Sean Price - Orange Box Cutter Lyrics

All that shootin', nobody got shot
All that lootin', nobody got guap
Nigga with the A, nigga with the E-R
Fuck how you sayin', I spray at you in the ER
I used to be nice to rappers
No more Mr. Nice Guy, I don't like these rappers
Hate dummies spittin' darts when the God speak
Take money, I'm be grant you a heart beat
Respect my office hours
Reach for the 'sket and off the coward
I'm married to the game, make the best man send a
Shot that goes zoom like an X-Men member
Ya'll niggas fuck around with rap
I don't fuck around, I'll fuck around and pound your hat
Walk around to diminish you dumb bastards
Bucktown, the Originoo Gun Clappaz, P
Fuck outta here

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Sean Price Orange Box Cutter Comments
  1. starks749

    This shit is too hard!!!!!


    Nigga with the a, nigga with the er, no matter how you say it, I spray it you in the ER. P!!

  3. GrandMasterPurp

    all that shootin; nobody got shot. all that lootin; nobody got guap.

  4. Jay Jay

    Sean p kept niggaz on they toes love price all day trenton nj

  5. Jessie E.

    ILL BILL- Legend Has It

  6. Colbert Shackelford Jr.


  7. Muctube

    Sean P!!!!

  8. waterMeliodas


    been listening to his music since middle school. Needless to say it changed my life. Still can't believe he's gone.

  9. Lance Lawson

    I bought the iTunes and the Duck Down versions, RIP to my #1 of all time.