Sean, Jay - Me Against Myself Lyrics

Jay Sean vs Jay Sean
Me against myself
and there aint no chorus
so just listen
oh girl
you look so beautiful
with that moonlight shining on you
i wanna hold you
i wanna touch you and squeeza you and love you all night long, babygirl

Yo, i've heard it before, so save all the cliches, i really can't belieive there's no talent
around theses days, jay sean with the same old shit, talkin' about baby girl that and babygirl
this, i seen you dancin' around with the girl in your vid, poutin' at the camera, smilin' with
the chessiest grin, what the deal?, whatever happened to keepin' it real?, back in the day when
you was rappin' before the time of your deal (uh)
and now that you got signed, oh it's clear and it's simple, you're only makin' music that you
pretend that you're into, come on, "dance with you" was never a hit fool, and what the hell is
takin' you so long with your next single?!
Fix up! it's been about six months and insults are everywhere, even your own fans think your
shit sucks (i don't like jay sean) And i know that you pretend to ignore them, it's gotta hurt
when you're even gettin' dissed on your own forum! Yeah i've done my reseach, back when you
started fool, back when people thought you was the genuine article, genuine my arse, it's just a
whack imitation, the only thing different about you, is the fact that your asian!

(Well well) Well i guess it must've helped a bit, the fact that everything has an asian twist,
includin' music, i guess we cornered it, i'm surprised that simon cowell hadn't thought of it,
and there's issues that i find myself placed with, bein' pigeon-holed and accused of imitating,
it's a struggle and it's so frustrating tellin' me i'm tryna be the asian craig david

and i bet that just had your in tears, wasn't that the reason you ended up shavin' your beard?!
i guess you couldn't take the way that people would mock that, so it was off with the jaw line
and goodbye to the sock hat, but you still bit your style with the fast singin' of verse two in
"dance with you" now you wonder why the critics slander you

Well you said you done your research baby, you didn't look hard enough it needs updating, if you
think, that i'm copying craig, listen to my 1994 demo tape, i was fast rapping , and singin' back
in the day, back in the fu-schnickens and Big L phase

Whatever, it seems you sold your sold to the game, your a fake, 'cos jay sean aint even your
name, so how'd you come up with that? it aint unique after all, what are you like a cross between
jay-z and sean paul? you're better off with the name you was born, you little pansy, you really
should've been called gay porn, so which ones your lover? richi Rich? or Juggy D? probably Rishi,
he sees you as his bitch doesn't he? wasn't he the one responsible for launchin' you career? like
a while ago, i'm talkin' like well over a year, you were studyin' medicine then, but you quit
that now, to do music, how the hell did you manage to flip that round? and how'd you tell your
parents, you know how shit that sounds?! "Mummy, Daddy, I want to be a postar! SIT BACK DOWN..!!"

But never the less, i quit went ahead and progressed, had my eyes on a goal and wouldn't settle
for less

What d'you mean? you only got where you are cos of a gimmick! the whole indian thing was big and
you were luckily in it, and don't be upset if people don't come to your shows, they're not
allowed out, 'cos half your fans are 11 year olds, Wow big deal, so you got to number 12, i'm not
surprised if your mum bought half the copies herself, you know what? i'm tired man, i'm sick i'm
bored of you, run off you little puppet, i hear Rishi rich callin' you

I guess your talkin' the talk, but you aint rappin for years, and it was me who got ya foot in
the door, it seems that your ego's been sufffering blows, 'cos you only get heard when you guest
appear on my show, i'm not phased, if it weren't for me, you wouldn't be on this track in the
first place!

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Sean, Jay Me Against Myself Comments
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    What a Lund the Fakeer.
    Want some facts, check it:

    DOB: March 26, 1979

    Born with a defect in his dick (lol)

    Poor Meenu his first thought he was a pansy

    His eldest cousin he put down moves to the States to get away from the arsehole, GaySean followed suit lol

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