

    Jan Niklas

    Dito :D

    Danny Palatnik

    Fuck yeah...

    James Duncan

    I had loved this oldie forever so I was excited when he covered it!

    Lucy Coe

    Me as well! XDD

  31. Linda Whaley

    love it


    Descobri a banda que plágiou os Raimundos.

  33. Алла Коробейникова


  34. donald stewart

    Just think what dross the youth have to listen to today, the 60s was real music from real artists.

  35. Катя Малахова

    ,is this Alan Price on drums?looks like him!


    Chris Curtis founder of Roudabout later Deep Purple

    Катя Малахова

    @ArtClipStudio thanks,never knew

  36. Muso Maker

    Trevor, noticed that you are not active and adding to your great playlist and videos! Your background comments to each song are really good as well as such detail comment in referring to bass drum pedal. I first heard that pedal squeak when I was a kid. Please let us have some more brilliant comments on further playlists.

  37. Олег Григорьев

    Смоки перепивают


    Ramones play

  39. Emilio Garcia

    The music made today cannot compare to that made back in the good ole' jamming sixties.

  40. Костя Свешников

    Блин надоже это к акой год смоки прикольней исполняют


    Мне было два года!) 13 лет разница между Искателями и Смоки , техника уже была другая.

  41. anti poser poser club riot

    Remember my ex on 2013 😭

  42. Glen Hesketh

    That was our heavy metal music in the day.😇

  43. Joley Bey

    omg, is this is original song🤩😍🥰

  44. Sergey Belov

    Все так красиво и мило звучит. Парни в костюмах и при галстуках. Так и представляю их ходящими по воскресеньям в местную церковь. Эх, куда делись те времена? Куда делись те люди?

  45. Сергей Трифонов

    Ух, уж эти британцы!!! Что не рок-группа, то классика! Как звучит песня спустя пол-века? Какие же сильные вещи были созданы! 👍

  46. América Villalobos

    Guauuu escuchen esas guitarras espectacular

  47. Winfried Bauer

    What kind of music?

  48. Михаил Кондратьев Юрьевич 1966

    UK Chart Singles #1 - 3 wks (01 Feb 1964) | the Best Music Video! ⚜

  49. Kouceiro


  50. Kats072307

    The Ramones - best cover

  51. Andi


  52. Oceanair15

    Замечательно! Конечно, у Smokie она звучит мощнее, плотнее. Дык и наработки в рок-н-ролле к тому времени уже были будь здоров!


    Норману было 9 лет, когда Искатели основались, было время подучиться!)

  53. Juan Cataplum

    cuando otros la cantan mejor que el que la inventó......

  54. vodolza

    who's listening in 2020 ? still on fire ....

  55. Mus Vladimir1801

    не понятно ? ЭТО ПРИКОЛ

  56. MIR I*AM

    Wow how i come to this in search as i was born then but never heard like this!

  57. Marcos Lo Tauro


  58. Truus Plekkenpol

    Yes blijft mooi ook na jaren

  59. Bob Johnston

    6*50? Thanks

  60. Felipe Gutiérrez garcia

    !!! El. Sonido. De. Liverpool. !!!!
    !!! El Mersey Beat. !!!!


    Bruce Springsteen loved their sound, actually went public on how it influenced him growing up, Marvelous.🎸

    Gary Bradley

    He said the same about The Dave Clark Five.


    @Gary Bradley SPOT ON GARY.

    Gary Bradley

    @STORMY TEMPEST Hi Stormy. Stars like Bruce will always have more than one influence, but the two we have mentioned were both pretty special.

  62. Dave Orange

    Should be Mike Pender!!!!😛

  63. Dave Orange

    Tony Jackson, Mike Lender, John McNally and Chris Curtis. Fabulous group with so much talent. Stood next to Tony Jackson in the bar at Trentham Gardens Ballroom in the early 60's having a pint as he was also. Don't think it'd happen now. Happy memories of my youth!

  64. Виталий Шиковец

    👍👍фром Раша

  65. Анатолий Минка

    А все думают что это вещь от Smokie.

    Sergey Belov

    Да уж. И я думал до сегодня)) И мне это исполнение нравится больше, оригинал есть оригинал.

    игорь туровник

    а я то думаю где я ее слышал

    Dionata dos Santos

    O grupo Smokie na segunda metade dos anos 70's gravou tambem Needles and Pins e que também ficou muito boa a gravação!!!

  66. Jorge Estomba

    Needles and Pins- ah !!! One of the great songs and groups
    The Rock hall of fame , is a joke for not having these guys in !!!!!!

  67. Joan Zee

    always will love the 60s & 70s music🎶🎵🌷what a great time we had.

  68. turquoisestones

    These American hairstyles with show-white teeth look so stupid and girly.

    david cotton

    what would you rather see black stumps and bald heads?


    @david cotton normal teeth - not the Hollywood white-starched ones, and hairstyles like those of the Beatles.

  69. Math Person

    Tom Petty (RIP) and the Heartbreakers did a good cover of this. Great song!

  70. mark pattinson

    A Beatles reject song.

  71. bjarne thyrring

    så er man ung igen, det er lige i min teanager tid .

  72. hepzuba fitznoodle

    So Mike and Tony did the harmonic vocals?

  73. Мадам в сережках


  74. Tonetwisters

    My absolute FAVORITE song to sing high harmony to. Great audio on this one ... thanks!

  75. starydedecek

    Super !!!

  76. Надежда Понамарева


  77. юрий колесников

    Вечная музыка...

  78. Ian Barnett

    My sort of music reminds me of my brownhayes girl from byley God be with her aiways

  79. Joe Costello

    1964. i Remember it well!
    First year of, and the only year the 'Kennedy Half Dollar' was 90% silver...

  80. Judi Hosking

    One of my very favourite groups. Each time they came to Australia no matter where it was my husband and I planned our holidays around their visit. Can't believe they have only recently retired from overseas touring.

  81. Gilbert Gonzalez


  82. Magnus Westberg

    Так это Смоки просто тупо перепели эту песню?

    Vera Vera

    да. А песню написал муж певицы Шер

  83. Mr. Mattis

    Sony Bono wrote this song back when music was still good.

    mark pattinson

    Wrong...Lennon & McCartney


    wrong again, without Buddy Holly the Beatles would still be in Liverpool

  84. Ralph Christ

    Tell me the Searchers shouldn't be in there..........

  85. Matthew Fogarty

    Great tune, the Ramones did a great version too!!

  86. Derek Carr

    Same here Barry Just out of school and working in 1960 Love the music and way of life back then. Probably the best decade of my life

  87. Terry Orchard

    I was 15 when this was others have mentioned it was a great time to be a teenager when British music seemed to rule the airwaves. A young, fit, trendy Mod with no real pressures and with Christine, my first serious girlfriend from school...playing and watching live music.....those glorious summers....our lives ahead of us.....where did the intervening years go ?????

  88. Anne Gladman

    1960s, will never come back. Beautiful music. Fantastic bands God bless them all ❤️

  89. Михаил Григорьев

    Мне казалось,это Smoke

    Сергей Трифонов

    Норман спел чуть позже! И Алан Бартон подхватил позже! Вечная песня! 👍

  90. jim abram


  91. I Starky

    Some modern rock bands need to wash their face a billion times to reach the 1964 level.

    Big Bill O'Reilly

    hi idiot

    Graham Ridley

    @Big Bill O'Reilly hahaha

  92. Évike Szabó

    Nagyon jó szám 👍👍👍👍👍👍🎵🎶🎼🎵🎶🎸🎵🎶🎼🎸

  93. Beresfordjohn Greene

    Brilliant! So good to hear again. Thanks.

  94. Hockeyguy 99

    Megadeth introduced me to this song.

    R W

    😂 Spat my coffee everywhere.

  95. Knork Ster


  96. Edney Simon Paul

    enuff now be-be . . . we need 2 talk . . .

  97. Allan von Wahl

    вот всем ремейкам учитесь, как смоки обработали алмаз в брилльянт

  98. Klaus Krakau

    in 11000 meter höhe,rückflug von sri lanka 1974, zum erstenmal gehört und alle im flieger sangen mit geil

  99. Fàbio Borges

    Prefiro versão RAMONES 🤘🎸🎶