Sean Price - Metal Beard Lyrics

[Sean Price:]
Yo, dude with the metal beard
Dude here's the metal here
Hammer end you, bang you
No dude, heaven's devils here
We outshout the posse
Clappin' trey, happy days, the Ralph Malph and Potsie
Sean still smack the
Car when it starts sound like bronchial asthma
Writing like I don't like writing
Other fish in the sea but the Pisces like whiting
The rise of the like in my fighting is like Tyson
Fighting the bike and ignitin' the writing when I'm typing
Thinking you the best, you crazy
Best you rest dudes, get two test tube babies
The epic mess that's left on steps is crazy
A weapon's kept is sket through unrest ladies
Eloqeunce suggesting
Never vote black at president elections

[Vic Spencer:]
Vic coming through devastating damage
Hit you with the blam blam, the man hand sandwich
I stay next door to an ape
The late B.B. King, bass guitar scorching your face
I don't poli- with that squally
I probably should teach my kids to catch bodies
Let's have a flesh party
Big guns, bug fists, one man killa army
This is bull pen therapy
My wife's tripping, I knew I should have married weed
The whole team is down, I'm sending henchmen
I don't got no secrets like Brendan Benson
Allow milk to a aging goat
Crazy shit, 80s shit, selling pregnant ladies coke
I'm old s- like a 2Pac record
Circuit board to the common chores, hit the exit

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Sean Price Metal Beard Comments
  1. Xodoubleh

    This sounds j Dilla or mf

  2. jay b smooth

    Hard....beat crazy