Seals, Dan - Sneaky Moon Lyrics

Radio sittin' on a window sill
I can hear the music comin' over the hill
How am I supposed to stay in bed
With a crazy little love song in my head
Ooh sneaky moon ooh sneaky moon

June bug buzzin' on the front porch light
Heartbreak's a waitin' for me outside
I swore I wouldn't open that door
Here I am in those arms once more
Ooh sneaky moon ooh sneaky moon

Safe and sound at home asleep is where I oughta be
Everywhere I go it just keeps creepin' up on me

Romeo waited for the sun to set
Before he serenaded Juliet
Eve met the devil on a Saturday night
But who tricked her into takin' that bite
Ooh sneaky moon ooh sneaky moon

Sneaky moon
Think it's bubblin' in me
Ooh sneaky moon doggone moon
Ooh sneaky moon

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Seals, Dan Sneaky Moon Comments
  1. Stage Parades

    That must have been a truly wondrous experience and your narration completely sums up the real Dan Seals. Happy days never forgotten.

  2. 01091955able

    Don't worry Steve. I saw him in a concert in Thailand. He stood about 5 meters from where I sat. I spent 2 hours watching him. He was superb, simple, gentle and down to earth. He never acted like a star, never talked much but did only his best for his fans. Real thing will be last forever.

  3. Stage Parades

    That's good, someone sadly on You Tube is not very favourable to Dan's music, so pleased you saw this upload too. Thank YOU :-)

  4. 01091955able

    I watched “When love comes around already. Dan was always at his best.

  5. Stage Parades

    Well I did say if I found a missing Dan Seals track that I would upload it for you. You will see the link to When Loves Comes Around The Bend which was also missing from this album. All tracks are now present and correct but if I ever do come across a missing track will attempt to get it uploaded for you my Thai friend. Kindred spirits and friends indeed, take care now.

  6. 01091955able

    Dear Kinavian, I really miss you! Thanks Dan for making me knowing you my wonderful friend who are also
    my kindred spirit. Please try to upload more Dan's songs. It is like a bridge that keeps us in touch. — your Thai friend