Sean Price - Planet Apes Lyrics

Yo, Pantera and marijuan'
A bag of tan in the travel on
Backhandler, manhandle, Imam Sean
Peace to Mandela and Farrakhan
The best con in flesh, Sean's here
Metal fragments on face, the teflon beard
The ape is grape, the papes I make is great
The weight I break on plates is shake, don't hate
The flow is straight so no debate
I'm holdin' cake, unload the eight
Behold your face, bong!
Clapper of the nine, rap rapper all the time
Cat rewind that rapper rapid line's fine, I'm that
Son grimy on the motherfuckin' track
I once threw 190 on a motherfucker's back
Rap like somebody out already
Slapped him hardbody, damn he out already
Rebel handed tune, staring at the moon
The metal bearded goon, P!

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Sean Price Planet Apes Comments
  1. dashuntas .M

    This is basically a DOOM track. word to Kimbo Price

  2. Vincnet Drallam

    Sean Tyson...even dead and buried taken any young bloodz down!

  3. RevelaShaun 6:8

    My favorite line on this.
    "Rap like somebody out already
    Slapped him hardbody damn he out already."

  4. champukeilyn

    this is absolutely all i can listen to

  5. Elran Valceka


  6. Mike Spex

    This one is so fuckin kill!! P merk this shit!

  7. Trey Choice

    "A bag of tanin to travel on." 😂😂 Sean price always cracked me up


    Behold the living body of what RAP is nuff zaidddddddd !

  9. NevEd

    One of the hardest, most absolutely perfect one-verse-wonders ever. This shit is nuclear. R.I.P.

  10. Michael Mckenzie

    He threw in that Big Daddy Kane flow!!!!

  11. Kwanza Sound

    All love os for black folks

  12. Grum Pee

    HARDEST SHIT EVER!!! “Staring at the moon the metal bearded goon- P!!!” Peace to the God!

  13. jimmypinch

    that is bad ass, play 3 times

  14. Adam Gordon

    This is toooo dope 🔥🔥🔥Sean P was definitely in my top 5 dead or alive real talk... His lyricism and wordplay was straight bananas 👊🏾👊🏾 rest up easy bro thank you 🙌🏾

  15. Kazzy Kaioken

    I neeeed a doom verse on this!!

  16. HipHop-TV.Blogspot

    This is fucking crazy. The lyrics...the beat. Only complain I have is that I wish it was longer!
    RIP Sean P.

  17. Elvin Solano

    i miss this dude and thats real talk. RIP Sean Price

  18. Cali_HighWorld

    I. Need. This. Beat. I love when my favorites remind me why we do this.

  19. Shane Jackson


  20. 302 Reap

    I don't see the hype , but thats my undevided opinion . People need to stop dick riding just because of what they hear or what's " hot"

    jonathan garcia

    Shut the fuck up!

  21. AFG Incite

    He was like one of the last rappers that literally had me excited to hear a new verse anticipating such ill shit he would say. RIP to him and Big Pun, the other rapper who's verses I always anticipated Like that

  22. Eric Ryzwel

    Decepticon Sean For Life!!! #RuckIsPriceless!!!

  23. DVNXZ

    G O O N G O O N G O O N

  24. fred the fockalist

    P from albania

  25. HotGritz910

    Man, this joint go hard!!

  26. Stranja187

    Fine im that. P!!! i swear he the illest

  27. baythagod


  28. NonphixionNick

    Sean Price be the Rap games Patrice O'neal

  29. funk nason

    For the 2 people that did not like this, I hope they step bare footed on some broken legos

  30. funk nason

    Still dope heard this around 100 times

  31. Joseph Worthy

    R..I... P!

  32. dsoftleigh1969

    One of the best MCs to ever walk the earth. RIP P!!!!!

  33. Jaylen Copeland

    this guy reminds me of Jeru the Damaja lol

  34. REZIVOR since93

    Joint is fire! Glad I was able to cop a copy of the album with the original cover. S.I.P!

  35. Troy Mind Write

    Slapped em hardbody, damn he out already. LMAOO!!!!

  36. Windependent Media

  37. 91Definite

    P payed his dues for us in Hip Hop 20+ years in the game! Rest In Peace God! Love ya, you was one of my idols in Hip Hop!

  38. Daniel Alston

    Oh my God! This knocks!

  39. Bob Binette

    Montreal Riviere Des Prairies

  40. straightnochaser

    A true motherfukin MC!...................... R.I.P MR. PRICE

  41. 4thEyeVision

    dope as :)

  42. D Money

    How the fuck is P gone?? Maaaaan.........P was a soldier!!!! RIP BIG G!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. gnb

    that's a REAL lyricist...

    P 4ever! Dope as F$#%

  44. Black KinG

    Still One of the best #RIP #SEANPRICE

  45. marlb0r015

    Why did he die? Like wtf i don't watch the news much and just found out about it...
    He was one of my favorite rappers :( .

    Rip P I hope you in a better place now.

  46. shaun freitas

    The realist

  47. I Will Elude

    Sean P murdered this shit!!!! R.I.P. PF Cutting nice on the boards!!!! Classic record!

  48. JiveCinema

    “The ape is grape, the papes I make is great
    The weight I brake on plates is shake, don’t hate
    The flow is straight so don’t debate
    I’m holding cake, unload the eight, but hold your face”  ...spittin fire...

  49. rafael rivera

    why r people suprised of how dope this track is? Its Sean Price! been dumpin for two decades!...turn off the radio and dig in the crates for YOUR sake!

  50. blackzilla


  51. Ric Smith

    Yo Duckdown, P! said on his twitter last month that he was dropping the mixtape, this, then his album Imperious Rex and then Illa Ghee album and then Lil Fame project. He said these were all done projects, can you confirm if all these were completed and coming out? Also what about the Ill Bill album?

    K. Ridge 1

    God d*mn, Lord Almighty I pray for the release of the Sean PRICE Lil Fame tape. 🔥

  52. Calum Collins



    So FUCKIN DOPE! Recognize Dopeness while he was here on earth n after he transformed. Sean #Peee! RIP (Rhyme in Paradise)

  54. Riggs Official

    Fucked up he died less than two weeks before his mixtape dropped..

  55. Nova And Friends

    I see 1 dislike hater

  56. Punk Palooka

    _\m/ pantera \m/_

  57. Young Bull




  59. Craig H.

    My favorite rapper of all time. He kept getting better and better over the years. What other rapper was better in their late 30s/early 40s than they were in their 20s?

    King Cobe Raps

    @Craig Hein good point homie. So excited we have more of his shit on wax(so to speak.)


    +Craig Hein Just Sean and Masta Ace


    Craig Hein Masta Ace, Large Professor


    The fuck that disliked this i hope something bad happens to you! riP!

  61. M.S the Goghst

    Ruck Is Priceless! DOpe ! Ruck In Peace!

  62. Brandon

    this just makes it so much worse that hes gone, this song is fucking FIRE. but im really glad he recorded songs in the key of price before he passed

  63. Alvise Narduzzi

    Sean P is such a legend that he doesn't even have to be in this world to humiliate all these new rappers. Rest In Power Ruck, one of the best ever

    Jhunior ßeato

    no better said!!!

  64. daprotech

    Damn! The flava on this one is mad nice!! RIP!

  65. Ron Prophet

    Rap In Paradise Ruck

  66. jcannion

    Was this off Donkey Sean Jr. ?


    @Asvp Munny actually that's a full album. It's coming out on 8/21/15


    yeah... I'm pretty sure it's an album.  It took him forever to put out Mic Tyson, so I'm sure he had the material.


    It's a mixtape. Its like 30 tracks. He was working on an album


    oh okay...  that sucks! man... still can't believe he's gone!


    +jcannion : Heard that there's only 6 original beats on it. The rest is him just rhymin' over other people's beats, like a freestyle kinda. That's why the iTunes version only has those 6 tracks. Still worth getting the whole album. I preordered mine.

  67. nathar40

    He ripped this joint! That`s why I have been following all of his music. He always comes hard. RIP Sean P.

  68. Born7Supreme

    Peace God!


    Haven't heard this til now, such a bitter sweet feeling. Miss u Sean

  70. R Jones

    rest in peace..sean p

  71. PowellMoore

    RIP Ruck

  72. James Anderson

    this is what it's supposed to sound like

  73. graham lionel

    HOT song R.I.P. Sean P

  74. BIG CEL

    r.i.p. ruck! sean was one of the best period! peace

  75. - 10se

    P.. already miss you

  76. dan bygrave

    fuck man this is too hard . this track is fire on repeat p r.i.p

  77. Shadedaninja

    Sean incredible

  78. Prez Francis

    Sean incredible

  79. Prez Francis

    ah mannn!!
    Sean incredible.

  80. Prez Francis

    ah mannn!!

  81. Pahricida

    Real Decepticon shit. Forever P!

  82. Issac Botello


  83. dan bygrave

    such a loss, ive never heard a bad sean p verse. he kills the mic. still in shock .everyone support and buy the mixtape when its out. r.i.p sean pppppppp

  84. capricornking560

    Over 14,000 views and only 800 likes? What is wrong with people these days? They need Jesus...Price!! R.I.P. Sean P

  85. Kirwin Stewart

    sounds like a DOOM-esque beat. still dope. R.I.P!

  86. J Ford

    I thought this was Metal Bearded Goon?...never the less, Sean P is a tremendous loss to Hip Hop RIP P.

  87. sleazy p

    one of my fav's of all time, R.I.P SEAN PRICE!!! i was waiting 4 the new LP, when i heard he died. one of the greats!

  88. Sir Terry

    Goon Goon Goon Goon
    Sean Price was the greatest rapper alive STFU


    True Story

  89. Randathol Wattz


  90. Ant Lauren

    Classic P.... Rest in Peace My G...

  91. chocobonita

    rip ruck. duck down, please mix some sean price vocals / acapella with dubstep instruments. not the heavy american dubstep but the older/underground uk dubstep. like sukh knight, skream, caspa, terrafonix etc. cheers.