Sean, Jay - Stop Cryin' Your Heart Out Lyrics

Ain't like we planned it, I don't really understand it
Communications is breaking like we on two different planets
Two different axis thinking back on all my actions
Hoping and wishing I could just grab time and force it backwards
It ain't like I really wanted this, when I said I wanted this
Looking back I guess you were my real accomplishment
I done some dumb shit since and now I'm functionless
And though my words never said it right now my conscious is

Talking back to me, how can we make it better
I probably do whatever it takes to her to let up
And never make another mistake, if I could tell her
Not to forget us

Cause all of the stars are fading away
Try not to worry, you'll see them some day
So take what you need and be on your way
And stop cryin' your heart out
Stop cryin' your heart out

We sure were somethin', we had thoughts that we would function
Hated fighting in public, all your friends making assumptions
Since when did we fall victim to the talk of people
All that shit talk in your ear just made it fuckin' hard to breath
Oh it ain't like I really wanted this, I never wanted this
But on the real though I messed up and broke some promises
Like Keyshia Cole sees it, I might as well have cheated
I pushed myself away from the one I should have been with



May your smile, shine all
Don't be scared, your destiny may keep you on


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