Seals, Dan - Such A Sweet Sight Lyrics

The Roman Colosseum and that clock Big Ben
See 'em in the movies every now and then
And I'd like to go there someday but I know
I've got my share of wonders here just right at home

Like sparklers on the lawn on the Fourth of July
Ice cream meltin' on a hot slice of peach pie
A barefoot boy with a homemade kite
Jelly jar full of fireflies
A shootin' star on a summer night
A big yellow moon over me holdin' you so tight
Such a sweet sight

I love that famous photo of the earth from outer space
Not as much as seein' a child's smilin' face

Ridin' high up on a merry-go-round
Another little miracle here on solid ground

Like sparklers on the lawn on the Fourth of July...

If I never make it to the Taj Mahal
The Pyramids the Great China Wall
Come the day when I receive St. Peter's call
I won't have missed anything at all

A jelly jar full of fireflies
A shootin' star on a summer night
Big yellow moon over me holdin' you so tight
Such a sweet sight

A jelly jar full of fireflies...
Mhhm such a sweet sight

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Seals, Dan Such A Sweet Sight Comments
  1. cudaman340

    So blessed that Dan "made it home" with one last studio album before being called to his eternal home. RIP Dan, you are still missed.

  2. shona goobie

    always in my heart so unfair you had to go rip lovely dan xxx

  3. Jacqueline Ganem

    Que maravilha fantástico lindooooo parabéns 🍹😘👍⭐♥️ vc é um mito único 👏 te amo

  4. Princess Mangawit

    un4getable dan seals... your my idol eversince

  5. PhivePhivoSteve

    He sang many a good song and pleased to pull some rare gems out of the bag from time to time. Many thanks for taking the time to comment, sadly so many do not. A good week to you, best wishes, Steve from Stage Parades.

  6. Rita Solis Radius1

    My gosh! Another great song from the huge DAN SEALS !!!

  7. PhivePhivoSteve

    Yes indeed Steve, this one has a feel to a Billie Jo Spiers song in places that I used to have and maybe even you uploaded once, not sure. Thanks Steve very much.

  8. PhivePhivoSteve

    Thought you would enjoy the song, having one or two gremlins on this channel at the moment, but hopefully it will settle down. Good to see and listen YOUR upload this morning too. Good week Al, after yesterday's awful weather, today is more spring like. Best wishes, Steve

  9. PhivePhivoSteve

    Appreciate the very quick reply. I am sorry some of the pictures are a bit grainy, but have lost my files. Lovely you added that information about the England Dan name, that actually was news to me and very interesting indeed. Anyway, good to have this song up for more to share the wonderful talent that was Dan Seals. Maybe that is all now ! Best wishes my Thai friend, always good to hear from you. Steve

  10. Al B

    Love the harmonising, love the singing, love the video, love the lyrics, love the song!!
    I'm a fan.

    Great upload Steve, many thanks.


  11. 01091955able

    Dear my kindred spirit, Many many thanks for uploading another Dan's song. Your recycled video is wonderful. Am really happy to watch it again and again. I think you know that Dan was a big fan of The Beatles. That's why his brother, Jim Seals called him "England Dan". Your Thai friend.