Seal - Love Don't Live Here Anymore Lyrics

You abandoned me
Love don't live here anymore
Just a vacancy
Love don't live here anymore

When you lived inside of me
There was nothin' I could conceive
That you wouldn't do for me
Trouble seemed so far away
You changed that right away, baby

You abandoned me
Love don't live here anymore
Just a vacancy
Love don't live here anymore

Love don't live here anymore
Just emptiness and memories
Of what we had before you went away
Found another place to stay, another home

You abandoned me
Love don't live here anymore
Just a vacancy, babe
Love don't live here anymore

In the windmills of my eyes
Everyone can see the loneliness inside me
Why'd you have to go away?
Don't you know I miss you so and need your love?

You abandoned me
Love don't live here anymore
Just a vacancy
Love don't live here anymore

You abandoned me
Love don't live here anymore
Just a vacancy, babe
Love don't live here anymore

No, no, no
You abandoned me
Love don't live here, live here, no, no

Just a vacancy, babe
Love no more

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Seal Love Don't Live Here Anymore Comments
  1. soulofanempress

    2020 Feb still vibing to this classic

  2. Nathan Farias

    Always wanted Cher to cover this .. perfect song for her dark moody voice

  3. мурат


  4. Anna Bagrowska

    Gdzie szukać wiatru ? Jak uwolnić się od tęsknoty? Czy jest tu na ziemi ......

  5. Mary Mary 30

    Love it soooo. Utterly soothing and melodic. Seal is sheer magic.

  6. Billie Dee

    Damn you gave me the chills all up and down my body Seal
    It's something about your voice

  7. Maureen Foxx

    Painful song but we love it.....mixes feelings.

  8. Stardust Financial

    SEAL is the REAL deal! 💞💞💞 I love you SEAL...💞💖💖💖

  9. Елена Схулухия


  10. Vicente moraes

    Uma das melhores. Muito massa

  11. U. M.

    Seal!!🎶🎧👏👏👏👌always great!

  12. moises cruz

    que sonoridade , genial.

  13. Martin Lagares


  14. Carmen Silvana

    Linda versión de Seal

  15. Rio Rio

    P.S.i think seal is great soulful talent .one of the legends.stay with us.blessings to you.sorry this so long.its about same length as my disappointment. Peace out.bros n sis if theres any.

  16. Rio Rio

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  17. Rio Rio

    Everything is hacked.

  18. Rio Rio

    When this community this to me I was well where my help. My reward .my goodness. He hurt me bad.n I dont get why.

    Rio Rio

    Why me.first it was rumours about my .what is mine I worked for. What is mine.Is not yours. So that's what happened to me. YouTube ruined my life.

  19. Rio Rio

    When an

  20. Vivianne Nunes

    caralhooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! que top !

  21. carlos silva

    Amazing voice and song,my favorite song.

  22. megadezzies cat cat

    Beautiful song and voice!

  23. Raynolds Santana


  24. Rogério Gonçalves

    Ainda acho a versão da Madonna a melhor, mais emocional, mais desesperadora, na falta de um termo melhor. Mas gosto, também, dessa pegada mais soul da versão do Seal.

    Rodrigo Andrade

    Versão original do Rose Royce.

  25. Tigir Türk

    Böyle kaliteli müzikten anlayan T Ü R K var mı burada ? :)

  26. maycon cesario

    Seal sua voz de ouro.Super talento eterna qualidade D++++.

  27. Mista T

    Smooth. Diggin it. Seal has superb talent....T

  28. Jac K

    61 people don’t live here anymore

  29. Tammy Embery

    The best easy listening music ever. love Seal

  30. Catarina Catarina


  31. Dj. M.ichael M.ilder


  32. Sandra Santos de oliveira

    Amo muito este cantor!! Q voz ❤

  33. Rini Widoto

    Love seal

  34. jean berthelot

    this is so true to me right now

  35. Brenno Araújo

    Ele até canta bem, mas visualmente falando ele não é bom não. A arte não é só voz, é visual também! Nesse quesito, Madonna ganha! Prefiro a versão original.

  36. Bruno Flávio Pereira Soares

    Seal canta muito e a banda é demais!!!

  37. Jennifer Reed

    Michelle lavaugh Robinson. Vanessa Hudgens 🔑 Kelly and who wit da 👆 up Wha I 😍 love when I see my president no no no Not up in here Playa club lacking 4 cracking.

  38. Adriane Stancik Muller

    Better than Madona's Voice!

  39. Jasmin Flores

    Ilove mussi

  40. Ester Vitória Do Nascimento

    Ele canta os meus sentimentos.

  41. Ester Vitória Do Nascimento


  42. Steven Apata Oba

    Beautiful, always love this track.

  43. theopacalypse

    rip joyce.......

  44. junior Gee

    on point

  45. junior Gee

    he sings in point

  46. Banda Phillip

    Nice one by Seal.... forever will be my golden Oldie

  47. dv idio

    by far one of my favorite seal songs. thanks dude!

  48. Elvis Jumbo

    Seal is an awesome artist. Wonderful and soulful voice that captivates you.

  49. Akpotu Henry

    lovely u did it d way rose Royce did it.... thanks seal

  50. Adam N

    Man a heap of folks have covered this song. Rose Royce did it best I think even Seal would agree.

    Alpha Juliet Charlie Hotel

    There's really nothing like the original, but personally I actually prefer Seal's cover. He has such an incredible voice just filled with emotion.

  51. Criss Sempre

    the best Voice...

  52. Elisa Cercola

    wonderful voice. listening to his voice , I'm traveling....what a great artist !!!!



  54. naná na

    Seal vc é Fantástico

  55. - Om

    I am so grateful to discover such a rare talent.  I am surprised that I have lived so long and never heard his music.

    Barbara Kudla - Bacior

    Well... I live long time and I always enjoy Seal's songs😊


    D+. Que voz. Que arranjo. Simplesmente D+.

  57. Missy Day

    There is beauty in his voice. I LOVE this song.

  58. lucia ginendo



    +lucia ginendo Concordo Lucia D+

    lucia ginendo


  59. Andre' Malbro

    wow. ...

  60. Stephenie Hamilton

    This is beautiful! This man has a true, God given talent!!

    Sandra Johnson

    omg.omg omg

    Stephenie Hamilton

    Yes Sandra!!!

  61. Betty Rodriguez

    so lovely!

  62. Renato Barbosa Machado

    qualquer uma com seal é sempre muito bom , mas essa é show !

    Cassia Araujo

    +Renato Barbosa Machado isso mesmo!!Que voz hein?

    naná na

    +Cassia Araujo vdd

    Renato Barbosa Machado

    Acompanho sempre... Gosto muito !

    Matheus Sousa Barros Theteus

    Se garante demais ele! ^ ^

    Claire Ryan

    what a voice got to me I can remember things

  63. Marie-line Acconcia


  64. Chris McCord

    Seal version of this Rose Royce remake is the best then Madonna's

    Antonio Vega

    Chris McCord Es que Madonna todas las versiones que toca las destroza.

    Pick A Dub

    Sharon Forester

  65. Richard Samuels

    The fact that a lot of us are in such need to be loved. I'll never say that I enjoy being alone, but the pain and sorrow that comes in the mist of real love is too dam painful....Yes, love doesn't live here anymore........... but neither does the bullshit. I can love myself.

    Anna Bowen

    I couldn't have said it better myself.

    Mitzi Boynton

    Richard Well Said Hunn 🙂

    U. M.

    Well said👍you always gotta love yourself, love starts with you!😃😎

    Billie Dee

    Preach 👏👏💪💪

  66. ronald antoine


  67. ronald antoine


  68. Wesaam Saad

    i like this song so beautiful

  69. James L Green

    nice 😌

  70. Max Lommez


  71. Rita Lins

    muito bom

  72. Linda Noel


  73. Romulo pereira

    qualquer coisa de muito boooooom

  74. Elionaldo Varela

    version good!

  75. exitcheese

    this is lovely, listen 2  Jimmy Nails version, totally haunting and brilliant, just brings a different energy.

  76. Micki Roiniotis

    Love this Song "Seal Style"

    Menina Tutoriais Br

    Demais, ¡!¡¡

  77. jp Fonseca

    Na voz de seal qualquer música fica boa... Essa é de chorar !!

    Cassia Araujo

    +Eduardo Fonseca Realmente...


    Seal é show de bola

  78. lexi demiranda

    ♥ perfection

    The Dukstar


    Martinp. Urbina

    lexi demiranda ....funny how love just ends

  79. Roberto Betto

    muito boa musica radical ate os dias de hoje, como se diz. aumenta o som dj.

  80. Becky Rains

    Rose Royce is the best and the original. Seal did do a beautiful job on this. Madonna s version just horrible.


    Becky Rains: Actor Jimmy Nail also covered this song in the 1980s too but, he changed the lyric " just a vacancy " to " just come back and see". Seal has done a very good version IMO although Rose Royce is the original ( written by their manager, Nile Rodgers after his ex wife walked out on him ).

    Tony F

    Lol. Madonna's version is amazing. Try googling Nile Rodgers on Madonna Love Don't Live Here Anymore and see what he has to say. Sea's version is great. No need to tear down one artist to build another up. Madonna's version is #1 to me, then Rose Royce and then Seal. All are great, IMO.

    Tony F

    And the Soulpower Mix, whom I usually love, their remix of Madonna's cover, was horrible. But the Remix on the Something to Remember, which is quite similar to her original version on, Like a Virgin, is excellent.

  81. Khalid Razak

    first time listened to this song back in the 80s for Madonna, since that time I tried to listen to more versions, but Seal's version is the best beside Madonna's. 

  82. Claudia Tostes Fernandes

    pura emoção...

  83. downnheavy

    Such a great performance

  84. ricardovmonteiro

    I love everyone who covers this song, because it's always a labor of love. Sure, this recording is quite predictable - but it's classy as f**k. And it's always a pleasure hearing Seal and Trevor Horn together. 

  85. Bonequinha Rosa por Célia Dutra

    é ouvir e chorar, é emocionante, é linda e na voz dele, ui! é demais!

  86. Елена Раповка

    by Bedtime Stories

  87. hermenegildo neto

    No matter who the music belong at the moment ,but the must importante thing is to enjoy new sound that music brings to us.
    how mr seal sings with peace of soul and spirit .

    Hermenegildo -Angola


    now this is real soul and he's go heart you can tell :) too bad more people dont appreciate soul cuz it's pretty deep and mostly always true!!! " this one of my fav's :)


    lol damn str8 hey

  90. sweetjulie39

    Oh... sing it to me with that smooth sexy voice.

  91. cammicty

    Wow you folks need to to your R&B homework! Madonna's version was ok, and she can't match the Soul Seal or Faith brought to the cover. But no one is better than Gwen Dickey of Rolls Royce,her version will always be the best, Madonna can't touch her vocals!

    Alpha Juliet Charlie Hotel

    I think you mean Rose Royce :)

  92. cammicty

    Madonna's was just okay. But it worked. It was in her style. I liked Faith's cover the best! I loved seals as well, for a man's spin on it.

  93. Garmez120

    Hahaahaha - Madonna singing with more soul than Seal?? hahahahaaahahahaahahaaa


    Yes. A more powerful voice doesn't mean you sing with more soul.

  94. mrstand

    this is how you feel wend you brakes up


  95. blondedbythelight703

    I think I'm going to pack up my parka and mucklucks, move up north pole and rent an igloo by the sea, lay low like an Eskimo for a While, and watch the seals and wales do a drive by.