Sean Price - Abortion Lyrics

[Sean Price:]
P! Stop, hatin on the God
Lyin like your pants on fire, perpetratin a fraud
The shit you pop doesn't reverberate with the God
The eight shaped and raised the murder rate, oh my God
Oh my God... I am the best to do it
Repeat I am the best to do it
Defeat all the rest who knew it, sneak attack
He who eat ya back, you blew it, stupid, truth is
P~! I am smarter than your average
Joe Bear or Jesus of Nazareth, battle shit
Battleship, battleship, I ain't playin games bitch
That'll click, gravel pit, that'll be your grave bitch
Uhh, my shit is off the meter
Off the reefer, awkward, I talk with heaters
I walk with, orthopedic features, coughin
Why? Cause I, eat the creatures often, abortion

Muh'fucker! P...
[Singer croons:] "Think it over, baby baby"

[Flood Diesel:]
Uhh, stop, analyze and realizin that
We them guys y'all niggas really idolizin
Great advertisin for a day sodomizin
Wild nigga in school, quick to Columbine 'em
Police lookin for me, couldn't fuckin find him
Then I got consignment, then I copped some diamonds
Did my time, then came home, now it's fuckin poppin
He don't know me when I robbed him son I rocked a stocking
Even sold him chocolate, 'fore I dug his pockets
Girls said I need to stop it yeah I know I need the profit
You ain't with my mans? You the fuckin target
Flood and Sean P again cop the shit at Target
They said, I tried to open up the market
I said I O.J. and opened up the carcass
Even taste the blood, that's a starving artist
A.C.G.'s in your face like sorry Charlie

[Singer croons:]
"Hey, haven't I been good to you?"
"Think it over! Tell me, haven't I... "

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Sean Price Abortion Comments
  1. James Matthews

    Damn yo.

  2. mineztube

    rest in power Sean P!!!!!!!

  3. Hell Hound

    I heard your name on Royce da 5’9’s tabernacle

  4. Muctube

    I cried🔥🔥🔥🔥


    2020 still bangin 🔥P

  6. Muctube

    I cried.

  7. Billy Richardson

    Whats this beat? i need

  8. The captain Jon Jon Unstable


  9. Axe God


  10. DJ Castano

    Could you imagine Sean P and Griselda right now?

  11. C. H.

    "Leader of da boot camp click, Now..."

    Deserved longevity, Rest up, God! Ya frequency is here 2020✊🏽

  12. Matli Monese

    Good music indeed

  13. Mahīśāsaka

    I like to think that Sean P, Biggie, pac, big L, and big pun are all smokin and freestylin in a gangsters paradise in the sky now
    Rip Sean

  14. Latisha Crawford

    Admire the admiral of animal rap!!!!

  15. Fitawrari Fitness

    2019 still P!

  16. Ebenezer Kool

    P.T. & T...

  17. Fortune Thusi

    I gained a god when you died. Illest is he I pray to for dopeness. Love your being way more now that you are eternal.

  18. Sav Loner


  19. Shaq Ramzan


  20. Wakeuptheblacknation

    Rap God

  21. Keifer Webb

    Sean Price literally the best to grace a mic. Real talk

  22. dick liddle

    Sad thing is this master wasnt nearly as well known as all theese bs artists they put on the radio

  23. dick liddle

    Wish i knew of this dude before he passed away strait g shit no joke

  24. Abd Ben

    Ansaar community ✊✊


    This would of been cold w/ Jay Electronica on it.... Sheesh 🤪🤯🔥

  26. Dericky Washington

    D.C. Rick been rockin witch'a... Since"93"👍👍R.I.P. SEAN PRICE

  27. anthony acosta


  28. Apollo Thyrteen

    P. TNT. The flow dynamite 🧨

  29. M H88

    I miss Sean P, I miss Prodigy, I miss Mac Miller, none were Iller.

  30. watchdog vigilant

    Man I just saw that little animated video and I just have to go to your Channel represent Paterson New Jersey stand up Jersey

  31. dynamic

    Incredible n RIP

  32. True Joker

    Mumble rapper extraordinaire. Straight garbage

  33. Rob Rizzle

    2019 still banging

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    Pesadão 🇧🇷💀

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    Price rhyme spitter you ru I'm ro

  37. fjqxboomb

    Fuck who give dislikes.... probably don't know nothing about real hip hop....R.I.Price 🙏

  38. Grime Lab


  39. feodufg3r4weozjmkdwopsqkf3

    Sorry but I fuck with 50 cent version more it’d way better

  40. IdeasDontBounce


  41. Fortune Thusi

    "Young dummies can't spar"

  42. Father Time

    SP I miss u brother...RIP KING!

  43. Kyle Petrokansky

    Sheeeeesh this goes so hard

  44. Marcus Penrod

    How can u dislike this classic

  45. blue skyz


  46. Corey Jones


  47. Enemy Killa

    Mega Sean P forever

  48. David Matheny

    San Diego still listening 5/26/19

  49. Natty Dreadlocks Moscow

    2019 Mic Tyson is on repeat still. 4ever Love Sean P !

  50. TzethZone

    R.I.P P

  51. TzethZone

    it means alone with my self hehehe niceone

  52. TzethZone

    Sam na Saaaaammm , its Polish Salute

  53. villager77

    Didn’t he sell a potato on pawn stars?

  54. Derrick Pearson

    Fucking bars!!!

  55. #1NATUREVERSE {ME_Rambo Inner GorillaYoda_365dayz}

    YES!!!!!P🏆2019 LET'S GO💪💪💪💪

  56. Mr P

    P was stubborn.....kept the jeans masculine barbarian......P!

  57. Tyrone Taylor sr.

    the god had it back then and now. Rap and Rest in peace. Islam

  58. Jordan AR

    R.I.P to the God! Respect!

  59. TzethZone

    R.I.P P

  60. R W

    Sean P live forever with the illest bars!

  61. Matt Platz

    Dave east must have been heavily influenced by price I hear a lot of price living thru east 🙏🏻rip

  62. ariel cortes

    2019 and we still missing ya! RIP


    R.I.P. 2019 this shit still dope! P!

  64. Antonio Taylor

    1:55 Earth,wind Fire and Ice I'm that nigga...(Black Wolf reference)

  65. Kelly Kelso

    why didnt M&M die shii...


    R I P

  67. Lord Baal Adad

    Damn this dude was a damn animal on the mic...... Sheeah

  68. Mauro Kidy

    Imortal, P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1:24 GoW kratos P.

  70. Global Lies

    REAL hip hop 🔥🔥🔥

    Das Solo Syndikat

    were on the same page respect

  71. Chris Brown

    I know 411 people enjoy listening to straight trash. P was that dude. Rest in power

  72. das seveN

    Sean don't have Price

  73. pernil 53

    This nigga picked the best beats!

  74. Scott Alexander

    If you Google the meaning of the word "vicious" this track is the first thing that pops up.

  75. KingLevi

    Get that rest son! You ain't missing much here.

  76. Andre Caldwell

    Then hand him his hat...

  77. Khalid I

    The Beard Gang General appeared in the video, there at the back.
    May Allah almighty protect you brother Jakk Frost

  78. Ace Awol

    God yes...wit my screw face!!!!

  79. HIP HOP Gorilla

    Happy new 2019 and we still miss him too much!

  80. S laRock

    Official street rap. Strippin’ em wif da words god. R. I. P!

  81. BX NYC

    Love that you are covering the almighty SEAN P but his beautiful bars are way off on that beat. Respect bro💪💪💪RIP SEAN P

  82. Jamal FarraKhan


    Relma Riedewald


  83. Oscar Dominguez

    Sean Price

    I don't want to dougie, I just want money
    Studied under the understudy the one-twenty
    Young dummies can't spar
    No life, my flow tight, like your pants are
    You don't got a chance, Pa
    Ansaar community, Malachi York fricasse, yo fuck a eulogy
    Fuck jewelry; what jewelry
    I took this from another rapper
    Slapped him with the toolie, G
    Cornball rappers, I see you on BET
    Relieved of their jewelry, interview Beef DVD
    P TNT, the flow dynamite
    Niggas so-so, bozos ain't rhyming right
    I hit a line of white, I smoke a dub of green
    Niggas call it purple, what the fuck you mean
    Fuck a fistfight, I'm gunning you rappers

    I don't give a fuck about none of y'all rappers
    Fifth spray shit, the piff stay lit
    My bitch stay dipped with the Richard Bey tits
    Niggas say shit, they say it ain't shit
    Shut the fuck up nigga I'm nothing to play with, P
    I bust heaters at your whole damn clique, blaow
    Sean Price, the leader of Boot Camp Clik now
    Admire the admirable animal rap
    Smack the shit out of a nigga and hand him his hat
    Banging on wax, niggas don't bang in the street
    Banging online, niggas don't bang in the street
    Playing for keeps, keep playing
    I slam your ass on your face til your fucking teeth breaking
    P, the jerk that retired, I'm nice so I'm back niggas
    Smack earth, wind, fire, and ice out that nigga
    Rap niggas, I doubt if there's
    Nigga doing it like me, fuck outta here, P

  84. Frank Crittenden Jr

    Nobody!!! P!? ! U ain't gotta chance pa!! P