Seals, Dan - A Rose From Another Garden Lyrics

Our love was as strong
As a flower in the spring
So full of life and colors
We kept it alive
With tenderness and desire
Trust was our sunshine and water
But lately I find myself praying for rain
For the light of the sun
To bring her home again

Is she tending to a rose
From another garden?
While ours slowly grows dry
Is she tending to a rose
From another garden?
Letting our love die on the vine

Should I lay the blame
Or feel any shame?
Should I be the one to let go?
Did her love like a rose
Changed with the season
Truly beyond her control
Should I hold on to the thorns
Or get on with my life?
Are the roots deep enough
For our love to survive?

Is she tending to a rose
From another garden?
While ours slowly grows dry
Is she tending to a rose
From another garden?
Letting our love die on the vine

Letting our love die on the vine

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Seals, Dan A Rose From Another Garden Comments
  1. Ultra Sonic

    His voice........? Just priceless !

  2. Chama Crocker

    In her military uniform, she stood in front of me, with the kids in the car she said i should move on with my life coz she has moved on with someone............

  3. jayasejo mary

    What a powerful song combined with melodious voice ,I don't get it why I'm so touched I want to cry my heart out,,sadly we can't force that special someone who do not see a future for both it takes courage and love to just let go,after all love is giving and understanding and.sacrifice

  4. Regent Santos


  5. Isah Ibrahim

    What a music? It heals my soul. Thanks Dan seals

  6. Roning Rk

    It,s reminded me of outtown gals.

  7. Jerry Eldridge

    Great song

  8. Di Bn

    Wow..! .beautiful verses ......reflecting possessive this song ...RIP Dan Seals

  9. Carol Sharp

    He let his love die on a tree

  10. Jacqueline Ganem

    Lindíssima sensacional apaixonante romântica 💋♥️

  11. Meihonlung Kamei

    It really inspires me, Dan

  12. Olivia Ngaihte

    My fav.county singer

  13. 70Kenny

    A very poetic, yet reasonable song for anybody who's seen their love dim over the years to the point that it might not be there anymore. "Are the roots deep enough for our love to survive?" God, I hope so!

  14. sander this my favorite album wistlife i love you!

    woww very sweet music!

  15. udochukwu john

    Dan; even if you are no more i can't stop loving your songs.RIP

  16. Ocean Country

    The Garden in Life

  17. Venus Farway

    verry sweet song.
    thank u Dan:)

  18. tess baguio

    wow mmmmmmmm nice thanks ok,,,,,,,,,,,,yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  19. Bnl Lou

    wonderful song... Dan, progress in Peace in God's worlds!

  20. J Taylor

    Beautiful song. Thank-you for sharing.

  21. Debby Berg

    I sometimes think songwriters are minor prophets-because so often they say almost in my own words what goes on in my head and more to the point, in my heart.

  22. H. carpenter

    Roanda528... LOVE Dan Seals music and his voice is simply unforgettable... Thank You so much for this one....

  23. An Gje

     Forever Summer - Official Music Video - Paul Brandt: via @YouTube

  24. Angkae Kham

    Love come and love go

  25. Gilles Dunis

    thanks for for giving life to the great Dan,he's still in my heart

  26. Jerry Dulnuan

    Great song

  27. benjie garcia

    i love dis song it reminds me d past...when i was in high school

  28. Lolly Dulnuan

    i like this song it so meaningful

  29. coffeeman1126

    Thanks to all those who make the effort to upload their music, and thanks to the techies who brought us youtube. I've found SOOOOOOO many great songs that I'd never heard before - like this one.

  30. Atichoke Wintakorn

    good song

  31. p-yan ferrer

    Agree..his songs never fades..for country music lovers

  32. Lovelyn Marcos

    ..the song that remains in my heart..

  33. zel khayad

    bless the man who posts this song

  34. zel khayad

    dan seals passed but his memories never fades!whoooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  35. vaga bond

    very good song....

  36. Joe Doyle

    Thanks for making this video of my song that Dan was gracious enough to record for us. I was thrilled as I was a fan of his since I was a kid. RIP Mr. Seals.

  37. Gatumay as-il

    thanks for sharing this songs such a beautiful song ... i love to play it over n over again. miss this man Dan seals all his songs are nerve cracking .more pls..

  38. Ronie Astudillo

    @roanda528 good job

  39. Ronie Astudillo

    what a beautiful song,,,

  40. the unknown

    love it...

  41. the unknown

    thanks for the one who ever made this video....i've been looking for it since i've seen one(^_^)

  42. meroferrero

    i love these song vey much .....

    Clifford pulinday

    This song is somehow related to my lovelife ...