Sean Price - Intro Lyrics

[DJ announcer:]
And now on the wheels of steel
He's New York's own PF (Cuttin')
When PF spins, people listen
It's the hot jam's hot mix
(Drum rolling)

[Sean Price:]
"Yo y'all ready for my nigga Sean P?
Make some mother"... ya mean? Yell at that bitch!

Ight. Yo! You ready for my nigga Sean P?
So make some motherfucking noise!
(Drum roll ends)

[Sean Price:]
A-Yo, I eat your food dawg, the Eukanuba chewer
Shooting my luger, you bitch...
[Scratching] A-yo, I eat your food...
A-yo... A-yo...

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Sean Price Intro Comments
  1. tony starks

    This shit goes hard as fuck!! He should've kept it going through because that beat is too ill to be that short

  2. Alex Consoli

    They ask what the God is about, I'm like "Nothing"
    Meanwhile I got my manhood in your mom's mouth.
    I'm back in the game, smacking your brain, clapping them thangs
    Accurate aim, snatching your chain, get back on the train
    Trafficking thangs, packaging cain, crack is the name
    Sean Price is the wrapper but wrapping is lame
    I QUIT

  3. AFG Incite

    hardest intro ever ..........

  4. Mergie MERGE

    R.I.P.!!!!!! PF is underrated too one of the best beats in the history of rap!!! #icegrillz

    AFG Incite

    Mergie MERGE real talk, this beat is so fire ...

    J.R. Spliff 212

    I heard the actual song this sample is from my moms played at the crib one time. Spanish joint.

  5. sándor szóka

    best 4ever

  6. tyrell waiters

    P! forever .

  7. steeve celestine

    repose en paix sean PPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mr Lee


  9. gnb

    Brooklyn in da house!!

    Nice Biggie tribute!

    Sean PPPPPPP!!!!

  10. Dark Mind

    Great intro from Sean P!

  11. flysupertomcat1

    That's the beauty of it! This beat switches up a little bit but Sean sticks with it the whole time! Like you can't mess up his flow! SO ILLLLLL

  12. Nikola Saether

    Hahah same here :)

  13. ChompingDiMystik

    I know the beat was intentionally off-beat or w/e but it kinda fucks up the groove. lol.. beat sounds nasty but i get thrown off everytime it switches up.. Sean P still dat nigga tho

    Pf Cuttin

    ChompingDiMystik its a 5 bar loop

  14. Benito Cristofoli

    Que pasa homes? Welcome to mi casa homes
    Te disparo en tu cara homes