Seals, Dan - Saw You In My Dreams Lyrics

I know this will sound strange
But I swear I know your name
And I’ll bet you don’t remember where we met
It was here another time
And though this sounds just like a line
You told me things I never will forget

Would you believe I saw you in my dreams
We were dancin’ all alone
We were talkin’ soft and low
I was about to take you home
I woke up and found you gone
Would you believe I saw you in my dreams

There were people all around
But I never heard a sound
Till you broke the spell I heard you say hello
It’s as if somehow you knew
I was waitin’ here for you
And hopin’ for the moment to unfold

Would you believe I saw you in my dreams
We were dancin’ all alone
We were talkin’ soft and low
I was about to take you home
I woke up and found you gone
Would you believe I saw you in my dreams

I don’t pretend to know why things
Work out the way they do
But somewhere in your quiet moments
Do you remember too?

I never wanted it to end
I woke up without my friend
Would you believe I saw you in my dreams
Would you believe I saw you in my dreams

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Seals, Dan Saw You In My Dreams Comments
  1. Meladisinné

    I Love this so much 💗💝 .. We were dancin all alone, We were talkin soft and low ...

  2. John Gowan

    This place has turned me back in my brings me to the time I first saw you and that was love 💗 to me then I guess it still has something on me

  3. Dane Stegman

    Good song! Always was a fan of Dan Seals! Loved his music! RIP!

  4. Christina Lubumad

    Nice song thanks 😆

  5. Jacqueline Ganem

    Amo um luxo de melodia só amor um brinde a vida

  6. maragret Downs

    Beautiful Song xx

  7. Richard Glazebrook

    Beautiful love it 💜⚘🕊⚘💚 2019

  8. Franklin Warner

    Great Song.

  9. Rosa Lourenco

    Wonderful song

  10. Сергей Сироткин

    Великолепно! By Dan!

  11. Blas Andeza

    My Only ONE are missed too.

  12. José González

    One day I was with a girl.
    She could have been my girlfriend, but it didn't happen
    What I mean is that one day we were hugging ourselves, there was also another friend.
    So while we were in the hug. I remembered a dream I had before we met. I swear you that I dreamed about that moment before, so I told her.
    It was fantastic because she said "I dreamed about this too"
    It was very strange but also very cute.

    I'm from Mexico and i love country music!

  13. Diana Hinzman

    It is such a beautiful song

  14. lathtana lao

    I love this song

  15. Geraldine Gaggia

    I am a part of your life forever! I am not a dream. Stay with me.

  16. Linda Martin

    Beautiful 💋😻🥰💃💃🌼🌻🌹🌷💐🍷🍷🍷🍷🔥💥Hugs🔥🍇🍓

  17. yester day

    This is such a trip.......theres so much great music that I'd never know existed except for youtube. Guess technology has its advantages

  18. Igorot ofw and Spanish

    Love this song

  19. Dev Sha

    I Love You my Precious Gift You!!!

  20. Karen Kinserlow

    Very beautiful song

  21. Franklin Warner

    Great Song. Rest In Peace My Friend You Are Missed.

  22. Lucilene amorim


  23. Lynn Singh

    nice song

  24. Antônio Carlos Napolitano

    The Best Gold .

  25. Steven Champion

    ... to my girl in NC 🧡🧡

  26. Janine Akrap

    I really love you inside out

  27. asiul 11

    dan seals, collin raye and kenny rogers are my favorite singers of all time...

    Patrick Rozario

    I was so very priviledged n grateful to have met him after attending his concert in the 90s in Singapore..To met he is in the same league as Dan Fogelberg David Gates Jim Croce and many other greats..Hope someone could upload his concert videos in the 80s..

  28. Esther George

    Great song

  29. Patrick Ampsl

    Nice!! I feel so good hearing beautiful coulntry songs ,thank you all western singers ,God Bless!!

  30. pat satang

    How I love this song!!!

  31. GIL DA

    I always saw him in my dreams.

  32. Norma Johnson

    Dan, was  a great singer. Always loved this song... RIP, my friend.

  33. Amongla Imchen

    Beautiful song ❤❤

  34. Jesus Salazar

    great song great person I met him when I was young at a fair market shook my hand played my old yellow car song will never forget that

  35. Naratine Sagidon

    Beautiful redemption of our life on this Planet!

  36. Maurice Meda

    Ça fait rêver

  37. Jimmy James

    i love this song

  38. J Lee


  39. Pamela Knowles

    Timeless,Beautiful Song🎸🎶💕

  40. Harry Thomas

    Would you believe I saw you in my dreams. ....

  41. J Zerreitug

    I saw your mother and grandfather in my dreams 😊

  42. Marina T

    Somehow this Song speak to me,if the dream will come true???

  43. Butterfly79 me

    Dan Seals the Best,,,i loved all ur songs🙏🙏🙏

  44. Thinatayallam Ponnusamy

    Dan I heard you once at Baha'i World Congress New York and another time in Genting Malaysia I long for your songs which has so much meaning to the heart. I use to hear you over the Radio as a young man. Today I am 73 the songs speaks for u. Long life forever....

  45. Vianney Ruang

    Love it

  46. Damon Seals

    I never got to know him but my dad and Dan wrote one called pop had he lived longer maybe troy would have done more Damon seals

  47. Franklin Warner

    Great Song.

  48. Rajashekhar karajagi

    Now a days it's hard to come across such a beautiful numbers!

  49. Alicr Unabia

    I love this song so much💗💗💗

  50. Benjamin Kipx

    Y do I love this guy , his voice and his music is very touching ❤❤❤

  51. Jacqueline Ganem

    Lindíssima sensacional apaixonante explosão de magia 😘🌹👍

  52. MudBuggy393

    Beautiful song.

  53. Lina Tabanganay

    I love Dan seal song very much

  54. Donna Sue Griffin

    Beautiful Song n Singer.

  55. Nora Wigan

    Love this song

  56. Andrea Hamandre

    My ever

  57. Heart Beat

    I found him...😄

  58. Barbara Appleton

    OMG I dearly love this song. Dan was a very wonderful singer <3

  59. Donna Sweeney

    Wow, Beautiful. Another song 2 learn :)

  60. Tina Beck

    Love this song wish i was dancin with my man he far way

  61. Dawson Bhelle1920

    One of my favorits song

  62. abhishek Vishwakarma

    I like it too

  63. Titus glanzer

    wow what a nice song nice words

  64. Tong Mabinay

    We missed england dan seals i remember when i first heard the song of this great country singer it was on 1986 at my younger aged.we miss you dan and care from autonomous region in muslim mindanao phils.

  65. werner zahn

    Ein wunderschöner Country Song

  66. Haru Ble

    Love this Song so much

  67. Elmie Francis Shullai

    what a voice absolutely melodic so romantic so beautiful with meaningful words...just love sad he left us so soon...what a beautiful voice..thank you....this is for my man Florida

  68. Marilou Ramil

    I felt mixed emotion everytime I heared the song "I saw you in my dream"because I'm to much related with the message of the song.

  69. Senty Sen

    Love this song

  70. alvin mangatong


  71. Berit Samuelsson


  72. Toby McCreadie

    Yes !I did too!

  73. Estela Arado

    Beautiful voice I love it.

  74. Rebecca Jewell

    Love it Beautiful song

  75. Lawrence Ogueri

    I love dan seals, I love his songs.......n he’s my fav artist

  76. Mary Williams

    Love this song, this song is so True, before I met my husband 35 yrs ago in Adelaide SA I saw him in my dreams and I didn't see him before that, at school when I seen him I knew he was that boy I saw in my dreams, and my husband now said that too seen me in his dreams. The first time we said hello to each other it broke the walls that was between us, now we still together since 16 yrs old, I still love him so much now and we hear this song always. We're both 52 yrs old now.

  77. Gosi Pachuau

    i enjoy listening to his songs..nice tune good lyrics and love his superb romantic voice

  78. Lovely Montana

    always listen this song ......i m so touch very unique and also my feeling is comfortable....
    Saw you in my dreams hubbyko 😘😗😗😘rheymar!!!

  79. Ray Wiefling

    See you in my dreams.

  80. jay ar bamba

    all song oF dan seal i really really love all song..

  81. jay ar bamba

    all song oF dan seal i really really love all song..

  82. shona goobie

    see you in my dreams dan why did you go so unfair

  83. Ray Wiefling

    RIP Dan. Your music live on and so alive with real feelings. So enjoyable!

  84. Ingebjorg Mosberg


  85. Ray Wiefling

    Such a moving song by Dan. This is my favorite as it rings so true to life.

  86. Ray Wiefling

    Would you believe, today, I saw you in my dreams.

  87. Ray Wiefling

    Sounds like a movie in the making. He is a story teller of the highest order. Thank you for the post!

    See ya in my dreams!

  88. Angkae Kham

    Your first concert in Paris Dan was an unforgettable moment
    Thanks for your autograph

  89. Julie Gensoli

    To my idol song artist Mr.Dan Seals youre songs is very great and i love youre song you write...

  90. Julie Gensoli

    I really enjoy to listen the music in youtube.. thanks for this apps

  91. Moon Shine

    I love much this song,,,hmmm country song the best,,

  92. sharad daniel

    Truly wonderful

  93. mckgregor nalibsan

    i realy love the music and lyrics!!!

  94. Bernie Thomas

    your songs are absolutely beautiful u are sadly missed from a fan in the uk xx

  95. udochukwu john

    would you believe I saw you in my dream!! I love u Dan RIP

  96. lara h

    love this song it bring back so much memoirs xxxxx

  97. stephanie kunkel

    i hope when i get better my dreams of Bobby and the false hope of my reality diminishes from both my mind and heart... the pain of knowing he actually hates me enough for this is too much to carry... Lord help me forget him...