Sean Price - Goodnite!!! Lyrics

[Mike Tyson:]
You're never gonna forget about me
Your great-grandkids are gonna say
"Wow, wasn't that a bizarre individual?"

[Sean Price:]
Word up, goodnight
The fuck, don't like none of y'all niggas
Word up, goodnight
The fuck...
Word up, goodnight
The fuck, don't like none of y'all niggas
I'mma holla on that nigga
I don't like him either, yo (Kimbo~!)
Word up, goodnight
The fuck, don't like none of y'all niggas
I'mma holla on that nigga
I don't like him either, yo
Shit on your hood, y'all niggas ain't shit in the hood
Take a dump on your champion and shit on your hood
Leave my Boot Camp stamp in the hood, size 12
I beat bass out of your face, you Rahzel
I lift barbells, I stick bars well
Y'all niggas got cream but soft like Carvel
Pah my cartel from Kingston kill shit
My Brownsville [car tires squeal] these niggas they steal shit
Yeah the klepto con, you scared that I'm
Hold it my hand to kill you duke so let go mine
Sean P bastard rhyme, past my prime
What's life without rap though? Pass the nine
Right or wrong, heh, I'm right and wrong
Best believe everything the God write is Sean - P!

Royce 5 Messiah, ridin to Sean, distance
Chrome lips sittin higher up on the rim than LeBron's
I touch weight, that nina got one in the head
I call them clips Jon and Katie, cause they plus 8
I got the booth poppin, don't ask about the album
Come with 'em, ask him, ask him when the next flu droppin
Sick~! I don't blog, I bury
More horsepower in the Murcielago carries
I got bitches that hit niggas for me
And I'll send 'em to your crib like Chicago Larry
Ooooooh! The internet tryin to indict a man
The web changin the world like fuckin Spider-man
The pack's in back y'all buyin all 24 hours a day
I'm fryin 'em, but I ain't no diner
Y'all niggas can be musclebound as you want, y'all pussies
I treat you niggas like the vagina on Chyna!

[Sean Price:]
I don't even...
I don't like nobody
Give a fuck...
I know you don't like me, don't got to
I don't like you neither, fuck you nigga!
I don't even like niggas who act like me
I don't give a fuck though, knahmean?
That's just how I am
Fuck y'all niggas, P, P!

[Mike Tyson:]
Man listen right?
I don't know nothin about bein the heavyweight champion
Only thing I know is how to fight, right?
I'm a nigga, right?
No really really really, really
I'm not sayin like, I'm a black person
I'ma, I'mma street person
I don't even want to be a street person
I don't even like, I don't even like typical street people
But but that's just who I became and
What happened in my life and
The tragedies in life that made me that way
But, you know I'm Mike
You know I'm not malevolent or anything, I just am [echoes]

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Sean Price Goodnite!!! Comments
  1. BenseBuilt

    GTA Chinatown Wars

  2. Chromecannon

    I had this fucking CD. WORE IT OUT and Lost it. One of his best mixtapes imo. Hit after hit. Dope features, like Royce on this track. Sick Sick Sick.

  3. Marcus DV

    I think this was the first Sean price track I ever heard instantly became obsessed with his work. Rest in paradise P.

  4. Brolic Bro

    People, if anyone's interested im sellin this suuuper rare album on ebay, check it out there. 120 bucks well invested. I had to make it expensive, this is probably the rarest seanp/bootcamp/duckdown release out there.

  5. SickGround


  6. Micha Otto

    the original is from "the alchemist - boost the crime rate"

  7. GlassNutts

    New York We Coming Back!!

  8. rehc revoekam


  9. therealmikebrown

    The beat is a sample of the theme from Fletch.
    Great movie.


    Fletch is my absolute favorite movie of all time. Although I am familiar with the Harold Faltermeyer 'Fletch Theme', I have not noticed that there's a sample in this song from that. I just happened to catch your comment here while skimming over the few comments for this video.

    Would you mind elaborating on where this samples something from Fletch? That would make my day!


    Holy crap it just hit me...

  10. ecuaking87

    original is of d-block - boost the crime rate 

  11. sargon

    "Shit on your hood
    ya'll niggaz shit in the hood
    take a dump on your champion
    and shit on your hood....."

  12. Burial

    Sean Price is dumb, sold crack on the block where Mike Tyson from. P!

  13. attaboy83

    i hit the lottory with this shit

  14. Nocturnal1980

    Sean P & Royce letterally kill Sheek Louch & J-Hood on this ALC Beat... better than original one.

  15. Kongsmo

    ça proooomet bordel!!

  16. slink King

    ....the web chaNGN THE WORLD LIKE SPIdER MANNN

  17. Washington Jackson

    2 fav emcees

  18. Dari Loso


  19. fortune83

    I beat bass outta yo face you rahzel

  20. nuneswhite

    @chrismaddenbitch That's what it is. I just get steamed at ppl who claim to love the art and say dumb shit like "hiphop is for kids".

  21. nuneswhite

    @chrismaddenbitch i'm not forever 18 but i have grown with emcees. I hear mostly women say that hiphop sucks. Girls who were in love with BDK an shit. Pos says CLAIMIN THEY OUTGREW RAP LIKE A SIZE 5 SHOE. I know exactly what he means.

  22. nuneswhite

    I just had a eureka moment. Hiphop hasn't slipped, died or sucked. It's the fans who sold out. Ppl who claim they loved boot camp and black moon but don't have Jesus Price, which is probably better than the old stuff. THOSE are the ppl that make hiphop suck cause hiphop is the ppl.Fuckers who talk like they outgrew it. Big up Sean P!

  23. Buck NoseBleed

    Amazing!!!! these guys wreck house

  24. Kernel Sanders

    Alchemist on the track here. 1st Infantry

  25. Luccicripset6

    @Luccicripset6 the web* lolol

  26. Luccicripset6

    Internet changing the world like spider-man!! HAHA

  27. Luccicripset6

    sean p n royce on a track together damnnn gollld has been found ahha

  28. colinm27

    "I touch weight That nina got one in the head I call them clips John And Kate Cause they Plus 8" damn royce went in, with that, but my nigga sean price murded that shit with the, "I beat bass outta your face You Rahzel I lift bar bells I spit bars well You niggas got cream but soft like Carvel"

  29. Kuziukas

    crazy dawgg !!

  30. Seamus FitzPatrick

    this is my fave track off this tape this beat is fuckin fire sean p and royce deserve beats like this

  31. Kelly O


  32. JerryGarciasBeard

    hahahah SSSEEAANN P!

  33. Richard77Mecca

    "i spit bars well" yes, Sean is the best!

  34. IceveinsProductions

    fav track from the album. fiyah

  35. seldomsceen

    this is crazy..Sean

  36. gordontremesco

    royce killed it

  37. Salistar Smythe

    Treat you like the vagina on Chyna...Royce is SICK!!!!

  38. eaglez1177

    this beat is fuckin dopeeee

  39. thorazine666


  40. triple6mafia187

    Sean Price, Heltah Skeltah, Original Gun Clappaz, Boot Camp Whatever. The shits dope. Big ups to the real hip hop heads


    it is my ggggggggggggggg
    up there with fab;s lp, rae lp, jayz;s lp nyc stand up

  42. hostyle0

    Love Royce flow on that beat. crazy shit

  43. Jorge Lopez

    Sean P- one uh my favorite rappers

  44. Fernando

    Sean P! and Royce! Sick song. Looks like the mixtape will be sick.

  45. Aerodynamic1991

    fire! P!!